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01:42 PM MT(US)
Terry what is I O
Laura Williams for JAM!
12:08 PM MT(US)

Lots o'JAMmin' this weekend! Please join us tonight as some members of JAM form Jimtown JAMmers to play at the Ward Benefit pictured below from 7-9 p.m.

TOMORROW is our second installment of our weekly JAM series...

JAM PICK-nic - Electrified!!!
2-5 p.m. in Jamestown's Elysian Park - Rain or shine!

Bring your own everything...PICKin' stuff (instruments, songs, art or creation supplies) and PICNIC stuff (baskets, food, games, drinks, blankets, chairs, coolers, Frisbee, tennis or volleyball equipment, etc.)! Please plan to pack OUT everything you bring in, including trash and recycle to leave our precious park pristine.

There will be a small P.A. set up with microphones. Call (3o3) 545-55o2 for info!

Rock Ya Later!
10:37 AM MT(US)

Come get down at the Ward church this Today 2 pm to midnight!!! Great music, auction, food and drinks!!!!!!!
Benefit to help the support the Ward Food pantry and the Indian Peaks Fire dept.!
The Merc
09:56 AM MT(US)

Guys, this band is a rockin' good time and we have a feeling they'll start getting too big to play the Mercky.
We've convinced them to come back from Minneapolis and play for us again this summer.
Chef Liberty is traveling from Denver to make A Teryaki Chicken Hawaiian BBQ on the grill for the event.
It will be a night of fabulous food and great rocking tunes.
Kevin W
09:48 AM MT(US)

I for one still believe in poop fairies...
Terry Beckett
08:46 AM MT(US)

Haven't seen her in awhile, but I think a frightened IO showed up on my deck last night. I do not remember the owner's name (sorry) but she is at our house, and welcome to stay! Let me know. Terry B.
Thelma Lou
08:42 AM MT(US)

Not your average bears!
06:37 AM MT(US)
For Pete's Sake ! I had a waking dream this morning, I could hear a metal garbage can lid hit the ground and the sound of my grill grates being tossed around. I jumped out of bed and looked around for a bear only to see all was well. When in reality, I have plastic garbage cans that have never had food waste in them. Crazy how one possibly two Ninja bears can turn a town upside down and have everyone on edge.
Michelle DurantPerson was signed in when posted
05:57 AM MT(US)

Gotta love this, for so many reasons..

To get the facts, and download a Poop Fairy Fact Sheet:
11:55 PM MT(US)
Oh! And thanks to the pencil-pushers, key-tappers and thought-thinkers who contributed by coming up with the sturdy piles of cash needed to fund this project, and many others, in this li'l town.

Usually, I have a sturdy mind, but it wobbles and needs to go lie down when it considers the enormous piles of money that were sought after, chased down and wrangled into place to assist with the rebuilding of Our Town.

Whew! Time for bed now!

Goodnight, New Grass.
11:44 PM MT(US)
Yay! Li'l Park!

It has been impressive to see each individual contribute to the park. Each component seems so sturdy and strong: the stonework, the pergola, the fence, the drinking fountain, the new trees ... even the rolls of sod looked thick and heavy with new life.

Thanks to each who sweated and breathed this new life into that space. Including the removal of weeds and rocks and the re-sculpting of the land (unsung laborers).

09:02 PM MT(US)
The area where the Town Square Park is now was a pile of flood rubble, trash, wreaked cars and debris. It was leveled and then became a staging area for heavy machinery, house shaking noise and endless beeping for three years. It was then graded, graveled and some topsoil was added. Seed was thrown down which contained mostly weeds and it became the towns dog toilet. Some people may have liked it better that way and it would have been a hell of a lot easier to leave it. However, I hope that there are those who can appreciate a patch of green grass, a few trees, a small structure and a few perennials. It has been a labor of love for the community and believe me this is a little thing compared to what has been done for all of us since the flood.
07:26 PM MT(US)
Just to clarify, I'm not anti-lawn, it looks good, feels nice under foot, it's just not for me. I like all the different stuff that grows in my yard and the wheat field I got over my septic field sway's in the wind. Sometimes I look out the window expecting to see Sandy Duncan standing there with a box of Wheat Thin's™. But, I understand you gotta to keep it green enuff by watering and whacked down so it doesn't become a fire hazard. It's a balancing act of sorts.
06:43 PM MT(US)

Evidently I missed them the last time around.
06:40 PM MT(US)
On that note, check out Jimmy Buffets "Gods own drunk" from the album living and dying in 3/4 time.
06:40 PM MT(US)
I gotta feelin' the Merc's gonna be a-rockin' Saturday nite.....

Parks Committee
06:37 PM MT(US)
The Town Square Park is open. We hope you find many opportunities to enjoy it. Please help take care of it by cleaning up after your pets. We will have a "poop station' installed next week. In the meantime please bring your own bags. There is a trash can provided.
Scott G.
06:28 PM MT(US)
"Just remember that's a bear there in the bunch with you
 And they just don't come no better than a bear"

Scott G.
06:06 PM MT(US)
How to Bear Proof Your Trash Container

Here’s another, much lower budget, option than purchasing one ready-built. I would add that riveting aluminum 1" flat stock around the lid would make it less flexible, thereby making it harder for the bear to pry open.

Edited 06-23-2017 06:08 PM
Jackie D.
05:41 PM MT(US)
I have been singing the cinnamon bear song all day.
it is stuck in my head, permanently.thanks Neil.
I love the pictures! obviously Sal and Lynn's bear are at least related
if not the same bear. and the cubs in the pool are adorable!
John Hardman
05:03 PM MT(US)
Bear Victim, thanks for your post. Good chance the bear will be back.
If you need assistance call. 303.939.9797
Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
04:29 PM MT(US)

Hey friends and neighbors!

If you don't have Saturday plans yet- please make a plan to see this wonderful band!

We've convinced them to come back from Minneapolis and play for us again this summer.

Chef Liberty is traveling from Denver to make A Teryaki Chicken Hawaiian BBQ on the grill for the event.

It will be a night of fabulous food and great rocking tunes.

They even learned some dance covers just for Jamestown so show these great people some mountain love!
Bear Victim
04:14 PM MT(US)
Hello neighbors, I heard from a friend in town that there is a rumor that our window was open and that's how the bear got in. That is not true. The window was fully closed and even latched, but it's a tricky one and the latch hadn't fully engaged. I just wanted to post this so that people know how determined the bear was.

We are taking more steps to protect ourselves... we have a bear board down outside that window and I spent all morning cleaning and removing trash and recycling. We will also be triple-checking our windows and doors morning & night and leave a TV on when we are not here. In the past, we've put up ammonia-soaked socks on stakes around the yard. I plan to invest in a bear-proof trash can as soon as possible. Eventually, we hope to get dogs, too.

This is what we can do and are doing. We are very concerned about the safety of the bears and keeping them away from residences.
Rocket Scientist
03:30 PM MT(US)

Mysteries solved.
Don't be like #45
02:45 PM MT(US)
We shouldn't have to run out if water to be mindful and respectful of it.
01:11 PM MT(US)
Jerry-this is a perennial issue, as the weather heats up, we get a reminder on watering. At some point the WTP folks may impose odd/even or other strategy as they have in the past. To my knowledge, unless there is a water system issue, we've never run out.
Jerry Welner
12:58 PM MT(US)
Jamestown water is free. Yes, we pay for it quarterly, but it is not metered. No matter how much we use, the cost doesn't change. Imagine buying a car or truck with a guaranteed supply of free gasoline regardless of your vehicle's efficiency and the amount of gas you use. Our roads would be full of Hummers.

I know, it would cost money to install water meters. But I'll bet that if we had done it right after the flood, people would be much more careful about watering their lawns. A one time investment in meters, and the cost of monitoring them, would probably solve the water usage problem. It would be cheaper than upgrading our water treatment plant to handle the load.
Jackie D.
12:52 PM MT(US)
Dear James Towners, The Bears don't like my dogs.
I would be willing to loan them out.
They could patrol the town at night if you let them.
They treed a bear here, and it has not come back.
Just an idea ! The bears are really afraid of the 2 of them.
Neil Young
11:26 AM MT(US)
I wanna live
with a cinnamon bear
I could be happy
the rest of my life
With a cinnamon bear.

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together,
chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon bear.

Ten silver saxes,
a bass with a bow
The drummer relaxes
and waits between shows
For his cinnamon bear.

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together,
chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon bear.

Pa sent me money now
I'm gonna make it somehow
I need another chance
You see your baby loves to dance
10:02 AM MT(US)
John Hardman, please call me this morning. 303 44four 814O.
09:59 AM MT(US)

Come join us to get down at the Ward Church this Saturday!!!! Great music, food and drinks!!!
09:49 AM MT(US)
I have an animal friend living in my wall, along with some mice... I would love to do some trapping and relocating. I have called a couple companies but I can't afford it... also not super excited to trap on my own like some of my neighbors have suggested.. haha

Anyone have any recomndations of an affordable service or know if any local experts that could help me out?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated💜 Thanks!
09:01 AM MT(US)

Since people have been asking for photos...Here's a photo of the Cinnabear heading down Mesa St. hill last Friday (taken from our little hazing party). It's not a great shot, but a really pretty bear.
08:47 AM MT(US)
thank you , Laura for your great generosity in picking up our food scraps.

and, thanks Russ, but Denise volunteered her truck before i read your post.

i love you guys! CommUnity all around.
bless the bears and mooses and even the dang mouses
08:27 AM MT(US)
The originators of the Baton Rouge Funk Fest, from left, are Mike Terito, Sam Terito, Adam King, and Jason Choctaw Hall.

my web blog; Funk Fest tickets
Edited 06-23-2017 08:27 AM
Laura Williams
07:18 AM MT(US)
Bring your FROZEN FOOD TRASH down to the red truck in the church parking lot TODAY from 7-9 am and I will take it to compost! No stinky trash!!!! Save Our Bears!!! Please!!!
06:30 AM MT(US)
The expert basketball league moved last year's All-Star game from Charlotte, in which it was initially scheduled, to protest the state's HB2 law.

Also visit my web page ... All Star Game 2017 tickets
Edited 06-23-2017 06:30 AM
Bear Tracker ReportPerson was signed in when posted
06:14 AM MT(US)
THANK YOU for reporting, and please consider sending any info regarding possible size and color of bear determined after your efforts to clean and lock up. We are here to help if needed.

JAMESTOWN: A bear entered a home through an unsecured window last night in Section 4, and accessed the rewarding bounty of a kitchen. The bear was not seen, so no description.

We HAVE TO locate this bear and haze it out of town. At this point I am on my KNEES begging people to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do what it takes to protect your property and protect a bear from becoming a casualty of our lifestyles.
fact or fiction
09:05 PM MT(US)
Whats the capacity of our storage tanks and treatment capability?
John Hardman
08:57 PM MT(US)
Correct me if i am wrong (allan would know) but the last time i helped clean out the ditch and it ran, was a couple/three years before the flood
and for a few years prior, the ditch only flowed a week or two and that was it. I remember wondering why we even bothered cleaning it out if it was
not going to run but for 1-2 weeks. It does not siphon properly at 16th street, after they moved it under the street so they could build on Spruce St.
The ditch itself is in poor shape. But who knows, maybe there's still some government cheese left? Beats me.
08:46 PM MT(US)
The creek flow isn't the issue. The issue is what the water treatment plant can process before it starts having problems.
fact or fiction
08:27 PM MT(US)
the amount of water that Jamestown uses in a whole year is less than the amount of water that flows down the creek in a 24 hour period like today at peak runoff.
Corey K.
08:19 PM MT(US)
All this talk of water conservation all of a sudden...
The miner's irrigation ditch is a necessary resource that needs some volunteer TLC and some appropriated funding in order to get it flowing again.
But there doesn't seem to be much discussion about it publicly.
Before the flood destroyed the head gate, the ditch was available to help take some of the burden off of the treated tap water during the Summer months.
Until the head gate is replaced along with several stretches of ditch that are in disrepair, we'll be forced to have these conversations about conservation.
As I understand it from information posted on the Town's website, the head gate is in the process of being addressed using FEMA funding but we won't expect to see a contractor actually repairing the head gate and first stretch of ditch until at least September.
I don't however see any plan posted on the Town's website regarding the other stretches of ditch that need repair or an estimate for a flow date.
I was berated last week for bringing this up so it's apparently a very sensitive subject with Town officials.
Perhaps we townsfolk can have a discussion at a Town Board meeting, press for a timeline and help with ideas?
06:56 PM MT(US)
oak, c'mon now, you know I have this, you didn't even have to post it, let me know when
06:44 PM MT(US)
Gorgeous moose hanging in the park tonight, this is a yearling bull, cute little nubbins in velvet, not a big guy. I don't consider this dangerous (not a cow with two calves), but yeah, keep yourself and especially your doggies safe. Also, mosquitoes are swarming big time down in here right now.
06:00 PM MT(US)
I think we all should be concerned about the amount of water used in town and be mindful of where it is going. Which is more important: Water for people or for grass? Whether it's for watering lawns or illegal marijuana grow houses or long showers, perhaps water consumption could be regulated BEFORE we have problems. Lawns really only need to be watered for 20 minutes maxium before 7am and after 8pm, timing is really crucial. As for the grows, I guess all we could ask is that growers be conservative with their water consumption. And we all could probably be more modest with our overall household use.
Jaye Brotherton
04:40 PM MT(US)
Hey, just so you all know. There was a moose on the loose down by Lynn Wilbur's place, he took off down cemetery road. But considering the moose attack that happened in Bar-k figured I would give folks a heads up. Watch yer dogs!
01:53 PM MT(US)
i have a small but outrageous request
we need to move our airstream trailer about 30 feet from where it sits, just north of the blue jay mine on our land beside the county road, and i wonder if anyone has a truck with a hitch that might pull it.
thank you for your service, in advance
John Hardman
01:30 PM MT(US)

This is NOT Big Red but looks very similar.
If you see him or any Bear, DO SOMETHING!!!
Yell at it, make noise, throw something
THEN call your neighbors, left, right etc
and let them know they may have company.
Post it on the Bear Tracker AND QT.
Call me and I will haze it.
Edited 06-22-2017 01:39 PM
01:23 PM MT(US)
Fred's propane has been bought by a company named, I think the driver said Paladin? Things should stabilize. Still be Fred's.
12:26 PM MT(US)

The bear pulled the hasp off my barn door and got in last night. Didn't do any damage. Must have been intimidated by all the junk. It sure intimidates me.
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
12:02 PM MT(US)

Mr Big Bear marauding the Bar-K several years ago..
Wonder if he is still roaming the territory.
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
11:57 AM MT(US)
From our dear dog trainer friend-Nana

Hey Sal,
In urgent need of a suitable 1-2 year old dog to train as a service dog for my friend Dale who lost her service dog suddenly and unexpectedly to hemangiosarcoma cancer.

She has had service dogs for 32 years and it is really difficult for her not to have a service dog - her independence and her service dog are one in the same. Hence the urgent need to get a suitable dog asap so Dale can regain her independence sooner than later.

There is a suitable dog somewhere out there just waiting for Dale, it just a matter of making the connection. Please spread the word to help us make that connection!

I just put a website together so people can get more detailed info and a better understanding of our situation: servicedog4dale.wordpress.com

If you would please reach out and spread the word to help make that connection we would appreciate it : )

11:27 AM MT(US)
Regarding watering, Corey K did raise a valid point about the ditch/ditch rider. I believe that the watering issue will resolve a bit once the ditch is repaired and on line, hopefully this fall. In terms of firefighting water, there are only a few structures in town that will require more than 6000g of water, perhaps there's a way to hold at least 10,000g in reserve? We don't typically use a lot of water for wildland/typically will plumb the creek or another closer source.
BurtLPerson was signed in when posted
10:03 AM MT(US)
with respect I think you made a point for why it is your business Hollis. Fire danger is a really deal. It does seem like A LOT of water per capita day in and day out. I can say for myself that I have been careless in watering considering it an unlimited supply so will be more attentive after this water update.
BurtLPerson was signed in when posted
09:33 AM MT(US)
oh yes! Bear pictures please. Our newest pet. OK, that might come out more snippy and less humorous than I intend. We all like wildlife pictures. I'd like to see a couple. But not if they will become Wanted Poster fodder.
John Hardman
09:03 AM MT(US)
Leah, the bear that has been marauding around JT, is a large (200-300lb) Cinnamon Red colored guy.
Healthy and strong. Beautiful Bear. Not pictures that i am aware of yet. Maybe someone else has a photo?
Edited 06-22-2017 09:04 AM
Leah from Cal-Wood
08:57 AM MT(US)
Has anyone snapped a photo of the bear?
Merc Saturday
08:33 AM MT(US)

Heads up for Saturday!

This is one of our favorite bands ever-

They are coming all the way from Minneapolis Saturday

06:12 AM MT(US)
It's none of my business where the water is going, but my concern is having enough for the fire dept. should the need arise... Sure they can pump it from the creek, but that's time consuming and if there's a fire, time is of the essence.
10:47 PM MT(US)

This week's pies at the Merc: blueberry rhubarb, key lime, and maple black walnut (not to be confused with regular walnuts).
10:25 PM MT(US)
I got an email from the town today that read, Jamestown residents are using approximately 70,000 gallons of water per day, SEVENTY THOUSAND, Phenomenal !
10:10 PM MT(US)
Fan of Southern Jen is telling the truth, I saw her preparing the Trinity tonight at the Merc. She ain't screwing around. Cajun cuisine is a minimal 2-3 day process to build the layers of flavor. As Leon would say, "It's enuff to make a glass eye cry".

The Trinty:
The holy trinity, Cajun holy trinity, or holy trinity of Cajun cooking consists of onions, bell peppers and celery, the base for much of the cooking in the regional cuisines of Louisiana. The preparation of Cajun/Creole dishes such as étouffée, gumbo, and jambalaya all start from this base.
08:58 PM MT(US)
Hey I empathize with you all on the bear problem. I guess I,m off the main bear path. Knock on wood, maybe twice.
Fan of Southern Jen
07:34 PM MT(US)
Y'all don't forget to come on down and try out some real Louisiana Shrimp Etoufee fixed right up by Southern Jen. Thursday Night at The Merc.
05:05 PM MT(US)
I just discovered that Amazon has a new series called Long Strange Trip
12:35 PM MT(US)
Laurel Wanrow
12:04 PM MT(US)
Thank you, Steve! That's exactly the kind of recommendation I was looking for.

Watched the Queen Ant video, Thanks, Hollis. All my ants look that big! Some even bigger, over 1/2 inch.
09:35 AM MT(US)
thanks to Lisa for her determination and dedication, not desperation at all...girl, you rock!
08:23 AM MT(US)
How to Catch the Queen Ant.
08:16 AM MT(US)
Laurel, give James Hunyadi of EcoTek pest control a call. He has his own company and will come to the mountains. He is very knowledgeable and respectful of the environment.
BurtLPerson was signed in when posted
08:02 AM MT(US)
Lisa, KT would probably send me to patrol for sure if she knew my truck was going to get cleaned out.
The Merc
08:01 AM MT(US)
This week at the Merc is another great one!

THURSDAY: Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith - Trilingual female and male vocals, resonator guitars, accordion, upright bass, clarinet, and more combine for a unique sound.A high level of musicianship, fun travel stories, an invitation for audience participation, song and dance, jazz improvisation and the spirit of New Orleans combine for fun and uplifting shows. And to perfectly compliment the music, Jen Anderson is making shrimp étouffée with all the Louisiana fixins'! Music is 8-10pm and dinner starts at 6:30!

FRIDAY: Steven Hoffman is playing folk and acoustic rock for pizza night! PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA! 6-8pm!

SATURDAY: Annie and the Bang Bang came to us last year from Minnesota and BOY did we have a great time! They ROCK and we're so lucky they're coming back to play the merc again! The band values energy, theatricality, animal intelligence, beautiful mischief that holds some truth, and the mild perversion of being totally frank. They're grunge meets late 60s dark rock, if you must know, with something heavier thrown in, like a chocolate anvil. Come on out for music from 8-10pm. And guest chef Liberty McCarty will be making dinner starting at 6:30.
Laurel Wanrow
07:55 AM MT(US)
I can't seem to make a dent in carpenter ant activity with borax mixes and baits. Can anyone recommend an exterminator you've used?
12:44 AM MT(US)
"Hey, how 'bout a Hot Dog, chip, chip?"
09:49 PM MT(US)
ERMOIAN, Edward LeRoy of Sahuarita, AZ passed away on June 20th 2017 while in Hospice Care at Peppi’s House in Tucson. He was 80 years old. He is survived by his beloved wife, Nancy Bishop Ermoian, daughters Allyson Ermoian of Kansas City, KS and Angela Ferguson and husband Brendan of Boston, MA. He is also survived by three grandchildren Adrienne and Victoria Celli and Ryan Moyer, all of Kansas City, KS; brothers Terry (Valetha) Ermoian of Waco, TX, Vaughn Ermoian of Mexico, and Rev. Kyle (Debbie) Ermoian of Hayes, KS.

Eddie, A.K.A. “Fast Eddie”, was born on February 2nd, 1937 to the late Edward and Lorraine Ermoian in Chicago, IL. He was a graduate of Lakeview High School in Chicago and later attended the University of Denver on a football scholarship. For many years, Eddie worked in management for Anheuser-Busch and moved to several cities for them, the majority of which were spent in Kansas City and Santa Cruz, CA. Eventually Eddie retired from AB, then he and Nancy moved to Colorado where he fulfilled a lifelong dream of operating a hot dog cart. Fast Eddie’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs became an iconic fixture on the famed Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO. He eventually sold the cart and he and Nancy moved to Sahuarita, AZ to enjoy a relaxing life of sun, golf and swimming.

Eddie and Nancy celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on April 1st by taking a trip to Spain and Portugal. Sadly, in the last days of the trip, he contracted a Staph infection and was immediately hospitalized upon his return to Arizona. He will be remembered as a man with a gregarious personality, a generous nature, a zeal for life and good friends to share it with. He will also be remembered for his lifelong love and devotion to his Chicago Cubs and Bears. He was a beloved member of the Jamestown Colorado Community Church and San Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Parish.

 A Memorial Mass will be offered at …San Martin de Porres on Tuesday June 27 at 10 AM. Rosary at 9:30. The mass will be followed by a reception at the Sonora Clubhouse 11-1.

On Monday, July 10th at 11:00 AM, family and friends will gather to celebrate Eddie’s life at the Jamestown Community Church, 120 Main St. in Jamestown, CO 80455, followed by a reception at the home of George and Kristin Karakehian, 534 Mapleton Ave in Boulder, CO 80304.

In lieu of flowers, The family requests any remembrances be donated to the Sarver Heart Center, 1501 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85724 (https://www.uafoundation.org/netcommunity/sslpage.aspx?pid=356
Mark Wisch
09:40 PM MT(US)
Lisa ~ it's probably not a good idea to go on those 'neighborly chats' wearing a bear costume.
Henry David Mans
09:18 PM MT(US)
Hello everyone,
I am looking for any type of outdoor work. Preferably manual labor. I am willing to do pretty much any yard work and or fire medication. I am pretty good with a chainsaw the only thing with that is that I'm not very experienced at felling trees. So if there is any trees that are very near buildings or things that a falling tree could cause serious damage to I might turn down the assignment. But if it is a medium sized tree with not much near it I'm pretty comfortable. I am trying to get away from this really uninspired desk job that I'm currently working at, so I will be able to take on quite a bit of work. The only Days I probably can't work are Tuesday's, Wednesday's and a select few Saturday's. Other wise most of the time I'm trying to get out of the house as MUCH as I can anyway. As most of you know I'm also on the lefthand fire department so there is a small chance that I will get deployed. In that case I will be gone for upwards of 18 days, but that is not likely. My phone number is 303-667-2375, and my email is henrymans8222@gmail.com. Contact me with any work you might need and or contact people you might know that don't check the QT often but are looking for someone to work for them. I generally work for 15 dollars and hour. For specialized things like felling trees and most chainsaw work and wood work I charge $20. I normally will take on most type of work, so even if your not sure it is something I would do or want to do still give me a shout because I almost garentee its better than the job I'm doing now. Thank you all so much!!
Henry David Mans
John Hardman
08:09 PM MT(US)
Hollis, we can try and see. Might pop SOB is the keester too ;)
town idiot
07:59 PM MT(US)
By the way it is summer solstice, the sun rules
Lisa- Save Our Bears
07:55 PM MT(US)
I just wanted to throw out a few thank you's to some people who have really stepped up:

John Hardman- for your Boots on the Ground program
Laura Williams- for your help in contacting Western Disposal and offering to collect compost on Friday
Beth Brotherton- for your input and help on the dumpster idea
Kristi Rutledge- for being a great town liason on the dumpster plans
Scott Golden- for your offers of assistance in hot wiring and great information links
Michelle Durant- for being the Bear Tracker guru and the spearhead of Save Our Bears for the past year
Joy Boston- for the awesome new sign
Annamaria- for your entertaining Mountain Mom bear hazing guidance
EVERYONE who offered to be part of the Friday bear patrol and is working behind the scenes to spread the word and bear proof Jamestown

The best way to move forward right now is for each person reading the QT to take the time to talk to a few friends and neighbors who might be part of the problem. Is this uncomfortable? Yes, but it has to happen. I was chased off someone's property with a shotgun a few years ago when I went to (I thought) have a neighborly chat and try to help. If you know someone you can't talk to about this for whatever reason, please email me mountainvetATgmail and I'll help figure out how to talk to them. You can remain anonymous.

Please consider hot wiring!
Please consider hot wiring!
Please consider hot wiring!

If we bring a Shop Vac to Mesa St. on Friday for part of the bear control, would anyone take advantage of this and let my kids vacuum your car for a few bucks donation to the school? Is my desperation showing yet?

All ideas welcome.
Joy Boston
07:32 PM MT(US)
Thanks for the "wake up posts" about bears. Scott, Michelle, Lisa, Laura, all the JT kids who painted bear signs,
Donated by Matthew. We have privilege to live in the mountains. That privilege can come with a cost.
Beautiful creatures can die for our privilege to live here.
You may not care. That is shameful and disrespectful.
Please do you part to live in harmony with our wildlife neighbors.
07:08 PM MT(US)
Hey, John Hardman let's do a two ring bear alert code. If you call let it ring twice and I'll know that more than likely means a bear is headed my way. And if I'm not in too deep of a slumber, I'll get the trusty BB gun out and pop it in the keester or just yell at it, what ever works.

The crap we endure to live in the hills, jeez pete's. ...pesky bears.
John watts
06:45 PM MT(US)
God bless him of good heart. I will always remember him for many things, but the one that always made Auguste and I laugh was seeing the Vixen with and overflowing mouth full of Hot Dogs taking them back to the Den for the young'uns. He will be remembered . God Bless John Watts.
Colleen S
06:31 PM MT(US)

Buddy, are the keys for this thing around? Looks like a blast.
06:25 PM MT(US)
I've lived in Jimtown since 1978. Bears were never hardly a topic of conversation, people were probably sloppier about their garbage back then, but it never seemed to be a problem. It only became even an issue a few years ago. The raccoons ruled the county provided dumpsters down the canyon. What changed? Mountains out of molehills.
06:12 PM MT(US)

The dumpster idea is good, but inevitably people will drop off old furniture, mattresses, and appliances under the cover of darkness.
01:19 PM MT(US)
Eddie, a hot dog and a story.
Edited 06-20-2017 01:20 PM
01:10 PM MT(US)
So sorry to hear about Eddie. So glad that the Cubbies won the series before he passed.
Love to Nancy and family.
01:09 PM MT(US)
Hey there Jimtowners... gee whiz you gotta lot of phishing/malware links being shoved on here, so I dug, they look all to be the same person and I've reported them to the domain registry company they're hosted at. Anyhoo -- if you can, may want to throw the setting on your QT so you can't post URLs/website links that are clickable. Will save you all the headaches of the accidental click or intentional one that get's you in hot water. Cheers and be good to one another. :-)
Scott G.
12:36 PM MT(US)
With a lifetime of experience living in the mountains with black bears, both "residential" and backcountry camps, there are 3 aspects I consider key: 1) Get rid of/clean up the attractants! ...garbage, people food, dog food, garden veggies, ripe fruit on trees, livestock feed, etc., if it even remotely smells edible they're interested. Take down the damn seed birdfeeders! There's no need in the summer when there's plenty to eat. Hang the hummer feeders high, where a bear can't climb. Consider it bait, folks! On the extreme, I've had a bear down a gallon of saw gas in the woods... 2) Lock it down (and out of sight)! This means LOCKING your car/house/shed doors! I've seen a lot of bear break ins and its a myth that if you leave things open they'll do less damage. A few scratches around your door handle on your car, or some ripped up trim/siding on your house/shed/barn is far less damage than what occurs as opposed to what happens if it gets inside...if the bear does get locked/shut inside the damage will approach apocalyptic. Insurance company will likely be more affable if you say your doors were locked as well. Ditch the lever-style door handles and get door knobs. Bears have an easy time with levers, but since they lack opposable thumbs like we have, door knobs are a much greater challenge. Make sure your building doors are stout, if you can push/pull it open with force it's an easy target for a bear. Same goes for windows...they can smell the meal you cooked days ago and will crawl right in. Lock your garbage down, either in a 'bear-proof' canister or in your stout outbuilding. Our 'bear-proof' canister gets batted around like a medicine ball every year, but they quickly tire and move on, WITHOUT a reward. 3) Hot wire (electric fencing) is your friend. Bears are very adverse to hot wire. It is safe and readily available. Since I've moved to Town, I've outfitted two separate residences with hot wire that had suffered catastrophic damage from break-ins and multiple return visits (which is a guarantee once they've made it in once)and their issues ended immediately. Small price to pay to avert the thousands it will cost to repair bear damage. You can get the materials at any Ag store (think Murdoch's)and I'm happy to help anyone get started down that path.

My hometown area, Durango, has a great webpage with all sorts of info on preventative and other actions that may be taken, including the use of hot wire. Here's the link: http://bearsmartdurango.org/

In conclusion, I do have to say there is frustration on Michelle's and my part towards the JT situation, although it isn't unique to other towns in bear country. For most of my past, I've lived in very remote areas and if they're were potential bear issues, we would deal with it and be done with said issues. The reason being that the next neighbor was far away, if they didn't act, or care, it was their deal and wouldn't necessarily affect us. In Jamestown, it's different, we live right next to each other. Most people are on board and utilizing the information that's been made available and have made conscious changes to mitigate attractants, secure their homes, vehicles, and so on. Unfortunately, there's also a contingent that doesn't give a rat's ass, doesn't believe 'it' applies to them, consider it a hassle/inconvenient, and that feeding wildlife is their God-given right. As is pointed out so many times on the QT, we are a CommUnity. It's time to start acting like one, and put pressure on the neighbors who won't do a damn thing until they're 'lovingly nudged' in that direction.

I'm more than happy to help as long as those efforts carry forward collectively into the community, otherwise, it's a waste of energy and extremely tiring. It's beyond time to up our game...

On the subject of hazing, with the recent change in Town ordinance, I have a shotgun and rubber slugs when more severe hazing is required. Folks are welcome to contact me for this as well. I'll be gone on vacation at the end of the week through the 5th though... Here's my contact info:

Scott Golden horselogger@gmail.com Nine7Oh-Two1Seven-9Six9two
11:37 AM MT(US)
If Jimtown is really concerned and serious about SOB, then why doesn't the town mandate bear proof trashcans since most residents won't take the initiative themselves?

75% of the problem solved.
11:28 AM MT(US)
Burt, grouping bags is a good idea if they are guarded. Next to the school dumpster seems a good spot if the school allows it. Beth B, do you know if that would be ok for the few hours they'd be out?

I usually get my bag out between 7 and 8 because that's what we've been told by Western and it fits with my day. But I think Western is actually showing up much later, between 11 and 1.
BurtLPerson was signed in when posted
11:05 AM MT(US)

I will add my thanks to Laura, and Lisa, for all the research in bear options.

AnnaMaria, it sounds like you might be able to sell tickets to your bear hazing adventures.

SteveE, thank you for consolidating down all those messages from people I don't know about things I didn't otherwise understand. Mark, your format on the Moose attack post was dangerously close to spamdom. ;-)

Very sorry to hear about Fast Eddie.

If a part of the town proceeds on a dumpster we might be interested. Right now we take our trash to the flatlands but this will be changing.

KT is back Thursday night. We might be able to spend some time on Trash patrol Friday. Is there a time line for when people put stuff out (after 7AM?) and when Western usually arrives? Is there the possibility of grouping bags so there are only one or two spots to guard?
Laura Williams
10:59 AM MT(US)

Jamestown misses the Ermoians! RIP Fast Eddie. I will always remember your jolly spirit, your July 4th picnics, and your kind heart!
10:35 AM MT(US)
I got word this morning that our good friend Fast Eddie, and Jamestown treasure, passed away. Eddie my friend, you will be missed.
Edited 06-20-2017 10:36 AM
Laura Williams
10:29 AM MT(US)
That's the tough part, Hollis. No one wants to hurt or kill this bear and I certainly wouldn't want to be on that torture committee, even though it might be worth a try and might possibly work! I really had a battle with myself when I saw Cinne-bear! My brain was telling me "Go haze it!" while my heart was saying "Awww...he's so beautiful...looks like a big dog...don't want to scare him!"

I thought about trying to have this bear trapped, tagged, and fitted a GPS collar so we can track it and send a posse of people to go haze it if it breaches the confines of our town, but really, this is only one bear and if the DOW traps it, they will kill it because there aren't enough people, resources, or time to deal with this one bear humanely and even if we get it moving on, there will be others. I fear that Cinne-bear will soon be killed. And if/when he is, we ALL must ramp it up and be vigilant about preventing other bear problems without letting up until winter when they hibernate! It takes a village and while many, many people here are doing their part, it's really all or nothing with this kind of situation.

There are other towns that successfully live with bears. Michelle D., can you share that link you gave us in one of the SOB meetings about what other towns do? I can't seem to find it.
09:59 AM MT(US)
Here's an idea. Some might consider it cruel, but what's the alternative? Catch the reddish-brown bear or any bears in town with the D.O.W trailer-cage. Get about a dozen people to severely haze it while it's in captivity tag or collar it and then turn it loose. See if it returns.
Lynne .
09:54 AM MT(US)
We are getting ready to take a load of gently used household items to the charity shop. We would prefer to keep it local. Will there be a rummage sale in Jamestown this summer?
Laura Williams
09:38 AM MT(US)
Re: Electric bear fencing

John Hardman
09:14 AM MT(US)
Scott G can you give me a call re: electric bear fencing. 303.939.9797
Laura Williams
08:31 AM MT(US)
July 4th is rapidly approaching and we are in for a REAL musical TREAT!!!

The band that Tom Williams has been playing with for 2 years is FINALLY coming to Jamestown! The Remus Tucker Band will be here to delight us with their tight original southern rock tunes and unique cover songs. Check them out at www.remustucker.com You will not want to miss this show during the 6-7 p.m. time slot on the 4th!

The rest of the incredible line-up will be unleashed soon, I'm sure, but I just wanted you to know about this rare treat. Special thanks to Rainbow for organizing the spectacular music we are about to enjoy on July 4th!

In other news...THE KAZOOS ARE HERE! Plan to meet at the Jimtown post office at 11:30 a.m. on July 4th if you'd like to make some silly music with the kazoo band in what I like to call "The World's Goofiest Parade." Anyone can join us humming simple songs we all know! Bring your own or grab one there!
Edited 06-20-2017 08:31 AM
Beth B.
08:30 AM MT(US)
We had a visit from a bear last night. No damage, but it did try unsuccessfully to get into the house through a window and it opened the car door. This bear is learning fast. I hope it's not too late to save this magnificent creature. The onus is on us.
01:33 AM MT(US)
Newport Folk Festival are not able to assure tickets obtained from unofficial sources like unauthorized third celebration resellers (people or brokers).

my blog post; http://folkfestival2017tickets.com/
Edited 06-20-2017 01:33 AM
Mark Wisch
01:05 AM MT(US)
Story of the women attacked by a momma moose above JT.

Edited 06-20-2017 01:05 AM
Corey K.
12:31 AM MT(US)
Seems like this Phisher has learned a new trick and is copying and pasting random comments from random websites in order to trick someone into a click!
You can easily recognize the look of their posts, they all look the same and they never make relevant sense to the conversation at hand!
Resist the urge...mustn't...click...link!
Maybe we can haze the Phisher too!
I wouldn't mind clanging them with a cast-iron skillet!
David L
11:20 PM MT(US)
Laura, thank you for the effort you put in to finding solutions to community problems. I did read that into your posts as well, and understood it, and didn't acknowledge it. No good deed goes unpunished...
Eric HarmsPerson was signed in when posted
11:07 PM MT(US)
Hello Neighbors!

Just a shot in the dark here, but would anyone have any recommendations for log cabin repair work? Our home has a couple soft spots in a log or two, and I'd like to have it fixed up before it gets any worse.

My email is Etherlair [at] gmail dot com. Many thanks in advance!
10:31 PM MT(US)
Birds and bicycles and bears.....Oh, My!
Jen Lucas
10:25 PM MT(US)
I for one did not, at all, interpret Laura to be pointing a finger at or blaming anyone in particular, and it seemed to me that she took great pains to write her posts to avoid doing so. What she is doing is actively contributing to solving the collective problem, by calling Western Disposal and working to organize a way to help the situation with that, and then offering to go sit in a damn parking lot for two hours, on a weekly basis, in order to take other people's food trash for composting.

Laura, thank you for all your efforts towards saving the bears, both by your own personal vigilance, and by the above-mentioned actions which truly go above and beyond.
O'BPerson was signed in when posted
10:17 PM MT(US)
Hahahaha Kent you're right!

It's a little early for bear, I guess the Pioneer will have to be chilly/hungry for a few more months.
10:14 PM MT(US)
O'B, you forgot to mention beer
10:09 PM MT(US)
Check out the season for bear hunting in Colorado, I'm not a hunter, but there are hunters out there.
Laura Williams
09:55 PM MT(US)
David - I'm sorry you misunderstood me. I am not blaming or pointing any fingers at any ONE, rather all of us collectively. I do sense my impact regularly and I'm far from perfect. If we ALL take these suggestions, the bears will move on was really the point. Other towns have done it and we need to at least try. I apologize if anyone took my intentions the wrong way.
David L
09:42 PM MT(US)
Pioneer, this ain't Alaska, and it ain't 100 years ago. What wild we have left, is precious indeed.
O'BPerson was signed in when posted
09:27 PM MT(US)
It's B season in Jamestown: Birds, bicycles and bears
09:24 PM MT(US)
Wouldn't we just have killed the problem bear, eaten it, and used his skin for a rug?
David L
09:15 PM MT(US)
I've always thought the practice of dropping your bags out in the morning and hoping for the best was suspect. In the 10+ years I've lived on what most years is a bear hot spot on Mesa I've only had trouble with dogs getting into the bags which I find incredible. I would consider paying in on a more sensible solution, depending on cost. I often take trash to Boulder so it'd have to make sense as far as usage.

I think everyone who lives in bear habitat bears some of that blame, Laura. I'm not sure who exactly you are pointing the finger at, but I think as long as humans live here we're encroaching and providing attractant. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't do everything possible to live below the radar of wildlife and to be of as little interest to them as we can. I appreciate the outreach that many of the volunteers in town have done to educate people, but I also think if you are going to blame people you have to look at your own impact, and consider whether blaming someone is really going to change their mind and behavior.
Edited 06-19-2017 09:22 PM
09:08 PM MT(US)
Here's how I do it. Incineration of your food scrap. Most of us have wood burners, so you a build a small wood fire and burn the scrap, etc. Trump won't mind about the air quality. Been doing it for years, no bear problems. I'm not saying it's the best way to go ecologically, works for me.
Save Our Bears (Michelle)Person was signed in when posted
09:00 PM MT(US)
Someone asked about the hazing/deterrents training. Here's the short version for bears seen in town:

-Assess the situation for a safe exit for both you and the bear. Easy does it, no need for speed.
-Administer aversives early on in the season and in the development of problem behaviors. Repeatedly. Useless unless people eliminate attractants (bird feeders, grills, etc)
-VERY temporary solutions include noise-making, yelling, pots/pans, lights, barking, or pressure to move on. The purpose of these tactics is to buy time to eliminate attractants and make a bear's "safe zones" less so.
-Link direct, physical negative experience to human presence, or bear's intent to access a desired resource, and define an area boundary (town) where this is reinforced over and over.
-Daytime hazing usually results in shifting foraging behavior to very late night hours when humans are not present. Adjust accordingly.
-Pepper spray is not an aversive tool. Triggered/baited devices work sometimes, not always, and bears tend to not generalize the learning experience. The purpose of pepper spray is to cause a bear to not leave/move/go away and the stuff gets tastier when it dries.
-Do not unleash the dogs, or do anything causing the bear to be chased up a tree. Once up a tree, the bear feels safe, and you've lost the opportunity to connect a behavior with an exit.
-No aversives should be used on a bear up a tree. Back off and wait, walk it out at the bear's pace. Use projectiles preferably on the edge of town, if you have the skills.
Projectiles: never at the face, never at close range, and never at cubs with a mom.

THE POINT: helluvalotta work to undo what safety and free food can teach in a day.
Laura Williams
08:54 PM MT(US)
I have an offer for my Jimtown commUNITY (especially Mesa Street residents)...

THIS Friday morning, June 23rd, from 7-9 a.m. in the church parking lot, I will collect your FROZEN FOOD TRASH in my red Ford pickup truck and bring it to a compost bin in Longmont. You must bring it directly to me and NOT just dump it at any other time or if I'm not there. Scraps must be frozen in gallon-size Ziploc bags because by the time I get it down there, it will be thawed enough to get out of the bags. I will then bring any bags in good condition back up to clean and reuse for more frozen food scraps. While other things can surely be composted, I this offer is only for food scraps at this time because that's what makes the trash stinky!

I would like to say I can do this every Friday, but I will not be available on June 30th, so it may become more regular after that.

If we do not place our food scraps into orange bags or trash cans, the bears will not be interested, thereby negating the need for a dumpster. Since they've already gotten into these bags, it may take a few times for them to learn that there is no food in them.

This is only ONE important way to deter the bears! Another is NO BIRD FEEDERS of any kind! If you're going to have bird seed, keep it in a closed container INSIDE your home and away from windows and doors. Never forget to bring the feeder in when you leave your home and at night. This is SO important as bears learn when there is no one around and take advantage of that!

We can do this together! Please call me with any questions at (3o3) 545-55o2.
Joy Boston
08:53 PM MT(US)

Just hazed a bear near my house, be on the lookout. Please be aware! Jamestown let's work on doing what we can to discourage this bear! Please do your part so that no more bears die because some people are careless.
Thanks to all who do their part to help. Please take down bird feeders and watch where you leave food.
Thanks for you effort to live with wildlife so that they can also live.
07:16 PM MT(US)
Who ever " FIONA" is please do NOT click on her LINK . Its probably a scam and virus.
Terry P
05:21 PM MT(US)
Henry Mans has recently done work on my property. If you need yard work, excavation, heavy lifting or whatever, I highly recommend Henry. He can be reached at 303 667 2375 or henrymans8222@gmail.com.
04:15 PM MT(US)
Thanks, Karen.

04:13 PM MT(US)

To answer your question....
When I saw the bear getting in to the trash on Friday morning, I made a lot of noise with an empty metal trash can and talked to it in loud and certain terms about how there was no way it was getting that trash. You could use a big metal pot/pan and lids to make noise. No purchase necessary. I talked to it as if it were a teenager insisting to use the car at 11:00 pm on a Saturday night, in my most stern 'Mom mode'. I chased it off and then guarded the trash until Victor happened by and could help. (Thanks, Victor!) That bear really wanted that trash; it lingered for a while and I had to match its persistence with my own. Beth B (Thanks, Beth!) came to the rescue and we stashed the trash in the school dumpster, which was only a temporary, emergency solution. I don't know what a better solution is....we don't use Western Disposal, so I have no ideas there. It is notable that this bear is not fully grown. I would use different techniques for older, bigger bears, based on how they responded to me initially.

I have also chased a bear out of the yard with a hula hoop, wearing an apron. That was also a pretty young bear.

We also had a regular visits from a very large pregnant bear, and she responded to my voice only when I told her to "Shoo!".

Other bears, even really big ones, seem to respond very quickly to the sound of our barking dog. They leave right away, sometimes running fast to get away.

Whatever works.

We've also messed up, forgotten about trash in the truck (which was feasted upon by a bear), and then had to double up our efforts to send noxious unwelcome signals to 'un-learn' what was learned.

Hope this was helpful,

Karen Zupko
04:02 PM MT(US)
Annamarie, went up to Lefthand reservoir yesterday and no snowshoes needed
Laura Williams
03:31 PM MT(US)
Thanks everyone for receiving my message well. I was not meaning to single anyone out or lecture anyone, merely try to find solutions together.

No word on the compost/food trash research yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for that video, John...very enlightening and interesting. This may be part of our answer. I will call you later when I return up the canyon!
03:22 PM MT(US)
Hey, Mountain Neighbors,

Does anyone know if there is still snow at 11,000 ft? I'm going up on the Jenny Creek Trail tomorrow and am wondering if snowshoes might be needed.

Happy Summer!
03:04 PM MT(US)
Isis is serving white fish while the commit mayhem, with the menu in Spanish to the sounds of punk. Have I understood that correctly?
Eric Flink
01:56 PM MT(US)
FWIW I took the Bear Aware training several years back, and I learned that some facility (a Boy Scout Camp?) solved a bear-dumpster problem by surrounding the dumpster with a hot wire.

We have kept chickens in town for years and zero bear issues AFTER I put up a hot wire. They are not particularly hard to set up, if anyone has questions feel free to ask or stop by...
John Hardman
01:32 PM MT(US)
Laura may be right about human intelligence vs Bears. After watching this video of bears and electric fences.....i am not so confident :)
We as a community need to work together, communicate, be responsible and get off our couches and protect all the beautiful animals that we live with.

Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
01:17 PM MT(US)

Dinner & Games Night THIS Friday! Bring a game you'd like to play after the meal - June 23, Nederland Community Center, 5pm social, 5:30pm meal. Dietary restrictions accommodated. Only $5 requested contribution over age 60 and $10 under age 60. Reserve now at 303-258-0799.
12:40 PM MT(US)
I'm looking for a ride to Boulder tomorrow/Tuesday morning any time between 7:30 & 10:30. Please and thank you!
Fresshlulu at gmail
Call/Text 3034784249

I can walk Mesa Street with my dogs Friday morning starting around 8:00.
Lisa- Save our Bears
12:25 PM MT(US)
John is researching hot wiring a dumpster for bear deterrent. Perhaps there could be a combo lock on the dumpster, with contributing families given the combo.

My family will be part of the Mesa St. patrol this Friday.

Thank you Laura for researching the dumpster idea!!
12:10 PM MT(US)
The dumpster sounds like an interesting option. Thanks for researching it Laura. Residents above Mesa (like us) could be factored into the planning to spread the cost over more households.
Southern Jen
11:53 AM MT(US)
Would anyone like a working brown mini fridge? I paid 50 at a a thrift store. I thought I would use it in my classroom, but I never really did. Asking $20. Pick up in downtown Jamestown ;) anytime! Let me know, jen.lee.and@gmail.com
John Hardman
11:36 AM MT(US)
Hey Laura, can you give me a call. 303.939.9797
Laura Williams
11:13 AM MT(US)
I just spoke with Western Disposal. It costs $159/month to rent a dumpster plus a one-time fee of $57 for a lock, which can be offset by buying our own numbered lock and giving it to the residents who contribute, as well as the trash company.

It seems to me that this would save individuals the cost they are currently paying for pickup or orange bags, since the collection includes everything IN the dumpster and orange bags would no longer be needed. The contributing residents would have to put their trash in the dumpster on Friday mornings instead of roadside, NOT leave it in there for any length of time. Could this be something that the residents of Mesa Street go in on? Would the Town or a resident volunteer a space for the dumpster in a location near the bottom or end of the road? Would the school allow a dumpster to be placed next to their current one?

We don't have bear problems on 15th Street (yet) and I imagine it is because all of the residents are vigilant about keeping things clean, locked up, and food-free, but also because we leave our trash in one location at the bottom of the road on Fridays. If all the roads in Jamestown did this, it would be easier to manage. Of course, having a dumpster also means preventing non-contributing people from dumping their trash near it illegally...

Kudos to Rainbow and Adam at The Merc for finding solutions to the bears getting into their trash. They installed a shed that houses the dumpster and even though they may have food trash in there, it worked in deterring the bears.

Bravo to Beth Brotherton at Jamestown School for working hard to have zero-waste so that there is minimal "stinky" trash in their dumpster during the school year. It is NOT an option for us to house our trash in the school dumpster on Fridays as the school district would get charged for emptying it. Can a deal be worked with the school and Mesa Street residents?

Bears are smart, but WE are smarter! Where do we go from here, Mesa Street? I would be happy to go door-to-door talking to folks there to see if they would contribute to a dumpster AND be willing to put their weekly trash in it instead of roadside.

Now on to finding solutions for FOOD TRASH...contacting Ecocycle and Green Girl. Any other economical ideas?
Vic Harris
11:09 AM MT(US)
☯️ T'ai Chi at pavilion in Elysian Park Tues 6 PM.
All are welcome.☯️
Laura Williams
10:06 AM MT(US)
What is most disheartening is that there are people who know all about saving the bears. They've lived here for years, read the signs, know the details that Lisa described, and may have even attended SOB meetings. Although they may have changed their habits a bit and may still be in the process, they may still be lazy or forgetful and keep their feeders out, their doors unlocked, their windows open, and food accessible. Still others do not read the QT or attend any meetings and remain clueless and don't change their habits. These are the people killing this bear. There is little hope for this Cinne-bear as he is now out in the daylight almost every day (a sure sign), approaching houses, and will soon NOT be afraid of humans. Please, everyone. Do your part and don't let up! Please get the hot wire for your ground-level windows because it's most effective. Keep everything CLEAN for the summer. Freeze your food trash so your regular trash isn't stinky. Lock your cars! Keep your radio on in your house when you leave...specifically talk radio. We've GOT to get this bear moving on!

Can the people who attended the recent Save Our Bears Hazing Clinic please share what you learned about hazing this bear? I saw Cinne-bear yesterday and could not fight the urge to just watch him in his glorious wonder. I was afraid to haze him because what if it didn't work and he attacked or didn't move? We need to get over that fear and be confident enough to chase them away (myself included!). Can you please share your hazing info and how to get over this fear and what to haze them with? How did the group who hazed this bear away from last week's trash incident do it?

Can we get volunteers to collect people's frozen food trash to take to compost somewhere so we don't have to put it out on Fridays? I would be willing to do this if it meant people would freeze their food scraps so the trash they put out on Friday contains NO food. It's easy to do and my family of 3 generates about 3 gallon-size Ziploc bags of scraps per week now. Can the Town get a discount or deal with a place that would take the food scraps?

I will volunteer on Friday to roam Mesa St. and "man the trash," but can the Town please find money in the budget to rent a bear-proof dumpster for everyone to throw their trash into on Friday mornings so it's not strewn all over the town for a wandering bear? I'm not talking about throwing it in there because you forgot to leave it out on Friday so it sits a week in the dumpster attracting the bear. I'm talking about INSTEAD of leaving it on the roadside, we all responsibly put it in a contained, locked space. It seems important (a public SAFETY issue) for the Town to support this in the summer months when bears are active...EVERY YEAR. Plus, the trash guy only has to empty one large dumpster that can be emptied later in the day when he gets around to coming up here.

We need solutions here and we're a smart enough commUNITY to make it happen and save our bears (and ourselves from the danger of dealing with a bear in your house or car)! I fear that Cinne-bear is done for and we could have prevented it. This is what the entire Save our Bears group has been doing for 2 years now. We can't let up!
Lisa- Save our Bears
08:23 AM MT(US)
The cinnamon bear Hollis mentioned has been seen multiple times in the area of Mesa Street. Prior to last week there were no incidents involving the bear (that I'm aware of) but the bear did get into trash that was left out last week. In addition, bear scat has been seen in the area that is full of bird seed.

This bear has now learned that he can get food via bird feeders and trash in town, therefore it is now considered to be a problem bear. Up till now, he has not caused any physical damage to homes or cars, but this is the next step. This WILL happen unless everyone takes measures to secure your property now.


*Secure your trash, recycling, and compost*
*Vacuum out cars and put deterrents around cars, like unwelcome mats. Do not leave any food in cars!*
*Consider hot wire/electric fencing for downstairs windows/doors.* I had a client in Left Hand that had over $70K of damage done to his home by a bear break in. He put up an electric fence for about 200 bucks and has never had a problem since.
*If you see a neighbor whose property is at risk for a bear break in, please talk to him or her!*
*Safely chase bears away and let neighbors know if there is a bear in the area*
There is a ton of info on bear deterrents online, so I am not going to list them all here.

The Save Our Bears group has held bear awareness trainings and put up bear awareness signs to keep this in the forefront of everyone's mind, but anything done by the group cannot take the place of each individual taking responsibility for their own property.

We need a few volunteers to address what is going on now.

1) Someone to serve as a contact for Western Disposal- to call to see if we can get the Jamestown pick up scheduled for earlier in the day on Fridays if possible, and then follow up with them. They will probably say no to start, so we need a cheerfully persuasive advocate who is good at getting to the person who can actually help.

2) Several volunteers to walk through town this Friday morning to ensure that the bear is not getting into any trash and chase the bear away, focusing on the Mesa St. area. If we can get a few groups of people to commit to one hour each, this will help.

Please email me at mountainvetATgmail if you can volunteer.

Other ideas welcome.
08:19 AM MT(US)
Does anyone have a recommendation for a plumber? I have a leaking toilet that needs repair. Thanks Mary Hubbard 303 257 4579
06:00 AM MT(US)
I need a ride from Hoshi to JT.
My new car needs more service, and Hoshi needs my business.
05:01 AM MT(US)
That Ursus-Maraudinous-Cinnamonous creature was nosing around my place this morning. Actually it was in the road, under the street light. While they have their place in nature, I don't really cotton to them seeking sustenance around here. It seemed to scare easily enough and was gone in a flash when I raised my voice like a chastising parent, but with time it will become more apparently belligerent and ignore our empty threats. I refuse to refer to it as "The Cinnamon Bear" too cute, makes it seem like it's a teddy bear and we all know how this will end. I got a feeling this one is going to end up in the cage-trailer of doom. It's already accustom to tasty trash and more than likely humming bird nectar and or a variety of bird seed. Game on!

The Bear Tracker doesn't seem to recognize my browser, I'll try again later.
Edited 06-19-2017 05:27 AM
10:39 PM MT(US)
Router has been claimed!
Wendy Stokes
10:17 PM MT(US)
Tim Stokes just pointed out that he was also shoveling woodchips yesterday!! How could I forget him! Sorry Tim! Yes, he was definitely one of the Mighty Hamsters working in the hot sun! ❤️
John Hardman
05:54 PM MT(US)
BEAT ALLERT !!! BIG Cinnamon roaming barbeques on Mesa St!
04:48 PM MT(US)
Is there a picture of a 2017 4th of July poster somewhere?
04:25 PM MT(US)
Netgear internet router. Works great, about three years old. Best offer takes it!
Julie C-K
02:21 PM MT(US)

Starting new free pile! Blue tarp in front of old pumphouse!!!
11:33 AM MT(US)
Hey Hollis, thanks for all of the watering. The grass already looks a so much happier. You're The Man, don't leave us, please, please, pretty please!!! Oh and the grass needs to be mowed next week. Just kidding 😋 I turned off the drip hose. Martine
Laura Williams for JAM!
10:59 AM MT(US)

It's a beautiful day for a PICK-nic in the Big Park from 2-5 p.m.! All are welcome to bring instruments, songs, art or creation supplies, outdoor games, picnic stuff, and plan to pack everything you bring out to keep our park pristine! Let's play together and JAM!
07:53 AM MT(US)

Edited 06-18-2017 07:56 AM
12:38 AM MT(US)
Sunday Reflection: https://sundayreflectionjt.wordpress.com/2...on-the-4th-of-july/
10:09 PM MT(US)
Note for timing:

Monday's Open Jovan will begin an hour later than usual, at 7:30pm, to accommodate anyone and everyone that might want to attend the Open Space Meeting at The Town Hall beginning at 6pm, with free refreshments served, provided by Luhoc.
Wendy Stokes
09:38 PM MT(US)

Thanks to all the Hamsters in the playground this morning. We spread all the rest of the wood chips in less than an hour!! Thanks to: Corey and Sandra K, Conall O'Brien, Sue and Cheyenne, Kristi R, Cal and Steve, Karen Z, Joy, Randy O. It looks great and insurance will be happy.
Edited 06-17-2017 09:41 PM
04:20 PM MT(US)
thrice burned, wow.
12:55 PM MT(US)
Thank you Hollis for your help and input.🌿💚
12:08 PM MT(US)
Yeah, I'm cleaning the dog crap off my shoes now.

Martine, I noticed that in the middle of the park that it's saturated. I think watering the perimeter banks, north and west that the water will run down hill. I saturated those areas where it's the brownest.

I also discovered that the cyclist don't like their bikes getting wet, Ooops!
Edited 06-17-2017 12:36 PM
Mark Wisch
11:04 AM MT(US)
Hollis spotted in park, relieving himself...💦
.... of guilt 😇.
04:45 AM MT(US)
Thanks Mateo, Martine will be there around 10 a.m. with specific instructions on how it's done. Be careful, I don't think they've installed the water pressure regulator yet, it's like 150 psi. Speedos don't offer much protection against that kind of water pressure. Don't forget your sunscreen, Thelma Lou may be there to help you apply it.

Thanks to everyone that goes above and beyond to help with town projects. I realize as many of you know I don't do a lot for the town and I carry some guilt. But I'm at work all week and weekends are my time to recoup. I do what I can when I can.
Edited 06-17-2017 05:10 AM
11:37 PM MT(US)
Wheres the cell phone tower go.
10:07 PM MT(US)
David L
09:49 PM MT(US)
I'm not a big fan of speedos and sprinklers Hollis, but I'll go with you to the Sausage Fest and Jerkoff...

(are we going to get in trouble here? I have a feeling the answer is yes.)
Way High Radio
09:29 PM MT(US)

Way High Radio is supporting this event which raises money for two very important entities in Ward.Spread the word!
09:11 PM MT(US)
Care to join me ? Second thought, GROSS !
David L
09:08 PM MT(US)
Just caught up on the QT and saw the posts about the bear and trash. I left JT just before 11 and had one of only two trash bags for pickup out on West Mesa. There's been zero signs of bear in my yard this spring which is very unusual. I assume there is a more popular path to the creek at the moment and I'm just fine with that.

I also assume that was my trash and that somebody cleaned it up. That deserves more than a thank you, but thank you is what I've got on the QT at the moment.

On another topic, we could all learn something from Hollis' honesty and ability to set boundaries. Let's collectively pass on the speedo idea, however.
Thelma Lou
09:00 PM MT(US)
Hollis, you could put your Speedo on and run around in the sprinklers. Gonna be hot.
08:48 PM MT(US)

I just let myself get Shanghied into volunteering to watering the grass in the little park. Sure, I helped plant some of the trees and admittedly it looks nice. But on a personal level, I don't give a rats-ass about a green lawn. One of the many reason's I moved to the hill's was that I'd never have to deal with a lawn ever again. I'll do it this weekend because I promised to and it's not a real imposition or the end of the world, but it sure would be nice if someone else would step up and take over. Maybe some of you dog owners since you'll be there anyway picking up the excrement and if any of you regular park visitor's would like to volunteer, don't be bashful. And I'll be damned if i'm gonna get shamed into mowing it.
Edited 06-16-2017 08:49 PM
08:28 PM MT(US)
Gas Pops at Mountain madness festival in Ned tomorrow night at 8:30. Only $15
Snake van Habaner0
02:05 PM MT(US)

SvH's Saturday Matinee. . . 2:00 per SOP. This week's fare - ROAD MOVIE. Choice of "Duel" with Dennis Weaver (Flatland Nebbish shortly to experience major pucker-factor when pursued by the phantom big rigger OR "Vanishing Point", best Sixties angst asphalt-burner with great scenes of high speed action through Glenwood canyon in the early days of I-70 road construction. I always like company.
Anonymous Coward
12:52 PM MT(US)
Hey Horrible,

VillaDeVicencizio put two sets of hardware in a local person L4 L5, and that
person is in incessant pain years later. I'm glad when someone has a good
outcome, and it isn't necessarily the surgeon's fault with back surgery.
However, AFAIK, there's no comparison rating of surgeons, and even if there
were, it might not be accurate (for example, one surgeon might only take very
healthy patients, and thus have better outcomes). We know how to do cataracts,
'roids and even heart valves, but back surgery is a crap shoot.
My anonymous heart goes out to you.
Andrew Barth
12:38 PM MT(US)
The week of June 19 to June 23 will look a lot like what was seen this week in James Canyon.

Kelley crews will continue installing cross culverts underneath the roadway and this work will progress uphill towards Jamestown. Flaggers will be used to move people safely around the construction zone as quickly as possible. Delay times will vary, but are unlikely to exceed 10-minutes. Waits will more likely be in the range of 3 to 5 minutes.
Stream restoration activities will continue closer to the Lefthand intersection. This work will require short delays when trucks and equipment are entering and exiting the roadway.
Kelley may begin installation of a large box culvert the week of June 26. I should know more about this work next week, but you may see them begin building a shoofly that travelers will use to move around this work zone. Shoofly creation and box culvert installation will require a lot of work, so you may begin seeing an uptick in the amount of machinery and trucks moving through the canyon. I'll provide more information as it is known.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as work starts to ramp up. I was informed about some incidents earlier this week and I have been assured that they have been addressed by the contractor and their subcontractors. Wrinkles should be ironed-out as work becomes more routine, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. If you tried to contact me earlier this week and I didn't get back to you, I apologize. I was out of the office thanks to shoulder surgery. Rough start to the week, but getting stronger every day.

Have a good day and a great weekend.
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