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06:06 PM MT(US)
That just cost you another pitcher of beer.
05:24 PM MT(US)
Hollis, sorry to burst your bubble but those were pregnant pack rats looking for a meal, but not you. I think there's an ordinance against spooking pack rats here in Jimtown but I could be wrong.
HollisPerson was signed in when posted
04:52 PM MT(US)
If it weren't for the street light, I wouldn't have seen those two coyotes sneaking up behind me a few years ago. They were actually stalking me. I spooked them at first, but then they started approaching me and one started to circle around me. I don't care what kind of street light they use...
Gary PaulPerson was signed in when posted
04:51 PM MT(US)
I like to think you earn the right to call it Jimtown by becoming a "local", as for street lights, Terry,aren't you bringing a shotgun to a BB-Gun fight? One solution in the 70's consisted of a paint roller on a long pole,and painted the glass globe black, might still be that way, I will have to look...
04:44 PM MT(US)
hi everyone
we're back from visiting with the Water Protectors of Standing Rock.
many thanks from The Youth Council for your donations!
if you want to catch some of the media emerging from the amazing Indigenous Environmental Network, you can go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/ienearth
Terry P
04:28 PM MT(US)
SteveE, People will call Jamestown Jimtown when every household has a shotgun (very handy for forced weddings, street light engineering and etc.). Back in the day, it was legal to discharge a fire arm within town limits. Those were the days.
Safety? Boulder or any flatland urban or suburban location would be much safer as far as police, fire or medical response is concerned. The roads are safer as well and there are street lights all over the place.
Many of us didn't have safety on the top of our list when we moved here.
Edited 09-27-2016 04:31 PM
03:32 PM MT(US)
As long as I'm waxing historic, it stands out to me that when we first moved here everyone called this place Jimtown. You hardly ever hear that anymore. No, we are now the politely named Jamestown which is oh so proper and in my opinion helps erode our unique mountain character even further. If you share my sentiments why not start referring to us as Jimtown? I will try to remember to do that.
03:08 PM MT(US)
I was at the town board meeting last night and the lights were briefly discussed. I don't recall exactly what was said but I did come away with the understanding that it is not a secret plot by the board to haze people instead of bears. But I did ask my dumb question--why do we have street lights anyway? It was said that the lighting is not a new issue and there there are some people who don't want any lighting and some who feel safer with it. Concerns for potential town liability without lights was also mentioned. Maybe it's time to revisit the whole topic of lighting including where and when needed and intensity.

Side anecdote--when we first moved to town I was told by someone (don't recall who) that in the 1950s there was a great exodus from Jamestown by people who couldn't abide by the street lights that were just put in.
01:42 PM MT(US)
Paving is now on the Lee hill side, longer delays on Lee hill side, olde stage is the preferred route, short delays for guardrail installation.
11:49 AM MT(US)
Let your light shine!!
On top of everything: excel charges the town for the energy used, so we all pay for street lights most of us don't want.
It is common practice in Europe that only street lights on dangerous intersections are on all night long. Everything else shuts off at 10:00 PM with timers. Vote for change!
Anne Breiler
11:29 AM MT(US)
For those concerned with the lights in town----I had the one in front of my place removed several years ago, but I had to get an OK from the town board, then had the companies out that had wires attached to it----phone, elect.---then the light assembly was removed, and I got rid of the pole. Good luck!!! That light does make star gazing a problem!!!
Julie C-K
11:18 AM MT(US)

Re: tonight at the Merc

If you have a dish to share, GREaT! If not, still come! This is an opportunity to meet the commissioner, ask questions, get to know her, form an opinion.
Citizens for Deb Gardner
10:46 AM MT(US)
Tonight at the Merc:

Mexican Food * Beer * Live Music: The Emmitt Sisters / Lynn Wilber & friends

It's a Re-elect Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner Party!

When? 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Why? She's helped get A LOT of Flood Recovery funds for Jamestown & BoCo residents. She is now up for re-election - and we want her to continue what she started!

Come on out tonight and show your support. We're recommending a $10 donation for food & $5 for beer...plus anything else you'd like to contribute to her campaign.

It's a Fundraising Potluck,so bring a Mexican themed dish (or beer!) and come on out!
Edited 09-27-2016 10:48 AM
CheyenneWillsPerson was signed in when posted
10:41 AM MT(US)
Add another complaint about street lighting. The light on hill towards the east end of Mesa shines right into our bedroom :(

If the light(s) where better shielded, it might not be as much of a problem.

If folks are looking for information concerning light polution, etc. -> http://darksky.org/

Personally... I would like to see all the street lights gone.
Mark Wisch
09:33 AM MT(US)
Lee Hill - short delay for bridge work. 9:30am.
Snake van Habanero
09:32 AM MT(US)

 . . . .And now for today's health tip:
07:25 AM MT(US)
This morning crews will be working on the top mat in the quarry section, Lee Hill route will be the best bet. This afternoon the crews will be paving toward Lee Hill, Olde Stage will be your best bet. Construction activities throughout the day above Lee Hill, mixed delays, and activity at 1300 Lefthand, mixed delays. They changed the sign to major delays so that folks don't have unrealistic expectations in terms of time held. If they say 30 minutes and someone is held 31 minutes, the complaining intensifies.
HollisPerson was signed in when posted
07:12 AM MT(US)
Just noticed the flashing bill board just at the bottom of James Canyon reads "Expect Major Delays" no more of that "Hour" long stuff.
Vic Harris
06:34 AM MT(US)
T'ai Chi @ pavilion tonight @ 6 PM. All are welcome.
Laura Williams
08:58 PM MT(US)
Hi Kara! I have tried to reach you a few times today, but got a message saying "the cell phone subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable, please try your call later."

Can I please have those heaters? Contact me at (3o3) 545-55o2 or lauraDOTwilliamsAThotmailDOTcom

O'BPerson was signed in when posted
06:45 PM MT(US)
They got the bed mats in both directions and the top mat westbound completed today. Not certain if they will complete the top mat in the quarry area tomorrow morning, or move up to the Lee Hill stretch.
Wendy Stokes
06:02 PM MT(US)
Corey, you seem to have collected a few ideas on lighting around town. Rather than take pot shots though, I would encourage you to continue to collect ideas on this, go to an Open Forum and work with the (all volunteer) town trustees to come up with a plan that benefits all of us. It is complicated to get it right at all locations, and have a proper balance between enough (but not too much) light for safety. But I think the Board does a great job, working long hours, on our behalf and I applaud their efforts!
Mark L
05:54 PM MT(US)
FREE: Two(2) kerosene space heaters with replacement wicks; four(4) water jugs (the nice blue ones); one(1) Napa Legend 75 car battery (never used...might need a charge). Under the deck at 5 15th Street. Come on by and grab what you want and save me a trip to the dump!!

Mark L
Corey K.
04:30 PM MT(US)
Kent: Just like traditional incandescent bulbs, there are a variety of color temperatures and lumen ratings for LED fixtures, with the identical or greater energy savings. It makes no sense whatsoever to install the same fixtures across the board with no thought of location specific needs!
03:29 PM MT(US)
I believe current building codes require down lighting on all residential and commercial uses. Not sure about public street lighting. Maybe some sort of shading device could be used to make the led light suitable, as they are great energy savers.
Corey K.
02:45 PM MT(US)
Thanks O'B:
I called Excel who referred me to Colorado Outdoor Lighting at 303-571-3608. The woman there took my complaint/report and said she'll check with dispatch and call me back with more info regarding if they are able to do anything for me or not. She said that in most cases "The City" dictates the types of outdoor lighting throughout (but she didn't know about Jamestown's arrangement) and in other cases CO Outdoor Lighting determines the lamp/fixture replacements.
She said that in "some" cases they can look into providing an alternative to the high output white LEDs, and in other cases there's nothing that can be done once they're installed (short of Terry P's suggestion!)
I encourage my hyper-illuminated neighbors to get on the blower and flood the CO Outdoor Lighting office with complaints, so that we can resume control over our own ambiance!

I apologize for jumping to conclusions that this was done to us by our Town Board without community input, but given their track record, it wouldn't surprise me. (I really hope it WASN'T our Town Board, as my faith in them needs serious resurrection!)
PS: I don't agree with a model that pits Town Board AGAINST Citizenry, as we should be one in the same, UNITED toward our town's best interests!
Kevin W
02:28 PM MT(US)
As of 2:10pm, no wait via Lee Hill, and approx 6 minute wait via Olde Stage.
Terry P
02:20 PM MT(US)
Shaneboone, It doesn't take being a "tough guy" to face a street light with a shotgun. "you can't argue with a man with a shot gun in his hand", especially if you are a street light.

Things have moved very fast in the past three years. Town officials have done an excellent job for the most part. However, in some occasions, in the interest of expediency, they've protected their town from its citizens. If possible, a bit more sensitivity is in order (i.e., Magnum the Generator, street lights and etc.).
01:56 PM MT(US)
The streetlights are a safety feature, and if memory serves me, furnished by the power company (Xcel). Not really sure how much input the town has, but it couldn't hurt to ask. The ad-hoc solution had been used in the past with a few of the lights, perhaps there's a better solution.
01:54 PM MT(US)

... Terry P. why am i having such a hard time imaginating you with a shotgun ? Much less actually shooting out a streetlamp with one ? Geesh ... You really are a tough guy. :)
01:53 PM MT(US)
Bed mats are paved both directions at Quarry area, still delays, hopefully top mats today.
Corey K.
12:42 PM MT(US)
Terry P: Thanks for the suggestion (don't think that I hadn't entertained that tactic!)
But in all seriousness, our Town Officials must learn to work WITH our commUNITY in order to avoid conflict from decisions that may seem sound from an economic standpoint, but in practice turn out to cause unintended harm to some or all community members. A lot has transpired in the past 3 years, the least of which shed a spotlight on the intimate and often hidden workings of our Town Board. This new light may make the Board uncomfortably exposed, but will now facilitate residents in holding the Town Board accountable for decisions made, without seeking our input, which affect all Jimtown residents. Thank you to Rudiger, Eryn (and Terry) for your supportive comments, as I believe the Town Board wishes to avoid my attentions altogether!
We can move forward as a harmonious community, but only if the Town Board adopts a more transparent policy in regards to these necessary and often difficult decisions.
Edited 09-26-2016 12:43 PM
Terry P
12:21 PM MT(US)
Corey, Rudiger, and Erynn,
We had the same problem on Ward Street decades ago. Shotgun and problem temporarily solved. Street light reinstalled. Shotgun. Problem permanently solved.
10:55 AM MT(US)

Street Lights....Thanks to Corey and Rudiger for speaking up:) I am 100% on the same page, we suffer under the same light that Rudiger is referring too. The light was already an annoyance and now its on a whole new level. A timer or sensor would be really awesome and very much appreciated. It's hard to star gaze at all on our awesome deck and I had to get black out curtains to sleep. I am all about supporting in solutions so any advice on best ways to make a shift I am all in.

Also a side note. We had so much fun at the drive in movie on Friday night. THANKS SO MUCH to all the folks that organized and sacrificed their day for set up. What a special sweet community we have, so happy we get to be apart of it:)
10:28 AM MT(US)

I am giving away these electric heaters. I think I have 3 smaller ones and 1 larger one. Please let me know if you want them, and we can make arrangements to pick them up. Contact me at three oh three five seven 9 one one one zero.
Rudiger Schmidt
09:57 AM MT(US)
To Corey's post: I feel the same with the street light in front of John Hardman's house; it shines right into my bedroom window. Why do those lights need to be on all night long? A simple timer could save energy and add comfort.
Corey K.
09:22 AM MT(US)
Hello all:
I noticed recently that the streetlight in front of our house has been changed from the old sodium vapor lamp (amber color light) to a new high-intensity white LED lamp. I find the switch to be stark and annoying with the new LED being much too bright and white for our dark little end of the street!
This new LED lamp has diminished our star view of the night sky with its increased light pollution!
Here is a Washington Post article outlining the American Medical Association's stance on the health effects of outdoor LED lighting:


I call upon the Town Officials to revisit this hasty decision and replace these high-intensity white lamps with a lamp that has a lower color temperature (Kelvin) rating (3000K or less).
This new lamp is an unnecessary assault and has adversely affected us without our input nor knowledge that this would occur. We feel strongly about correcting this intense barrage of floodlight throughout our yards by the Town installing dimmer bulbs! Thank you for making efforts to work toward community harmony rather than conflict!
08:10 AM MT(US)
Paving today at the quarry, Lee hill route is clear. They plan to complete the quarry stretch today, and pave toward Lee hill tomorrow. 8 a.m.
CheyenneWillsPerson was signed in when posted
08:05 AM MT(US)
Flaggers at the quarry. No stops going over Lee Hill.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
07:34 AM MT(US)

Community Breakfast for all ages and families! Warm your community social connections and your bellies with an affordable meal of eggs, sausage, yogurt, granola, banana, orange juice, coffee, and all-you-can-eat pancakes for only $8 (adult), $5 (requested contribution over age 60), or $4 (kids under 12).
This Saturday and Sunday, October 1 & 2, 8am-11am Nederland Community Center.

Buy chances to win half the cash proceeds collected in our Fall Raffle. 6 for $5 or $1 each. Drawing on October 5 (need not be present to win). Proceeds benefit nonprofit Nederland Area Seniors.
O'BPerson was signed in when posted
09:08 PM MT(US)
Construction update for this week: PAVING RESUMES. All of the paving equipment is currently staged at the quarry area. They will be working in the confluence area starting in the morning, plan accordingly, expect additional truck traffic. They will either be working up to Lee Hill, or the quarry area. Expect 30 minute or longer delays as a result of paving operations. Once we can determine which side they are working, please post.
07:51 PM MT(US)
Is anyone going to Ned any time tomorrow (Monday) who could drop off an envelope at Accounting Specialists for me? Email or call, fresshlulu at gmail or 4five9o4o6. Thanks in advance!
08:49 AM MT(US)
H. Hittle, interesting story about Bob. First, who was drinking, you or Bob? I was quite impressed that you out ran him to your front door. In similar competitions, people come in as 2nd place winners. Bob & his friends usually have to call 911 for an ambulance. One huff on their phone, and Siri knows what to do.
07:52 AM MT(US)
Sunday Reflection: https://sundayreflectionjt.wordpress.com/2...mercantile-ca-1950/
Horrible Hittle
10:36 PM MT(US)
Mr. Moose was on our end of town Friday nite. I wandered up his way hoping to get some pix. Saw him on top of a knoll 100 yards away and snapped a shot. He saw the flash and slowly meandered in my direction. After the next flash at a distance of about 80 yards he started coming toward me in a trot. That's when I looked for a tree to climb, found none, and had to do my best idiot's dash to get back to the house and off his turf. Just made it. He pulled up 20 yards short, snorted in victory, then disappeared into the brush. Saw him again tonite at 9:15 as he was wandering in the road down by Hills Gulch. He looked like he had been drinking... said his name was Bob.
Dancing Bird Gardens
06:23 PM MT(US)

We've got a BIG market for you tomorrow! Lots of great stuff. Broccoli, zucchini, sweet peppers, fresh sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, delicata squash, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, Kale, collards, swiss chard, onions, cucumbers, lettuce mix, arugula, beets, scallions, flowers and more.

Not many markets left. Come support this one.
Sunday's in front of the Merc. 9-2
03:15 PM MT(US)
First Saturday of fall, a chill in the air, warm food at the merc.

Dinner tonight:

Italian sausage with polenta, roasted veggies, salad, and garlic bread.
Will and Jamie
02:38 PM MT(US)

Kitchen clean out! Please come and pick up any of these FREE items for use in your kitchen. 168 Mesa.
10:44 PM MT(US)
Maggie thinks she may have seen a baby bear climb way up in our big tree...

If this is the case, Mama is around somewhere.

Be watchful!
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