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Thoughts on postal workers

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07:22 PM ET (US)
The Post Office is actually below average in the number of workplace homicides. Retail is the worst. Postal Workers get a bad rapl.
If you really want to be accurate we should be saying "GOING AVIATION". People in aviation are hundreds of times more likely to be involved in a spectacular crime in or out of the workplace.
02:59 PM ET (US)
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05:15 PM ET (US)
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Wife of postal worker
11:50 PM ET (US)
Is there a postal anon? We have been through so many family crises and so much of it seems to stem from work, balance, and not wanting or thinking that there is an issue or wanting help. He switches jobs several times a year,saying it is due to conflicts with workers, supervision, days off, etc. I'm not sure if he's searching for happiness on the job that he never really wanted or is truly having to change positions. This is so confusing because he doesn't tell anyone in his family. I believe that because the pay is good, or the time he has in, he stays. When he was younger, and wasn't in trouble, he coached and wanted to teach or be a conservation agent. He had a lot of points for being a vet, being ethnic, and a disability for allergies, all at 20 years. Now he is working at a window position from a night clerk and has to be gone twice the time to earn half. This is all definitely hard on the family. He gets violent and aggressive here, though I don't think at work. Is there a number to call for family help?
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02:42 AM ET (US)
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06:30 AM ET (US)

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07:37 PM ET (US)
mr kestenbaum, i work in a post office with about 70 people. not one has any type of "mental problem" that you mention. we do have two people that can't hear however they appear to be fully competent to do the job thank you. the real problems we deal with daily are the people we deliver to not our fellow employees. i could talk for hours about the things a mail carrier goes thru each day dealing with the public, but i won't. by the way how many unstable people work in your profession. at least one i'm sure.




03:19 PM ET (US)
You said "According to a study published in the CDC's official newsletter Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, postal workers are less at risk of being killed on the job than the average U.S. worker." This could be an accurate fact. However, the issue is not about postal workers being killed, it is about they, themselves, killing OTHERS.
07:27 PM ET (US)
Many postal service jobs DO require intelligence and sharp wits, and it's a shame that there's stigma associated with being a post-office worker. However, it is also true that the post office employees many personality disordered people. Most of the workers I have known well admit this fact and fit the description themselves.
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04:23 PM ET (US)
204-b childishness is astonishing as well as counter-productive in the extreme. been there; seen that; got fired. but then, i can read & write.

never was or would be a 204-b. not on my life - or yours.
Lawrence KestenbaumPerson was signed in when posted
07:51 PM ET (US)
CC, as I noted in the article, despite the relatively high prevalence of people with mental illness among Postal Service employees, the people who work there have a LOWER chance of being murdered on the job than the average U.S. worker (at all employers).

And given the overall high prevalence of mental illness among the U.S. (and world) population, "weeding out" people with mental illness histories from employment would reduce by millions the productive, tax paying work force, while increasing the dependent population.
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