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Open Forum 3
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Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
04:50 PT (US)
Greetings Everyone!,
     The board is back up and running with a few rules that will be STRICTLY OBSERVED!

1.) This board may be used for intelligent debate and discussion regarding the sensitive issues of racial, ethnic, religious and sexually diverse topics.

2.) Any harassment at all will not be tolerated and your posts WILL BE DELETED. If you have a personal grudge with a member on this board and you must reach unheard of levels of immaturity to confront that person PLEASE do it elsewhere. If you choose to attempt it here your posts will be ignored and will be deleted.

3.) If you don't like the discussion, leave it alone. You don't have to pop in with immature responses. Plenty of people not only debate on this board to gain better understanding of some of these sensitive issues but to hopefully search for non violent ways to solve these challenges.

     I appologize for the site being down for awhile. Finances and time caught up with me as well, certain extremely immature individuals wished to waste everyones time with bashing, name calling and other BS. This only made those of you who did so look like fools and seriously destroyed the integrity of your cause.

     I look forward to begining this new debate. Carry on.

Ever Forward,
Steven M. Stroud
17:20 PT (US)
Woo Hoo Back on the intellectual prowl!! Let the interaction begin!
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
08:31 PT (US)
     I think it's time to discuss the "Manilow Code", don't you? The viewers I am sure would love to know. As well, it accomplished amazing results...it provided some ground breaking information. Your theory was in full play...My hat is off to you!
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09:05 PT (US)
I for one gave up a long time ago with debating here. I'll be going to PSU next term sp maybe I'll debate mR. BlAzak
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Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
13:31 PT (US)
Hi Gang!

Nice to see my favorite free-for-all back! Now can we keep the kooks out and get some real discussions going? I hope everyone is enjoying Black History Month. We've got some great BHM lectures here at PSU. Shive, look forward to having you on campus.

DR. Blazak
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
14:32 PT (US)
     Sorry to hear you wont be debating ere anymore. I cannot say I blame you though. You are always welcome to participate at any time. You provided some interesting points of view.

     Welcome back to the board! Keeping the kooks out may be a hassle but I will be staying on top of it. I wonder what people are going to think of the "Manilow Code", what do you think Randy? Some outside agitators sure got burned didn't they? Appearances can be a bit deceptive, no?
     Great job with the HRN by the way. I look forward to presenting at your class this next Monday.
  Messages 8-9 deleted by author between 02-18-2003 04:24 PM and 02-13-2003 06:28 PM
01:56 PT (US)
I told you about the Manilow operation and I meant it! You often blew me off--but now you know what the real truth is dont you Steven?? Talk about being the "wheel," and the power behind the whole thing( He wrote the whole thing)! It was just a matter of time before the whole Mailow thing was burned anyway, and now with the you-know-who snooping around, "B"'s back in the game stronger than ever. I was beginning to think this thing would never come back up.....Well, glad its black history month :)
13:39 PT (US)
To all the members of the Oregon Spotlight Message Board.

As most of you know, I have been posting on this board for the last couple of years--on and off--and I have been fascinated by the things that I have learned here on both sides of the debate. My area of focus in studying toward my PhD is Anti-racist Skins--and in this capacity i have been studying the responses of the anti-racist skins and those who were racist skins that have turned "out" and become diehard racist haters. My thought is that my Power Maintenence Feedback Loop theory applies to Anti-racist skins as much as it does to members of the VF. Constructions of masculinity and strain are issues that earmark my personal research.

In this capacity I began my work on the OS board studying the reactions of both Steven Stroud, and Dr. Randy Blazak (both admittedly former racist idealists). I have since become an assistant to Doctor Blazak, and I have grown to know Steven Stroud very well. Though we do not always agree--I have found Stroud to be committed to ending race hatred on both sides of the isle--and passionate about saving kids lives! Stroud and Blazak were studied without their knowledge through content analysis of postings on this board and phone conversations last summer.
I say that to bring me to this point: during my study, I encountered a young man which you are all very aware of named Scott G. Britt. Mr. Britt has become a fascination to me as a research social scientist. So I have dedicated much of my recent content analysis to the behavior and actions of Mr. Britt. Mr. Britt's behavior against Stroud borders on the criminal; unbenounced to Mr. Britt, Dr. Blazak-Stroud and I have been working together in analysizing Britt's behavior. His recent inflamatory statements to a Community Colege that was hosting Steven Stroud, and enrolling Strouds name on a Homosexual Dating website, show the prebubescent behavior that Mr. Britt is capable of. As a team, we have monitored Britts activities and often collaborated in steering his responses on this board. Mr. Britt classically supports my theory in that he has felt Victimized, and that that victimization has led him to form deviant social bonds, and then to take on Extremist behaviors and ideologies and lastly to participate in Hate behavior(mostly focussed against stroud for not complying with "his" vision of what an anti-racist is--and behaves like). If you look back on the former discussions--you will see Mr. Britt's behavior following each of these classic mileposts that I will be arguing in my PhD Thesis. As an Israeli Jew, I seek real dialogue with the racist community--and I wish to come up with real solutions for ending ALL violence in Portland and the surrounding communities (on both the Racist AND Anti-racist side of this coin). With this in mind I chose to post this notice on the board today, as I am no longer going to study Mr. Britts behavior or activities, and I have ended my study as of 12:30pm this afternoon.

I will be publishing my findings some time in the immediate future, and I will now be a regualr contributor to the Oregon spotlight website, with a monthly page dedicated to my research and findings <Ari's Corner> where I will feature aspects of the anti-racist movement, but at the same time I will NOT shy away from calling ANY anti-racist to accountability when they employ methodology that we condemn the traditional Skins/Racists for using. We are only hypocrits if we use the same tactics of hate. If you were a race hater, and now you hate race haters, isn't hate the common variable?? All you have done is refocus your hate--and I believe this is all Mr. Britt and others like him have done.

For the record--Steven Stroud has become my friend--and as friends we do not always agree, but we partner through it all, respecting each others opinions, and I have the best Professorial Advisor to EVER study Hate Crimes in Doctor Blazak. My study of Mr.Britt has taught me much about what not to be as I try to debate the racist right--and in that I thank him for being the way he is, for he taught me a great deal; I thought everyone who follows the activities of the OS board should know of the ending of my research, and the help I received from Stroud and Dr. B.

Hope to be arguing with the rest of you in the future. Ari Ben Israel
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Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
21:09 PT (US)
To All:
     It is interesting to note that although many mainstream studies have been done on the issue of racism, few have been done on the issue of anti-racism as its own social cause. Antiracism is quite a paradox when one takes the time to study it. The quest for true equality in anti-racism becomes sort of a game of "Tic Tac Toe", a game there is really never a winner with when combating any opponent with a mild sense of strategy and intellect.
     Ari has unveiled the so called "Manilow Code" something that was a bit of a joint venture, assisting research being conducted by Ari, Dr. Blazak and myself included. The goal was to determine haow certain anti-racists acted or reacted when confronted with the realities of their stances and tactics. Unfortunately one very immature individual made himself a study subject of sorts and went on an attack of unprecedented idiocy. These actions too asisted us in learning more about those who would subvert movements and the tactics they used.
     This individual went so far as to threaten to attempt to disrupt my speech at a local community college if they would allow me to speak (Which they did, to rave reviews.), harass me endlessly by placing my name and phone number on Gay dating ads, and slander and libel me till the cows came home.
     It was quite interesting how he himself outed his deceptions and harassment. This individual used the same tactics on neo-nazi groups which led to only further hostilities instead of trying to end hatred and anger he manged only to increase it in many communities. I know, for that reason, many years ago he was kicked out of the OS when he tried to gain self glory by antagonizing a known and potentially dangerous Neo Nazi named Curtis in California.
     Hatered cannot be fought using hatred. It must be doen peacefully. Remember he love of peace, not for the hatred of hate. Thank you all for tolerating this as it went on. Some may never understand what happened but I can assure you, leaps and bounds were made in research.
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Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
17:36 PT (US)
     Now that that little problem has been dealt with. Here is a question for everyone:
     There are two distinct types of anti-racist philosphy.
     One is UNIVERSALIST, where everyone is looked at with their similarities accented. Perhaps a bit oversimplified but you get the idea.
     The second is RELATIVIST, where the accent is on honoring the diverse differnces of different peoples and cultures.
     Which do you think is superior and why?
  Messages 19-21 deleted by author between 03-10-2003 05:16 PM and 03-05-2003 06:21 AM
19:41 PT (US)
I must have missed something or a post got deleted. whats the fuss
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
03:29 PT (US)
     No fuss, just an immature individual with an ego issue. Long time....how are you?
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
14:53 PT (US)
What readers have partially missed is the unveiling of a study that was and is being conducted on certain tactics employed of the antiracist community. The goal was to understand the local tactics and players to see how victimization, percieved or actual, if any, may have furthered the racialist cause in this area. A good example that it may have and likely did, were the so called "Skinhead Wars" that occured here in Portland in the late 80's to mid 90's.
     It is important to look at ALL aspects in the ideology of hatred if in fact it is going to be ended. Ari has been, and is collecting information on such activism and its effects on hate in anticipation that it will prove his thesis. This perhaps will take us one step further in ending hatred. There is not much Sociological documentation of antiracism in and of itself as a social phenomena.
     BTW, Anyone doubting how difficult non-violence is has not had to deal with obsessive individuals who make their one and only goal that of harassing individuals who don't agree with their philosophies on a daily basis.
     Some people just don't seem to realize that they carry a genetic trait that triggers fantasies of unabashed anger in otherwise peaceful and serene individuals. LOL
     In closing, remember that no part of the OS website may be reprinted ANYWHERE without my express permission as is posted on our index page.
Edited 10-03-2003 14:17
12:42 PT (US)
I once took this social movements class where the professor continued to illustrate time and again, that as grass root groups who formed around a "percieved injustice"--which I call victimization--moved toward a more formal organizational structure that they tend to loose some of the passion that started the social movement in the first place; and that this makes them more vuneralble for fracturing into splinter groups as well. This has me wondering--if racists see what they are doing as a "movement" to protect the white race--as they move down the line from grass roots to a social movement organization (which is highly structured with clearly defined goals), are they dooming themselves to obscurity by losing their passion with which their "movement" started--or fracturing over power struggles inherent to building from the grass roots organization, to a social movement organization? And if so, could this explain more of what happens as racists get older and stay involved in hate activity--more so than say-the theory of aging out does?? Any takers??
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
14:54 PT (US)
Hi Gang,

When I first started studying skinheads in the late 1980s, people always asked, "What happens when they grow up?" Now, in 2003, we can finally answer that somewhat. The good news is, just like crime in general, most of those skins grew out of it. I run into old racist skinheads all the time who are trying to get their tatts covered. They just grew up. A select few become OG skins, wrinkles and all, talking about the glory days, arthritic arms trying to Seig Heil. But the scary third option are those that move into the more mainstream racist movement, like David Duke geting a nose-job and running for President as a Republican. I'm sure Mr. VF could tell you about his violent skinhead days and how what he is doing now is very different from that Nazi circus over in the Intimidation 1/Jew Slaughter camp full of drunk boneheads.
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Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
06:59 PT (US)
Hey Fans!
     RUMOR is circulating that there is a riff between the Rose City Bomber Boys(RCBB), and ARA/SHARP? The RCBB is our local "Bad Boy" vigillante anti-racist group. Anyone want to comment or venture as to what is going on?

     As an additional point of interest, Reporter John Stevens has completed part three of his trilogy on the local Army of God activist and Phineas Priest Fritz Springmeier. Some scary and interesting goings on were uncovered in Sandy Oregon over the last few years. Read his articles exclusively on the OS Website:

     A new weekly message has been posted as well:

     The website will be changing soon with the addition of an oppinion section called "Ari's Corner" This will feature rants and views from our favorite vocal Jew Ari Ben Israel. We will also be welcoming submissions for a guest column. ANYONE can make contributions and we will print those that show an intelligent view of the dilemas of hate, love and anti-racism.

     I want to thank everyone who has been supportive of my efforts here. This has been a long hard road. I am still learning how to update and work on the website however my endeavors have paid off and the site will begin to explosively take off soon. Thank you Terri, Randy, Ari, Dustin for all of your help. And you still all talk to me! LOL.

     Last, I just read a book titled "THEM" by writer and documentarian Jon Ronson. He takes an open, unbiased look at the world of extremism with an incredibly insightful sense of humor rarely found in such works. You won't be sorry you read it.

Edited 15-03-2003 07:06
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
07:20 PT (US)
     Responding to post #25: As groups grow, so does the perceived power base. As these groups grow from grass roots to full formed organizations, are you saying they get lazy by believing they have more power? Could it also be that red tape holds some of them back?
 A local Anti Hate Coalition for instance spent far more time making and forming committees to mull over ideas then they did placing these ideas into action. I don't know that this made them less effective but I believe it made them slower to react then other organizations.
     I know that VF grew considerably in its first incarnation then shut down, restoring again in 2000. I wonder if any points in your post would apply to them?

     Responding to post #26: Good statement / question. Counter: What happens to old ARA and SHARP? They don't all find a place in the mainstream civil rights movement as many groups view them as borderline domestic terrorists.
Edited 15-03-2003 07:21
11:18 PT (US)
Steven M. Stroud 28
15-03-2003 06:59 PT (US)
 In responce to that , i could give you Dreamweaver and show ya how to use it if you want.

On a 2nd note, just thought I would stop by and say hi to every one.

I still get angry fits from reading some of the posts here, so im not here much.
Steven M. Stroud
11:35 PT (US)
     I would really appreciate that. If you have the time that would be great!
     I don't blame you for getting mad at some of the posts. These are sticky subjects to approach. I am surprised that people have been as civil as they have been in the past given the subject matter.
     That said, I have also made sure the board is being monitored better then in the past. Childish attacks will be deleted from now on. You can see that a number of posts have been deleted in order to keep the board on track. We want to address serious issues, not personal grudges.
     Your input is valued and very much appreciated.
     Let me know when you have the time to work with me on Dreamweaver!
13:19 PT (US)
Shalom Steven--Social movements form in a response to a perceived LACK of power. It is my contention that as they move from being "affinity groups" (leaderless resistance) to fully vested SMO's (Social Movement Organizations) that they tend to move to a centralized form of goverence. This is referred to as the "Iron Law of Oligarchy." These movements to a centralization of power cause riffs that keep the social groups spliting like a newly forming micro-organism. In a sense as they move to try to form some kind of group that has a real voice in the general society, they make compromises that frustrates the grassroots power base of the affinity groups. As they progress toward the stage of hiring "Professional Managers," they tend to make more and more compromises--thus they are less and less dangerous. The focus of law enforcement should be on the affinity group level, where the real hate and violence are located. At these levels the members have very little to lose and are generally committed to the values beliefs norms and behaviors that they perceive will end the victimization that started them down the path to taking up violence (whether physical or symbolic <through hate language> in the first place. The problem is that these groups are problematic for law enforcement as they are cellular in nature and the Police are focused more on handling these issue from a Macro perspective. Intelligence is the key in aborting Domestic Terrorism as well as International. These groups are responding to perceved victimization, and they are following the traditional pathway of social movement organizations. I think its funny to watch the Volksfront following a similar linear progression to that of the SNIC, and other Civil Rights Organizations. The difference is VF will not hesitate to take your head off to acheive its stated goals; but as a social movement organization in the contagious spontaneity phase moving toward an organized focussed Social Movement Organization they are following similar pathways--this would indicate a similar cognitive association--which just has to make you smile if you have heard them taut their mental superiority :)

BTW-Shively welcome back--hope you get into the discussion more often--Peace
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
09:57 PT (US)
Hi firends,

I'm a bit busy - It's Final Exam week - so, I don't have as much time as I'd like to drink French wine, listen to the Dixie Chicks and chat. Just wanted to jump in with a few comments. 1) I hope anti-Arab violence does not increase with this new invasion. 9/11 brought out the morons in force including some cretins who attacked an Italian in Pioneer Square because they thought he was Arab. 2) Ari, it's SNCC not SNIC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee). FYI :-). 3) Welcolme back Shive. What's up?
11:17 PT (US)
Blaze-thanks for the correction--typo on my part :)

To Everyone else: feverously working on "ari's corner as we speak" TTFN
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
11:22 PT (US)
     Better be "feverously" working on it after all I had to do to rework every @#$%##@ page of the website. After working on the site all weekend, making mistakes and correcting them and worrying the site was going to crash I was begining to wonder if my stance on non-violence was ill conceived. LOL.
Deleted by topic administrator 24-03-2003 00:29
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
02:28 PT (US)
Hey All,
     You will notice quite a few deleted messages. These are from a gentleman that has been openly harassing Dr.Randy Blazak, Ari Ben Israel, myself and others on this board. This man has been repeatedly asked to end his harassment and refuses to do so. Randy, Ari and I remain united in our stance. His goal is to get others upset so that they strike back at him. Where you see deleted messages, know they are deleted due to either abusive content or they are posted with the intent to harass.
     We believe in freedom of speech here at the OS. With that in mind this forum is set up to addres specific racist and anti-racist issues. Any other BS will be subject to deletion.
Deleted by topic administrator 24-03-2003 10:49
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
15:20 PT (US)
Spring Break 2003! So let's get some discussion going. I wonder what the VF/racialist perspective on this crazy war is. They must be torn? Are soldiers dying for "ZOG" or are they fighting a glorious battle against "non-whites".
21:36 PT (US)
Additionally to tag onto Randys question--what do they think this war is? Is it a terrorist action like the ones they condemn on their website--or it it a reasonable act of freedom fighting peoples--like they assert those in palestine are??
12:18 PT (US)
Blazak, you're a jack ass and putting words in our mouth again. We subscribe to neither of your bullshit theories, so I will respond to Ari.

We oppose some of the government motivations behind the war but support our troops and support the right of the Iraqi people to live free from dictatorship. We appreciate our soldiers who are serving their country and we have 2 members in the conflict as well. One is in the 1st MEF. I do think, however, that Bush has completely ruined our foreign policy and discarded the international rule of law and that we will suffer for his lack of tact in the long run. War is a nasty business and I hope that we use that option wisely for the sake of our fighting men and women and the country. Lets hope it gets settled with a minimum of bloodshed and that our soldiers return home ASAP so we can work on the pressing domestic issues of the day such as the economy and security against domestic terrorism. Unlike Blazak we've seen quite a bit a blood and we know the tragedy of war is nothing to be made light of or used for the sick delusional theories from fake-academics.
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
12:19 PT (US)
Gee, VF I was just asking. Are you no longer following the idea that our government is controled by ZOG? Very interesting!

BTW, your position on the war sounds pretty much like mine! While I have never been in the military, I have friends who are. In fact one of my students is a pilot on the USS Abe Lincoln. I oppose this war but support the troops because they are fellow workers. The Portland kid who was killed yesterday was just trying to earn money to go to college (and maybe take a class from me). It pisses me off because I think it's clear that this war is all about empire building and securing oil fields for Bechtal and Halliburton who signed secret deals with the government last month to "rebuild" Iraq (according to Wall Street Journal).

So I'll look forward to seeing VF at the protests. The best way to support the troops is to bring them home now. Support our future homeless vets!
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
06:08 PT (US)
     I doubt Volk (For the sake of argument here, not tacit support for any one group. LOL) or anyone of their ilk would actually conspire to hold up traffic by conducting sit in acts of civil disobedience that would cost the City of Portland perhaps millions of dollars in employee manpower to combat.

     It is interesting that, if I am correct, Volk considers our Government to be under "occupational control", and yet they are fully supporting our troops AND not placing an extreme monetary strain on this same system they dislike so much. Yet you, at your own admission support those people who do these disobedient acts which are adding this great strain on our already fragile economy.
AND you support our system. How can we support our "future homeless vets." when people are busy draining municipal monies to deal with their acts of civil disobedience that could be used to better assist our vets when they do return home.
     It would seem that perhaps more damage than good is being done with these protests? I FULLY support the right to expression and to be heard. I especially support those people who have been able to protest without causing economic harm to the community that they are a part of. Such protesting is skillful art indeed.
     Point of order: How do you come to equate your philosophies about the war with theirs? I could offer the suggestion that both views (Yours and Volks) are similar in that I consider their argument of "Occupational Control" and your arguments about "secret deals, empire building and securing oil contracts" to both be conspiracist and exagerated beliefs that are only given creedence to by those who would subscribe to your individual dogma. Which I don't believe is the majority in either case.
     I didn't know you believed in these type of conspiracies Randy. So tell me, do you think that Bush is a giant green lizard from outer space as well? Maybe he is a member of the Illuminatti trying to assist his secret empire by building wealth at the expense of the blood of innocent people? Seems like you are pretty up on the thoughts of David Icke. LOL
     Your turn.
Edited 29-03-2003 06:17
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
06:13 PT (US)
BTW: Ari will not be able to participate in our discussions for awhile yet to come. I will miss his input on these boards as will everyone else. He will still be handwriting, typing, snail-mailing and submitting editorials for his feature column on this website however.
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
11:20 PT (US)
I think it's the 75 BILLION dollar invasion that is putting a strain our fragile economy, not the protestors (and that's just for the first 6 months!) And Bush wants tax cuts for the rich! So the protestors are trying to save us money, thank you.

As far as "conspiracies" go - Haliburton, Bechtel and other oil companies secret $900 million deal was reported in the Wall Street Journal on March 20th. That's Dick Cheney, not "the Jews".

Here's your quote of the day:

"We should not march into Baghdad. . . . To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us, and make a broken tyrant into a latter-day Arab hero . . . assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hunt for a securely entrenched dictator and condemning them to fight in what would be an unwinnable urban guerrilla war. It could only plunge that part of the world into even greater instability."

- George Herbert Walker Bush, in his 1998 book A World Transformed
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
14:47 PT (US)
     A lot of "reputable conspiracies" have been reported in mainstream publications before. That does not mean that they are valid. Nor does it mean they are turthful. And who brought up the Jews being involved in this anyway? This sort of BS behavior is what gets people really ticked at you my friend. Speaking of the Jewish conspiracy though, when it was in vogue, Henry Ford's "Dearborne Michigan Independent" printed a series of articles over the Jewish Conspiracy. Many other very reputable papers at the time discussed or ran stories about the "Jewish threat". Unfortunately this was widely taken as truth. The fact that an issue is reported in a publication does not make it true. I believe you teach your students to be wary of this as well. It sounds perhaps that you choose heavily to believe that this Bush conspiracy exists because of your biases, so you choose to support and argue for it. That does not give it any validity however. The moral of the story is that believeing in any conspiracy is dangerous, no matter what the conspiracy. There is often some seed of truth to conspiracies, often that seed grows a bent tree. A bent and very misinformed tree. Many protestors are protesting believing in this same conspiracy that you believe in. Food for thought. Also, you seem to be saying that it is okay for protestors to waste money, but not the government. Many of these protestors are simply wasting the time and money of civic governments. This was even talked about breifly at the CAHC meeting we were both at. I didn't hear you chime in and disagree. Double standards there buddy.
     We are also not "occupying Iraq" we are "liberating it" (for what that is worth.) If we did occupy Iraq there would be serious consequences. "Occupying" and "invading" are two different things. You have to invade before you can occupy any Country. That quote was also written in 1998, when that would have been a truthful statement. Post 9-11-01 is a different story my friend. Times change.
     You are a card carrying Democrat aren't you? Common' you can admit it. There is no shame...LOL
Edited 02-04-2003 03:48
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
13:06 PT (US)
Yeah, Henry Ford was a big Nazi. He used to throw "The Protocols" around like they were true. Hitler even gave him a nod in Mein Kampf. The story is Adolf wanted Henry to run for Prez so he could have a friend in the White House.

There's nothing wrong with a good conspiracy. Just look at the corporate/military pedigree of Daniel Pearl and Paul Wolfowitz (Bush's military advisors). But there are plenty of gentiles in there too, like big Dick Cheney.

And there is no love here for wimpy Democrats. Clinton's solution in Isreal was just to make the apartheid there worse (and calling it "peace") and to starve the Iraqi people to death.

So here is a topic. Can you be anti-Zionist without being anti-Semetic?
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
16:47 PT (US)
     Hope the confernce went well. Welcome back.
     I respectfully disagree about conspiratorial beliefs being good. Discernment is good. Conspiratorial beliefs lead to forms of paranoia and the spread of half truths and lies. Which leads me to your question about Zionism.
     Pandora's box. I would suppose that perhaps how one defines Zionism would have a bit to do with that. I also suppose that being labled as anti-semitic is up to whomever is throwing the label around. Semantics Randy, all semantics. I can find three different definitions of Zionism on the web and I am sure there is more. You posed the question so what is your take?
Randy BlazakPerson was signed in when posted
13:03 PT (US)
I guess it's a bit of that terrorist/freedom fighter thing. My conspiracy is fact, yours is a paranoid delusion. That's why the research is so important. But even "facts" can be put together to fit someone's agenda.

I think the basic idea of Zionism is the belief in the legetimacy of the state of Isreal. There are plenty of anti-racist folks who have difficulty with the behavior of Isreal (especially lately). The Jews have really been kicked around in history so many would say this justifies the creation of a safe homeland. But what if the Church of Scientology tried the same thing one day, maybe tried to create a homeland in Beverly Hills, kicking out non-Scientologists. Or if Odinists tried this in Oregon, displacing the majority of non-Odinists. It could only end badly.

I was very active in the anti-Apartheid movement in the 1980s and saw Mandela speak in person. It was ironic that many of those folks refused to face the apartheid in Isreal. AIPAC does have a huge pull on Washington (Did you see Colin Powell speaking to them last week?). I mean why else would a country that violates so many UN resolutions get $13.7 million A DAY from the US? But we also aid Arab nations, like Saudi Arabia and Jordan, similarly. So it's no ZOG. It's the US playing both sides of the conflict (as usual).

Happy Jarl Hakon Day, y'all.
Edited 09-04-2003 16:30
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
03:51 PT (US)
     I think there are numerous court documents to support that the Scientologists are at best a pyramid scheme and at worst, a dangerous self serving cult. In France I understand there are movements underway to label them a "Hate Group". (I can't wait to hear the fallout from this. Maybe I will become the target of "Fair Play". LOL)
     Trying to compare the Jewish right to an independent State and the Scientologists is a bit of a stretch. Check out some backgroud reading about L. Ron Hubbard and I think you will find some scary stuff. The net is loaded with authentic court documents about them. As well as their interesting control over "Cult Awareness Network". Don't want to be listed a cult? Own and control the agency that would label you. Pretty smart.
20:02 PT (US)
I am looking to your site for information about a group called Nazi Low Riders. 3 people where I live (California) were recently arrested for murdering a bisexual man in December. One of them belongs to this NLR hate group. Another one of them is being referred to as an associate of the group. (The third person is the girlfriend of the associate.)

Is this a group only from California? Have you heard of them? If so, where may I find more information? Since the NLR member is the older brother of a boy who went to my school, I know that many of my students will be asking me questions about it. I want to be able to answer their questions.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
03:18 PT (US)
     "NLR" or "Nazi LowRiders" are a California Prison Gang with a substantial influence on the streets, at least they used to have about 4 years ago. The group claims responsibility for at least two murders on the outside, many assaults, and perhaps more crime on the inside. They are not all "pure" Aryan and many are mixed Aryan and Latino. They are organized more along criminal lines then ideological lines. There is a strong methamphetamine conection in the gang.
     Check the resources page of our site. The ADL and SPLC would have some great info. Also search news articles in California, in particular Antelope Valley, CA.
Edited 19-04-2003 09:31
11:34 PT (US)
Where can I find more information on Intimdiation one or groups such as the Angry Aryans, Aggressive Force, or Aggravated Assault. I want to see some live shows, but there doesn't seem to be any sort of schedule posted for these bands. Does anyone have any contact info and/or connections? Are there any Portland music stores that carry 'em?
Work Sucks
18:21 PT (US)
you can buy the stuff at www.upfrontrecords.org :)
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
09:34 PT (US)
New people on the board. Hmmmmm......Interesting. Well, hello all of you. I think it would be a WONDERFUL idea for groups like Intim1 and others to advertise their concerts publicly. Has anyone ever seen what you have to go through to get to a show around here?

They don't get very happy when you just decide to pop in for one. Nervous little Aryans are a frightful bunch. LOL.

And lets be careful not to turn this into a Supremacist advertising board shall we? By the way "Work Sucks": Isn't Upfront a local label for such groups?

Oh Blazak...Are you out there? Come out and play....
Edited 19-04-2003 09:42
18:33 PT (US)
Hey Steve, just stopping by to say hey and hope your feeling better. I moved to downtown and am in school. I am keeping an open mind however I still feel the need to be a part of a pro white movement, I am not one to stand around idle when there is work to do.

Good luck and take it easy pal.
22:09 PT (US)
Anyone have any information on a gang called SOM???? they have been "tagging" swastikas and SOM the s being lightning bolts over NE portland. any information????
Local Anti-Racist
22:32 PT (US)
I have a few things to vent after reading your message board. I cant decide where to start. I often wonder what actual fact you guys have or if you pick one person and make a story out of him and make up the rest as you go along. You talk about portland anti-racist skins but then talkabout scott britt who isnt even from portland and never was in the portland scene. he used ot be a nazi in salem, not even a big name, though he'll tell you different, and then moved to eugene and tried to get in with the ARS crowd but failed. so your juding yout theroy on a man who went from one extreme to another over night. much like most of you who run this board. what about the kids who always have been ARS. who were doing this before it became fashionable, not the Strouds of the group who jump from side to side but the ones who have been doing this from day one. why not talk to the real Anti-Racist skins in portland? the ones who were there. insted to posting lame ass versions of rumors that you put together. i think sometimes you guys jumo to your conclusions insted of investigating and finding the truth. IN post #28 you talk about RCBB abd dont even get their name right. how many times have you ever really talked from RCBB??? other than a hello and a head nod. do some research, real research and stop lying to the public to make a name for yourself. your transparent your in this to be on talk shows and make a name for yourself, you probalby had the same goals when you were a so called nazi. your the most power hungry out of both sides. and you call us the enemy? whos more of a threat?? the left, the right, or the ego trying to get famous?
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
05:45 PT (US)
     Then post your little heart out. We are all waiting. Don't proclaim the RCBB to be non-violent though...and by the way, what is your stance on the use of violence, or "justice" as it is called in the SHARP ARA world.
     Set the record straight my friend. I am interested in hearing you out. I do have my facts straight by the way.
     I do not know what SOM means. Anyone want to enlighten everyone?
Edited 27-05-2003 05:47
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
12:29 PT (US)
Antiracist & Victim:
     Dr. B and I are working on the attack. You were not the only ones to have a problem that night. Other locations were struck but likely not connected to your situation.
     I welcome your dissentinmg views however this is a time to work together instead of apart. I am extending my hand. Ball is in your court.
Deleted by topic administrator 12-06-2003 12:20
resistencePerson was signed in when posted
21:21 PT (US)
You talking about the same Ari from the paper? Cmon. First you post in all caps, ignorant to begin with, then you dump an email addy? Get real.

resistencePerson was signed in when posted
21:26 PT (US)
My read on conspiracies...since no one asked =+)

They start due to the laziness of people. These are the same people who believe everything they hear on tv. They see something and take it the wrong way. Instead of taking a few moments and researching subject they make a judgement. Tell someone else, who tells someone and their ya have it. Plain laziness...if ya ask me.

Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
05:06 PT (US)
Ari has a past this is true. To what extent that past exists is unknown to me. This board is not to be used for smear campaigns though. Lets keep it real!

     Do conspiracies really evolve from laziness? Or do they begin as well orchestrated efforts to cover the actions of the ruling elite, or blame the ruling elite for the ills of the masses?
     Abbe De Barruel, whom wrote the magnum opus of all works on conspiratorial beliefs to explain away the French revolution in 1789 certainly was not lazy, nor influenced by television. His rants and leaps of illogical waxing were the birth of modern anti-semetism as we know it.
Edited 04-06-2003 05:07
  Messages 65-69 deleted by author 06-12-2003 03:20 PM
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21:36 PT (US)
Mr. Stroud says"
Do conspiracies really evolve from laziness? Or do they begin as well orchestrated efforts to cover the actions of the ruling elite, or blame the ruling elite for the ills of the masses?

I reply with:
Yes, they do come from laziness. Granted, the actions of the "ruling elite" may be behind a curtain, but it's the laziness of "masses" choose to stick together and do what their told, when their told and think without really thinking. It's the masses who choose not to look behind the curtain for the truth. It's the masses who choose to stick together and not move towards the curtain, even though they see it. It's the masses who are lazy and take the word of the "ruling elite."
resistencePerson was signed in when posted
21:39 PT (US)
Lazy? Well Spokane boy, if that is what you say. I call it disrespect and down right ignorance. To think you can gain anything with an attitude like that is like thinking we actualy had people walk on the moon (now, am I serious? =+)

In 20 minutes I have found almost everything I needed to know about you. Your phone number, where you live, where you work and even the car(s) you own. BTW, maybe you should slow down a little. Your driving record is looking pretty bad. Hard to get insurance with so many speeding tickets =+)

Lazy? Nah, just more inteligent than you give me credit for!
  Messages 72-73 deleted by author 06-12-2003 03:20 PM
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04:47 PT (US)
Spokane Victim,
     Post away. You have no issue with me though In find you the "pot calling the kettle black."
     Ari, or Tim or whatever has done his time for the crime committed. I know little of what you are saying. Feel free to let us all know. We are interested. Do so in a mature manner if you are capable of such. Any more blatant insults and you will be censored. Read the rules for the board.
     BTW, I did e-mail you for more info and am still awaiting a reply.
  Messages 75-78 deleted by author 06-12-2003 03:20 PM
resistencePerson was signed in when posted
09:46 PT (US)
Who cares about Ari. I am curious about what Mr. Stroud has to say about my reply to his conspiracy claim. I can take a few moments and look into this Ari gentleman if you wish. The information is readily available as long as you know where to go. Mr. Brailey was one of the easiest I have ever looked up, but I am curious on the conspiracy discussion. If it will put a rest to this I will take a look into Ari.
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 PT (US)
     The laziness of the masses. HMMM, I see your point but disagree with the term laziness. I think perhaps ignorance is a good word. The masses are certainly lazy though. I like to say that Americans have this "Don't make me have to get up off my sofa..." attitude about things and don't seem to respond until they are forced to do so.
     Laziness leading to ignorance perhaps. Your point though is well taken and I think that perhaps the two go together. Certainly laziness could be a component in some instances of conspiracism. Remember though it takes quite a bit of energy to prepetuate such beliefs and obtain followers.
Edited 06-06-2003 10:22
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
10:20 PT (US)
Spokane Victim,
     Thank you again for your insight. You are begining to ddisrupt this board. I have left your postings for all to see. I will conduct my own investigation. I am not saying you are lying to us. I thank you for your views and your concerns.
     Now, please quit the disruptions.
Edited 06-06-2003 10:21
Deleted by topic administrator 12-06-2003 12:20
resistencePerson was signed in when posted
01:43 PT (US)
Mr. Stroud,
your statement on followers is well taken though i have a slightly different view. i do not believe it is hard to gain a following.

for example:
naacp (am i going to be booed and hissed for this one?)

the list goes on and on. the problem is keeping your following. how many people leave the above mentioned organizations? when they leave most of their stories deal with doing research on their beliefs. mormons for example. once they have been told the "truth" they research it for themselves and move on. i do not want to make this into a religios debate, but i think you get my point.

creating a following is easy. work on people emotions and basic heirarchy of needs. provide them with safety, food and a reason for being and they are yours...until they think for themselves. laziness or ignorance...the end of the path is always the same: destruction!

and, i have done a little research into the ari gentleman. my ability to stay seperated from that conversation has not prevailed. in your case, dont let ignorance put you into a position where you may get hurt. he's not a very nice man and his past appears to be the same as his present. he appears just be wearing a different suit. research into him took two hours and all i used was the information given here. you appear to be a nice person mr. stroud and i urge you to be carefull. if the past repeats itself, as it usually does, the trauma that will be left behind is not going to be pretty.

now, moving on! what are your thoughts on acting out against hate groups? what is your position? please, i dont want to take up to much of your time, but your thoughts are interesting to me.
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
04:02 PT (US)
     I like the way you think. Entwine your organization with an understanding of Maslo’s Hierarchy of Needs and voila,,,you have an instantly attractive organization for those who are seeking an identity and meaning towards life. You are absolutely correct. I have never been popular for making the statement that a Heroine addict is no different from a religious zealot: Both are unable to cope without an alternative reality available to them in which they can escape their very real worldly problems. Interestingly enough we consider one to be self destructive, the other we consider to be devout and often upright in the community though the same driving force may be present behind both of their choices, the paths they each chose to venture down are vastly different in many ways. Both were perhaps weak people, seeking a deeper meaning to life and or a way to escape their weaknesses.
     Preying on the weak in society...that is what cults do. In France they are entertaining laws on preying on the weak. There is a much active debate over Scientology in that Country for that reason. Preying on the weak takes on many forms, as there are many forms of human weakness. Many people are searching for strength and power, some hope of gaining control of happiness and respect either in the now or hereafter, many cults and other extremist organizations offer that hope. Providing you adhere to their methods of obtaining it, and in many instances, have enough money to attain it.
     As for my thoughts on dealing with hatred I believe in a several pronged approach to the issue:
1.) The solution to ending hatred must be non-violent. I believe that violence perpetuates hatred.
2.) Society has to admit that hatred exists in both politically correct and non-correct forms.
3.) Society has to begin dialog about hatred and quit treating it like a dirty secret.
4.) Governments, (City, State, Federal, etc.) Have to quit withholding info from the community at large. Often info about hate related crimes is downplayed or not spoken of. Many times the governments do so in the belief that it is best for the community as a whole to keep these issues quiet.
5) Programs to actively prevent hatred must be utilized and given preference.
6.) Active support networks must be present to give aid after a hate crime occurs.
7.) There has to be an active program to prevent hatred in the perpetrator community. No perps, no crime. We often outreach to communities and individuals that have been victimized. We don’t often target the community that the perps are coming from.
8.) We have to be more universalism in our approach with youth. Accenting differences actually polarizes more youth then it brings together in my opinion.
9.) We have to work with offenders to understand their hatred and anger. We cannot fight what we do not understand.
10.) We have to teach our youth to be proud of whom they are as individuals without regard to their heritage or their religion or skin color. This is called building self-esteem. If you can accept yourself for who you are you are less likely to feel the need to put others down to make yourself feel superior or even adequate.

     There are other variations on these themes but this constitutes the gist of my beliefs.
     As far as Ari goes, I am extremely cautious. He is only a contributor at this point and I fail to see where the relationship will go beyond that. I thank you for your concern though.
     I hope this helps answer your question.
  Messages 85-88 deleted by author between 06-12-2003 02:34 PM and 06-12-2003 02:35 PM
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
11:36 PT (US)
     Looks like our favorite harassment head case is back at it. The deleted posts were taken off for defaming and libelous content. If it does not deal with discussions on hate or race the posts will be deleted.
Edited 12-06-2003 12:21
Steven M. StroudPerson was signed in when posted
12:17 PT (US)
     ANY posts that are placed with the intent to defame or harass will no longer be tolerated. If your post is not specific to discussions on race and / or hate related issues those posts will be deleted. I will not have this board turn into BS like OpenForum2 did.
     That being said, post away.
13:32 PT (US)
we would like to recieve information on the nazi low riders and how to be initiated into the street gang.
Marcos Toscanii
12:37 PT (US)
WHy would you want to be a nazi lowrider? How about becoming xxHATE EDGExx?
Prof Tota Ram
18:40 PT (US)

There can be no doubt that the Aryan race originated in Aryavarta (India). No matter how much money and time is put in no one can get rid of this word from India. The original colour of the Aryan Tribes in India ranged from W
hite to Brown and as the Indians never mixed this is true to this day.
Steven M. Stroud
07:49 PT (US)
     enlighten me and tell me more....
Everyone Else,
     I amnot nownotr was I ever in the businessof telling anyonehow to join a hate group. Why would you want to know?
Downtown Kid
16:08 PT (US)
I dont know if you guys have noticed but a group of about 15-20 nazi skinheads and travler kids have come up from santa cruz, linked up with local gutter kids and have been at the sqaure for the last three days. hiding behind the cops and yelling slurs and salutinf eachother. Post information if you have any
10:50 PT (US)
In regards to the message posted by downtown kid on 7/08/03 . Yes we heard of the Nazi scum downtown harrassing people...Last night about 30 of us punks and anti-racist skins went downtown to confront them and tell them to get out of our town we only met up with one of them and chased the coward down the street. We will be back incase they come back.
Downtown Kid
13:51 PT (US)
We actually ran into four of them. and they are back already today
22:17 PT (US)
Today is Saturday and a couple dozen of Portland punx went downtown to confront these nazis. They were nowhere to be found and hopefully have left town for good, if they return, they will be confronted and run out of town
15:32 PT (US)
Just curious if anyone has read the new book by Elinor Langer "A Hundred Little Hitlers". What are your thougths?
Randy B.
15:02 PT (US)
I have Langer's book but haven't read it yet. I talked to her last week and she's aware the book has stirred up a lot of controversy. I think the debate should be good. I think it's funny how VF has bashed it without even considering what she has to say.
22:01 PT (US)
It is a great book, I think you would enjoy it. I think it is great that she is looking at both sides and not putting down the skinheads for what happened. She is really trying to get to the truth...I wonder what VF would really think if anyone of them just sat down and actually read the book.
pdx kid
01:12 PT (US)
I want to know that when someone brought the downtown nazi situtaion up on this board Randy or steven didnt comment on it. yet the minute it was on the news steven acted like he had known about it the whole time. thats funny cause i never saw him down town. how come you didnt confront anyone??? just hungry for the media spot?????? and why would you say that those kids wont survive in prison are you blind??? what groups do yout hink run the prisons???
17:47 PT (US)
i don't need to read the book, I know what happened straight from the mouths of the accused. Everyone seems so suprised she agrees that Metzger had nothing ot do with it, it been an obvious truth from day one, I am suprised it took some Jew 15 years later to state before people figured it out. I am sure shes making a pretty penny off of exploiting my friends but I'll be damned if I'll buy the thing and give he rmy money.
Randy B.
15:29 PT (US)
PDX Kid - Sorry, I didn't comment on it. I was conntected by the FBI when these Nazis showed up and was glad to hear that they had been rub out of town so quickly. It seems to be like a fairly common thing - some boneheads from California (or somewhere) come to town, try to fuck with our fair city and then run back to their swamp when confronted. Yawn.

VF PDX - You are a NAZI. That's why no one listens to you. You could tell me the sky was blue and I'd look out the window. You whole ideology is built on lies and perversions. So it deid tak Langer FOREVER to write this book, but she did the hard work to get to the truth so you should thank this "Jew" for trying to get this story out.
16:15 PT (US)
hey Blazak fuck you punk, your a FAGGOT but i dont that against you do I? you dick sucking lying bitch, you whole ideology is built on self-glorification and commenting on subjects you have absolutely no clue about, if I wasn't such a nice guy I'd stick Langers book up your ass
Edited 07-10-2003 16:15
Local Anti-Racist
22:01 PT (US)
how can you say the Nazis where run out of town??? do you watch the news?? Two of the main member of that drug addicted gang stabbed a black man. you know what that says??? No one on this board or in oregon did what they could have. everyone failed this poor victim. why?? the method of the so called ARA and local punks obviously didnt help and yor non-violent approach didnt help either. these kids where in our town for 4-6 months and no one was able to run them out of town, its sad you claim victory only after a man is nearly killed. More should have been done. what good are groups like you when this happens?????????
19:42 PT (US)
Local Anti-Racist
Did you do anything?
local anti-racist
00:09 PT (US)
I obviously didnt do enough. none of us did. im juts trying to point out that we all failed. and its most likly because we all work against each other insted of together. insted of denouncing others methods. obviously OSL FBI and other rat friends failed as well.
Randy B.
16:19 PT (US)
Local Anti: Those boneheads that stabbed the black guy weren't the same ones that came up from Cali (that got run out of town). We've always got some of our own idiots to contend with. But those two will have a long time to experience being a minority in prison.

PDX VF: Your response is so eloquent. You must be a mental giant. BTW, calling me a "faggot" does not offend me. Although I'm not gay, anyone who is brave enough to be out of the closet in a world full of thugs like you has my utmost respect.

ALL: Steven Stroud asked me to post that he is currently off-line (so call him, don't email). He is going to be on KBOO 90.7 FM tomorrow (Thursday 10/16) from 8 am to 9 am, talking about Nazis, skinheads, cops and some deep pdx drama. He's inviting all Nazis and Anti-Racists to listen and call in. You go, Steve!
real anti-racist
22:37 PT (US)
you guys are idiots. Both of the kids arrested for the stabbing were linked to the california downtown crew. Brice was calling shots for the younger kids and the second guy arrested and a california ID. come on, how can you be so ignorant at your own game? do you guys really do anything other then meet people for coffee and fight eachother for the next spotlight? really what do you guys do? what do you accomplish? other than be media whores?? and create lame ass highschool drama. theres people out there, on both sides of this fence actually standing up for their beliefs, all you guys seem to be doing is sitting on the fence playing little games to see who gets the next spot on the news. for old ass men you really need to grow the fuck up. and seriously lieing to people on this board just because you didnt do anything about the california "skinheads" isnt going to get you anywhere.
20:55 PT (US)
i got to agree with real anti-racist, lol, particularly in Blazak's case
Real Anti-Racist
10:41 PT (US)
Good article on the Oregon Spotlight at:
21:30 PT (US)
I am new to your forum. After reading over past discussions, I can't help but smile. While Stroud, Ari and Blazak are trying to have a serious dialogue, there are those of you who try to insult, or perhaps impress with terms like fuck, faggot and dick sucking bitch. What?

I try to understand where hate comes from. I lived in a small town in northern Idaho for four years, and during that time I worked in a lumber mill. Needles to say, it was an education. One I would not change and one I would not want to do again. Hate ate at the souls of the people. Their eyes were flat, blank and dark, only lighting up when they talked about "N".

Refusing to be a bystander, I found myself standing up to the horrific topics of the day. I did not have the skill of dialoguing then and allowed my emotions and anger get in the way. I have grown. I have learned that hatred toward the "white redneck" is still hate. That prejudice is still prejudice, even it is towards your own race.

Thanks to all, especially Mr. Stroud, Mr. Blazak and Ari. Keep spreading the word and "pay it forward."
11:21 PT (US)
Today, it is Armistice Day around the world. A rememberance of those who lost their lives in WWI. Shortly after WWII, during the McCarthy era, we changed the name in the United States as Veterans Day. While it is important to remember our veterans, and those veterans who gave up their lives, it was the hope that WWI would be a war to end all wars. Needless to say, this is not the case. Even as I type this, we add more veterans to our list of rememberance.

War is made easy with words like hate, enemy, terror, evil. As long as these words are kept alive, we condone war. We accept war. But the opposite can aslo be true. We can keep words alive for peace. Let us show how great a country we really are by setting a peaceful example.

Keep in mind that everything is connected...humans, nature...and beast. The world is an extension of ourselves. If we harm another human, damage nature, or destroy beast, we are hurting ourselves and future generations.
Randy B.
13:48 PT (US)
Hi posters. When I resigned from OS last year, I promised to still try to keep up with the street scene. I haven't done a very good job of it as I am focussing on the academic side. But here is one thing: Dennis Mothersbaugh, who was one of the boneheads involved in the 9/21 stabbing in Old Town, has been sentenced to over a year in prison. Bryce Woods looks to do much longer in prison but has not sentenced yet. Were they connected to the Cali skins? I don't know but I appreciate the info from Real Anti-Racist. We're all on the same side.

Hello to skyspirit.
Randy B.
10:33 PT (US)
Well it looks like that big liar, David Irving (the discredited Holocaust denier) will be in Portland on Sunday (12/14). Any info on where?
12:20 PT (US)
David Irving's appearance must be secretive. If you go to http://www.focal.org/speaks/index.html you can email for the information you need. I noted that location is not provided other than by email. I guess Irving has not come out of the closet (still hiding behide a white sheet, I suppose).
Good luck~
21:40 PT (US)
I often find my self hating although I have many reasons behind it I still never get the urge to kick some black mans ass for it. Granted I get very angry at many of their politics I would rather just stand up and show my pride by how I carry my self. I will never feed into extreme measures unless my life in in danger and it requires it. I think I will just take one person at a time and try to live in a neighbor hood that has mostly whites in it. Although I feel that Mexcians cause more rukus than blacks do because most blacks already know US standards and such. I will say the noise complaints still strike me as around the same ammount when living in above said neighborhoods. Right now I work next to a girl who is black and asian and she likes white guys for this same reason.

WHY do these things come into play? I mean there has to be some basis for a common thought on a certain culture of people. If it is no compatible with US standards then they need to respect our ways.

ON the other hand I had to pull a can of mace and my brass knucks the other day because 4 homo-sexuals tried starting a riot because of a conversation I had with my girl friend on the max. I told her I felt the gay life style was a choice and not something I wish to be around. Call me sissy for doing this but not only was there 4 gays there was a few other ultra leftys that just wanted to start a fight.

Since my uncle death a month ago I have had enough stress with having to stop going to school to work, dealing with this shit but dammit other than that portland is not all that bad.

I think blacks in Portland though terrorize whites more than whites terrorize them. Ride the bus, MAX or hang out near the dome where the blazers play. You get dirty looks, they walk by you widged and close to you trying to bump you to start a fight. I find that mace works well and since useing it the Portland Police never question me because a dam BLACK NIGG#R cant fight you one on one, he has to have his fucking friends in on it too. I ware no afiliation to any hate group, I generaly work and go home unless I am with my girl friend.

Despite this and other than the high homosexual population Portland is not all that bad, go to work, to the mall, tell the homeless to get a job and enjoy school if you are able to.

PS Not all homeless are lazy people, some have hit a hard spot on the road and just because they do not have a job does not mean they are not looking. Just some are that way.

Nice to stop back by,
debt to be paid
01:40 PT (US)
I am new to this board but I have been watching it for sometime.Belive me I have lived on both sides of the fence I have indulged myself into the white power movement and I have indulged myself into mainstream society. so this post has no real meaning I am just introducing myself to the posters!

PS. Looking forward to an interesting topic!
15:45 PT (US)
08:26 PT (US)
Randy B.
Did you make it to see David Irving? If so, please tell us about it.

18:46 PT (US)

Dude, you are a MESS!

Why are you so afraid of everyone?

There are shitty people in EVERY race.

Portland IS a toilet btw
18:47 PT (US)
Hey I always wondered about the gay guys giving the best head. Anyone hear ever tried it? I'm thinkin about it.
06:44 PT (US)
hi who are u people
Monte Day
13:13 PT (US)
23:06 PT (US)
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Ari for Steven M. Stroud
18:22 PT (US)
Ari, Stroud my man, we have been followed from what Ive been told.The "loving you gave to me and then some", has been video taped.I know you are a prisoner of your own issues on this matter,but putting that aside contact Ari on this site ASAP!!!
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