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Prayer Requests

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jordanss123Person was signed in when posted
11:17 AM ET (US)
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03:03 AM ET (US)
Need God to heal two children in my church who are sickle cell
03:01 AM ET (US)
For God to help me financially and for healing for my wife who is suffering from fibroid
T. Nicky Cherian
06:43 AM ET (US)
I am a 25years boy... i need a suitable life partner girl for mairage
09:41 AM ET (US)
Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims to save a lot place of Scandinavien,thanks for helping ,bless,keijo sweden
07:27 AM ET (US)
A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definitely interested in this one
Rechtstreeks van het land
jackman10Person was signed in when posted
07:01 AM ET (US)
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jackman10Person was signed in when posted
07:43 AM ET (US)
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01:01 PM ET (US)
Most Holy Apostle St Jude,I come to you in this time of need.I really need employment as I cannot make ends meet.You have answered many of my novenas in the past which I thank you for.I have all the faith in you that you will answer my prayer as I did receive a call last night about a job offer last night as I'm still waiting for a return call.If this job is meant for me please let me get this job and if bit is not the right one for me I have all the faith in you thst you will let me find the right job for me.I also want people who feel desperate and hopeless to say the St Jude Novena for nine days followed by 3 Hail Mary's 3 Our Father's 3 GLORY Be's then you must promise to PUBLISH your thanks to St Jude on the ninth day.St Jude has been my devoted St since I was young.Thank You St Jude for all my prayers thst you have answered and for interceding to God for me. Amen
jackman10Person was signed in when posted
06:27 AM ET (US)
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SpiritSongPerson was signed in when posted
08:50 AM ET (US)
Debbie, losing a pet is so heartbreaking--especially after such a long time together. But don't give up on God's plans for you yet. Nothing can replace Sadie--she was family--and she is right there with you still in her spirit form. The love between you binds you. But there may be another sweet dog or cat who needs your love. Often older animals in shelters have a difficult time being adopted--everyone wants the cute puppies and kittens. Maybe there's one as broken hearted as you are who just needs a warm place to snuggle for her/his senior years and you could comfort each other. You are in my prayers, as are all the others who post here.
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