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Geo Harrison Video

03:46 AM ET (US)
what makes and models of uke did george use, and what tunings ?
05:37 PM ET (US)
Nice little video. The uke got a very good play in the video. One of the things his son said that is important to all musicians is that George had an appreciation of many different kinds of music, not just his genre of R&R. We can easily sidestep the giant tracks left by those before us. I was reading a short bio about Ukulele Ide; He was a performer for almost 40 years. The flash-fast successes of today's pop culture don't get it at all. Ask most any superstar today, "Who was Hoagy Carmichal?" (I know it's misspelled) and you'll get a blank stare or they'll say he is a sandwich maker in Philadelphia.

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