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Populist meetup-Internet Campaigning
Branched from topic: Rebuilding the Right

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Russell WhitePerson was signed in when posted
01:56 PM ET (US)
Several libellous messages have been removed from this forum.
  Messages 176-167 deleted by author 07-05-2005 01:54 PM
Lee ConsterdinePerson was signed in when posted
06:24 PM ET (US)
Hooray, we're back!
mike smithPerson was signed in when posted
03:32 PM ET (US)
Sorry, we temporarily 'retired' a bunch of topics when the site came under attack last week.

Will restore.
Lee ConsterdinePerson was signed in when posted
06:55 AM ET (US)
I see this thread has been expunged from the CDA Quick Topic Forum.

Any reason?
Lee ConsterdinePerson was signed in when posted
06:44 PM ET (US)
It was a pleasure to Chair yesterday's Dissident Congress meetup.

Good food, good drink, and most importantly ... a deluge of good ideas to further the Cause. So many in fact, I believe our dedicated band of unsung heroes - and heroine - will not be able to follow all of them through to their brilliant conclusions.

The Enemy have a surprise coming.

Indeed, it's important to always remember that the Enemy do log onto our Quick Topics and write down what we say and what get up to. We learned that meetup details - December - lifted from one of these threads turned up on some other site of the left-liberal variety.

So, think about what you post.

Many thanks to QT regulars, Jennifer and Riaz, for their valuable input.
Edited 06-24-2005 06:54 AM
Russell WhitePerson was signed in when posted
08:16 AM ET (US)
had a very good meetup yesterday, and an interesting
conversation about the failed/aborted attempts to set up various anti-EU rallies over the past 2 years. This year the General Election had scuppered any chance of a proper (i.e. well attended) St George's Day rally, and the failure of the Eurocrats to push through the EU Constitution in France and the Netherlands will have lulled some into a false sense of security, something WE should never lapse into - we must always be on our guard, as there will be no surrender from the pro-EU
federalist side, not until the peoples of Europe reject it
wholesale in every member state, as happened shortly after
Gorbachev started to dismantle the apparatus of Communism.
Lee Consterdine
08:59 AM ET (US)
Yes, thank you for the information.

As an Organiser, I have been told about the fee structure to come.

We propose to keep the London Meetup running as per.
It will be for the Organizers of the other local Meetups to decide whether to pay the fee asked.

We will, of course, change the local structure of the Dissident Congress/Populist Meetups as required, by using OUR OWN communication facilities.
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