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Why are all my posts about the trains?

11:23 AM ET (US)
sohbet odalari
Ian FItzpatrickPerson was signed in when posted
10:24 PM ET (US)
If I'm reading your story right, the lesson is don't help people. Because you'll probably end up hindering them more than anything. Sad logic, but it makes sense doesn't it.
StuartCWoodwardPerson was signed in when posted
08:08 AM ET (US)
I used to help people who were sleeping at the station get on the last train until one day I helped a really drunk guy onto the train. When people saw the state of him they helped me help him into the train but unless I had taken the lead everyone would have, sensibly, ignored him.

Once he was in the train he fell asleep standing up and was OK leaning on the door for a few stations but eventually the door he was leaning on opened and he almost fell on his face.

About this time I realized that he probably couldn't make it all the way home by himself and I wasn't going to help him past my station. Also, for all I know, he may have already gone past his station and even if he hadn't, he might end up at the end of the line which could have been further away from home than the station where he was sleeping where I met him.

This is my, guy sleeping on the train story...

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