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Graham JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
09:31 GMT
In keeping with the outbreak of childish behaviour on this group which shows no sign of abating, I've decided to react in kind and take my ball back.

This board was only ever designed for short threads of tens or hundreds of messages and yet has had ten thousand. It is so big I can't delete inappropriate messages, it is so old it isn't accessible to search engines, there is no list of subscribers available and no moderation facilities. It can't handle images and there is nowhere to update photos either. Time to do what I should have done years ago...


Sorry for the inconvenience to the majority of the contributors.

09:29 GMT
Terry, I did read some ware that David Jason was born at the North Middlesex Hospital Edmonton and I think that is the only connection.
Terry Letch
09:22 GMT
Good morning MD and Ron. I am not certain about Derek Lampe's secondary school. Derek is about three months older than I. When I was at Eldon Road I seem to remember people talking about this promising footballing lad called Derek Lampe and I was told that he went to Montague Road school. Of course, as Ron Roe will tell you, Johnny Haynes was the big name then, he went to Houndsfield Road along with Ron.
   On the Wikipedia site for Derek Lampe it does mention his grandson Jack signing for West Ham, but being in Lancashire I don't hear so much about London clubs, it's all Man U. and Liverpool.
   Ron, again according to Wikipedia, David Jason is recorded as being born in Edmonton.
09:07 GMT
I had a look at mick’s site that you have to register to join and think that is a good idea as there are pot stirrers who use nom de plume to buck up themselves and we could then find out who he is.
09:00 GMT
I noticed Micks site isn’t just for N9ers
08:59 GMT
Mick, who will you kick off?

Good point Geoff.
08:57 GMT
Sure Mick, Then if you don't like what people say you can become the final arbiter and judge and we'll all be better off for you saving us from the terrible notion of free speech.
08:45 GMT
The other alternative, is that all the people who want to discus Edmonton in peace can go over to the new board, and leave the berks here. Then if they come over I can kick them off. Sound good?

You tell me.
08:44 GMT

How's the food in Kervan Sofrasi? As I mentioned previously I have enjoyed Turkish food for many years and I'm not talking kebabs here but the kind of thing that might be found on the dinner table. I used to frequent a Turkish nightclub at Tufnell Park a few years ago now, an intimate diner with small dance floor and about 30 covers owned and run by the singer herself. The menu was mainly fish and a main meal that I really enjoyed would be a very large flat fish (enough to serve a table of six) cooked whole very slowly and served on a large platter with olives, capers, lettuce, fresh tomatoes etc. Of course for starters there were the usual dips and pitta bread common to Mediterranean cuisine all washed down with a few shots of Raki.

The PPI must have been derelict for many years now, I used to walk past it on my way to the North Mid for my regular blood tests and it was boarded up before that so it must've been that way for a good 10 years or more. What became of the old Horse & Groom site opposite the old Edmonton police station, the last time I saw that it was awaiting redevelopment and had been boarded up for some time? Something must surely have been built there by now.

Just as I was about to get the lawnmower out yesterday it began to rain, I took the trimmer to the hedge last week before it got too high to reach on the stepladder. The farm manager got two of his labourers to hack my neighbour's hedge down as it had got out of control and was so tough to cut that it wrecked a brand new hedgetrimmer, they offered to do mine but I like to do my own and in a couple of hours I had it just the way I like it once again although I expect I'll be having to lop it again fairly soon with all the sun and rain we've had lately. Well after breakfast, rain or shine I'll deal with the latest green shoots which also seem to have been surviving on a growth hormone.

I like the pics, but I'm not so keen on the fox which I have to say I see as vermin to a great extent. Unfortunately litterers in cities up and down the land have created the urban fox by dropping half eaten takeaways and the situation has been exacerbated by the growing use of plastic refuse sacks left in the streets for collection rather than dustbins. As I have said before foxes were living in Jubilee park and left it to be fed by one of my distant neighbours, sometimes they didn't get home again, I saw more than one flattened in Galliard Road. Left alone foxes will no doubt become as well established as rats and pigeons, there are more rats than people in London these days and that may well be true for most conurbations throughout the land now.

On 31/07/2010 06:46, QT - margaret baker wrote:
> good morning all, fine rain in the air 72f at 6am.
> I had a friend arrive in Edmonton yesterday from woking, surrey,
> her first visit,I met her off the train from Silver Street, we
> walked back to mine through Pymmes Park, later on we walked to
> the site of the old Rose and Crown which is now a Turkish
> restaurant called Kervan Sofrasi,(they have a website) enjoyed a
> meal meal, as usual they where queuing out the door to get in.
> I always think its good to get someone's impression of a place
> they havent been to before and she thought the park was lovely
> and the amenities excellent too, of my home as we were enjoying
> a glass of vino in the garden by the fish pond she said 'its so
> quiet you wouldn't think you were in London at all' so there you
> have it, another satisfied visitor. Today we are off to Tower
> Pier to board The Balmoral for a trip along the Estuary to
> Whitstable.
> Ian, no I don't know what is happening with the PPI, its still
> got hoardings around the whole site, been a long time now hasn't
> it, last I heard it was a neighbour dispute with building
> proposals whatever they were. I don't go into the walled garden
> very often these days but you are right it is usually kept
> locked, if you wander around to the council maintenance yard
> next door, just ask someone to unlock the gate for you, there is
> usually someone around.
> Every thing looking really parched around here now.
> Fox's what buggers they are, one kept digging in the same spot
> in my flower bed, I kept chasing him off, then I went to see
> what he was digging for, a jar of food?, he must have buried it
> earlier then came back to dig it up. Enjoy the pics.
08:38 GMT
May I suggest that maybe the horses and donkeys no there are crocodiles in the pool?
08:31 GMT

what do you mean Lead Horses to Donkeys?
08:30 GMT
It's me again. I told you Steve was such a luvly Boy...

Geoff's a cutie too.

I'm getting the hang of this computer stuff now ...

I like crocodiles. There's plenty in American and Australia but only one or two in UK

08:27 GMT
I can lead horses to water, (or donkeys) but I can't make them drink.
Deleted by author 31-07-2010 08:26
08:25 GMT
Hi Everyone again, you might have guessed my real name isn't Dorothy... I didn't want everyone to know my name as I feared retribution.. any bye for now

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