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Table Tennis Issues

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01:14 PM GMT
I think at the AGM we need to look at amending the voting as Steve suggests, this give each team within a club a voice, perhaps someone could propose before the AGM, (and we can vote on it) ha ha
Steve Branton
02:18 PM GMT
Looking at how the opinions are shaping up, it would seem wrong to vote at the EGM using the current rules...
6 e. ... they may vote on any proposition or amendment in accordance with the number of teams they had at the preceding season's end as follows:- 1 team : 1 vote; 2 teams : 2 votes, and so on.

It would be better if each team was represented, so a 4:2 team majority at a club didn't turn into a 6 vote 'for', 0 'against' when voting at the EGM.
09:18 PM GMT
Hi All,

Just to clarify you can vote in or out for both the proposals. Both proposals could also be voted in together. We will revert back to current league format if neither proposal is voted in.

Sean Gridley
07:51 PM GMT
Hi Mark, funny to see the forum in use again...haven't seen this much activity since the advent of frictionless pimples!!

There may be a problem with teams being short of players but hopefully the pool available will in general be larger with teams spread more evenly across other divisions. This may alleviate these type of situations.

I think more problematic will be incomplete fixtures in the first (half) season, which would need to be completed very quickly to enable organisers to resolve promotion and demotion.
Mark Lewis
12:37 PM GMT
I think a combination of the two options is a great idea - shorter matches, but more of them. Being selfish, I struggle with my health so a shorter match would be great. Plus how many teams/player would like to finish earlier to get some time at the pub after ;-)

Another plus point for the youngsters (and addressing someone else's point below: "I take the point about earlier finishes and younger players but how many are we realistically talking about (at present at least)?" - I know from when I was a junior many many many many years ago, I was lucky in that I had a parent who played so late night finishes were never an issue, but other juniors wouldn't play because their parents didn't want the late finish - so whilst there may not be a large pool of juniors at the moment who would benefit, this may well help encourage not just the "new batch" of juniors and cadets, but getting the parental support too.

The only big downside as others have mentioned is the situation where a team only field 2 players - this would need careful consideration for getting rules in place. Maybe take the approach of other leagues, and allow any player from any team to play for a team that is short, but games won involving the "subbed" player do not count?

Finally, one thing I think should also be added, is any league layout change like this there should be a vote by the players at the end of the season (maybe with a limit like you can only vote if you've played X number of matches) - So unless there is a clear majority of the players saying "yes that worked well" we revert back to how the league format is currently, whilst other options are drawn up.
Sean Gridley
03:10 PM GMT
Please see the final page of the PDF's of the new proposal's, in which both proposal's 1&2 are adopted together. This would mean that you would still be playing 90% as a total numner of games when compared with the existing playing schedule. The proposals can both be adopted to achieve this.
Steve Branton
02:45 PM GMT
Note that this discussion centers around accepting or rejecting the current proposals, not creating new proposals from new ideas. If you can see a fundamental flaw in any of the proposals please comment. If you can see advantages in the proposals, again, please comment.
As a starter for 10 the following comments have been received...

Proposal 1
Sounds worth a try but why change from numbers to letters? I don't see the point and please don't tell me it's to make those in the lower divisions feel better! I strongly suggest Premier and then 1 to 5, as we all know what that system means. I would also suggest we have a start time of 7pm rather than 7.30 because rarely anyone starts on time and often it's nearly 8 before the match starts. This would mean earlier finishes.

Proposal 2
I am not keen on this at all. It is not enough games. ...if only two players turned up then TWO players of the opposition would only have one game of singles each. This is not satisfactory at all so 3 players would have to be compulsory. However if it was voted in I would suggest best of seven sets and 2 games of doubles with a different pair to play in the second game. One of the plusses given for this proposal is more time for the social aspect, but for me, watching the other games being played is part of the social aspect. After all we want to play table tennis not sip tea between discussing the pros and cons of Brexit!

Proposal 1
Looks OK - I'm all for more table tennis in a longer season; I think that the current break, from early March to mid-September, is much too long (even with a Summer League to try to fill part of the gap). However, part of April may be problematic for some people (Easter breaks) - perhaps allow some slack (as we do now), say to the end of May to complete all matches?
Proposal 1 would probably help with the yo-yo teams we have at the top/bottom of our divisions.
NB. The proposed format is 6 divs of 7 teams (= 42 teams): we currently have 40 so unless new teams arrive, 2 of the divs will only have 6 teams (though this would be the same No. of games to a current 11 team division, a little more if you get promoted/demoted to a 7 team div).

Proposal 2
I'm strongly against Proposal 2:
You'll get to play fewer players / less TT (& if a team turns up with 2, one of the opponents will play v. little that night!).
Results may be skewed depending on who ends up playing who (much more than the current "which 3 will play" on any given night).
I take the point about earlier finishes and younger players but how many are we realistically talking about (at present at least)? Playing less table tennis / in this format risks putting competitive players off joining/staying in our league (perhaps even more so at the top end?) - could end up shrinking rather than expanding our league. If so, could also affect the quality / image of our league.
The social side is nice but we can always to arrange to meet for socials if we want to / there are regular pr. /fun sessions available for all different abilities throughout the year. For me, the league is fundamentally about playing (competitive) TT.

As to the bigger Q. of attracting younger players, perhaps we can look at other long term strategies to increase interest in the game (organising coaching in schools/colleges, inter-school competitions [used to happen when I was at school], other youth competitions etc.).
idttlPerson was signed in when posted
10:31 PM GMT
Feel free to add your comments re. the League format proposals...
12:28 PM GMT
Well said Dawn, it was one of the best finals I have seen, it was great to see that Ryan still has some competition, I think he will be even harder to beat in the future.
Regarding the league and the juniors players, it is something we really have to address as, we have only 6 junior players registered to play in the league, but there many out there, but they don't play league TT for various reasons.

Parents only need to look at Ryan & Jake, Daniel Shelley, Tom Clarke, Daniel Young and Gracie Edwards to that these players who do play in the league are some of the best talent around. I also feel that having played since my early teens, it hasn't done me any harm, I feel it makes you a more rounded individual mixing with all ages, and once its in your blood hopefully you will play for many more years to come.

I would welcome some view points from parents who haven't yet braced local league table tennis.
12:02 AM GMT
Congratulations to Richard H for his win in the men’s final
at the Ipswich champs against Ryan. A change of venue which as a player of old not the same spark as the corn exchange. For which cost implications are involved. Congratulations again to the orangnisers and helpers. I know as a parent it’s hard to make the decision
For your child to play in a league against adults and a late night to bed on a school night but I think the league and the local Ipswich championships needs these younger players. What will happen to 10
Years time Will there only be premier and 1 st division gosh I
Hope not at as there use to
Be division 1 to 6 with a and b in each division.

So if
You can
Support our great idttl
I would
My bat up again.

League needs younger players
Deleted by author 18-02-2018 11:49 PM
Steve Branton
09:02 AM GMT
@ David
A good spot. However, the head to head in both matches resulted in a 4-6 loss to St Marg's so a rule change wouldn't have helped this time round...
04:22 PM GMT
RE the news update regarding proposed rule changes

"St Margaret's Manor Club have not provided a detailed explanation as to why this change would be an improvement"

Look at Division One.... there is the reason ;-)
02:30 PM GMT
Just to put a close to this situation...It was ME that suggested to Vipers we play a double header. as I had noticed during the season how they had struggled to get a team. I did not realise how close it was at the bottom of the table. but having had several conversations over the last 24 hours we have been told to play the match and it will now be played on Monday 11th March. I apologise if I have upset people on this subject but it was not intentional.
Nick Anthony
11:20 PM GMT
Just seen on Premier results identical scores and players between Vipers and Ravens played very close together. You don't need to be a tubby Belgian detective to deduce this was one game played as a double header. I would not mind but we are in a battle with Vipers to avoid relegation so surely this is not permitted?
11:58 PM GMT
Echo Rex's thanks and on behalf of Dan, a lot of hard work put in by the Organisers and excellent play by the competitors - a good weekend - thanks.
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