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Table Tennis Issues

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12:28 PM GMT
Well said Dawn, it was one of the best finals I have seen, it was great to see that Ryan still has some competition, I think he will be even harder to beat in the future.
Regarding the league and the juniors players, it is something we really have to address as, we have only 6 junior players registered to play in the league, but there many out there, but they don't play league TT for various reasons.

Parents only need to look at Ryan & Jake, Daniel Shelley, Tom Clarke, Daniel Young and Gracie Edwards to that these players who do play in the league are some of the best talent around. I also feel that having played since my early teens, it hasn't done me any harm, I feel it makes you a more rounded individual mixing with all ages, and once its in your blood hopefully you will play for many more years to come.

I would welcome some view points from parents who haven't yet braced local league table tennis.
12:02 AM GMT
Congratulations to Richard H for his win in the men’s final
at the Ipswich champs against Ryan. A change of venue which as a player of old not the same spark as the corn exchange. For which cost implications are involved. Congratulations again to the orangnisers and helpers. I know as a parent it’s hard to make the decision
For your child to play in a league against adults and a late night to bed on a school night but I think the league and the local Ipswich championships needs these younger players. What will happen to 10
Years time Will there only be premier and 1 st division gosh I
Hope not at as there use to
Be division 1 to 6 with a and b in each division.

So if
You can
Support our great idttl
I would
My bat up again.

League needs younger players
Deleted by author 18-02-2018 11:49 PM
Steve Branton
09:02 AM GMT
@ David
A good spot. However, the head to head in both matches resulted in a 4-6 loss to St Marg's so a rule change wouldn't have helped this time round...
04:22 PM GMT
RE the news update regarding proposed rule changes

"St Margaret's Manor Club have not provided a detailed explanation as to why this change would be an improvement"

Look at Division One.... there is the reason ;-)
02:30 PM GMT
Just to put a close to this situation...It was ME that suggested to Vipers we play a double header. as I had noticed during the season how they had struggled to get a team. I did not realise how close it was at the bottom of the table. but having had several conversations over the last 24 hours we have been told to play the match and it will now be played on Monday 11th March. I apologise if I have upset people on this subject but it was not intentional.
Nick Anthony
11:20 PM GMT
Just seen on Premier results identical scores and players between Vipers and Ravens played very close together. You don't need to be a tubby Belgian detective to deduce this was one game played as a double header. I would not mind but we are in a battle with Vipers to avoid relegation so surely this is not permitted?
11:58 PM GMT
Echo Rex's thanks and on behalf of Dan, a lot of hard work put in by the Organisers and excellent play by the competitors - a good weekend - thanks.
Rex Manning
01:05 PM GMT
Thankyou for all the hard work that was put into running the 2016 table tennis championships at the corn exchange,it was very enjoyable yet again.Even watching various matches was enjoyable with lots of terrific games.To top it all i won the restricted singles final for the second time,once again thankyou to everyone that worked hard to make this all happen.
Edited 15-02-2016 01:08 PM
Maff - Munch
08:21 PM GMT
Hey guys, remember me, Munchie? Just a quick hello and to say I miss playing in the IDTTL with all my friends (and enemies) since moving to Cambridge in 2009. I'm no longer playing as have other interests but I do miss the game. I'm hoping to get to the Ipswich championships this year and catch up with a few of my friends (and enemies 😁 ) just looked at the league tables and it still looks like a great, competitive league. Well, hopefully see you soon. Maff munchkin Holland
02:47 PM GMT
Table Tennis Table for Sales bargain at 25 with wheels, blue, would be OK as a match table,used in my old firms office. Needs to be collected from Stowmarket from Tuesday of next week.

If interested call me on 07805212319.
Deleted by author 11-01-2016 09:46 AM
08:05 AM GMT
Congratulations to Aimee and Jake on the birth of their baby boy James Robert who weighed in at 5.5 lbs this morning.
Steve Branton
03:34 PM GMT
After a second knock during the week, I've had to change my mind re. the Xushaofa balls. Playing with the rest of the Wulfs it was decided that there was almost too much in-the-air movement from these balls. Closer examination revealed that several of them (including virgin unplayed balls) were not perfectly spherical ie. spin them on the table and you could see a definite wobble.
On top of that we decided that the Joola seamed balls played closer to the original celluloid and will probably be our choice. Although, don't be surprised if we each play with a different ball on our home night ;-)
Mike Chenery (Baylham)
04:39 PM GMT
Time will tell if I have opted for the right ball. Gone for a seamless Tibhor 40+ Syn SL 3* Poly Ball (That's worse than the full name of some cars!). Only went for 9 in case opted for the wrong one but they came to nearly 15!
Last time I ordered 2 doz balls for 17! Nearly cancelled the order and went for the plastic balls they use to teach you golf!!!! After all, as home team we have the choice now!!

Mike Chenery
Paul Broxton
04:36 PM GMT
Just to add a bit more on the subject of plastic balls, This thread (hopefully the link works!) has a lot of information about where the balls are manufactured and what other peoples opinions of what they have used and liked.

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