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Stereo from Uncalibrated Cameras

02:54 PM ET (US)
nice easy to understand math.. These papers surprise me a bit because projective geometry is a well studied field and these theorems should have been discovered long time back.. Or is it that, although projective geometry is well understood, there is still a lot of theoretical work left in Multiple View Geometry?
Josh Wills
02:08 PM ET (US)
The method presented in this paper uses the eight ground points and the projective relation for one of the cameras to calculate the true camera matrix. If you use ground truth points as seen in two frames you can get away with using only five points.
Kristin BransonPerson was signed in when posted
01:48 PM ET (US)
I liked this paper a lot. The notation was clear and the idea was well-presented. One thing I am confused about is what information about the camera matrix you can get just from the eight ground points alone, not considering trying to correspond with the other cameras. In other words, why can't you directly solve for the camera matrix P given the eight correspondences u = Px where the u are the image coordinates and the x are the known ground points? What is the ambiguity not defined?
05:48 AM ET (US)
nice clean easy to read and understand paper
what more can you ask of a paper?

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