Remote Encoding Center Employees Remote Encoding Center Employees QuickTopic <![CDATA[MACK | When I was hired, there were 9 RECs and it soon went to 6....]]> 2019-06-12T22:13Z <![CDATA[sfclk | The posting is in West Sacramento. Want to know if the work...]]> 2019-06-12T21:23Z <![CDATA[MACK | Woah so you DO know what we do at the REC! It always amuses me...]]> 2019-06-11T05:54Z <![CDATA[s113 | /m43623 /m43624 Having previously worked as a DCO at the...]]> 2019-06-11T05:00Z <![CDATA[MACK | Probably not. We're the last remaining REC in the country....]]> 2019-06-10T23:33Z <![CDATA[sfclk | Is pse mark up clerk automated the same type of work as what...]]> 2019-06-10T21:19Z <![CDATA[X-stew | No. From today it usually takes 6 months, not years....]]> 2019-06-06T16:54Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m43620 yup happens all the time. are you new?]]> 2019-06-06T13:52Z <![CDATA[grrr00 | A couple of YEARS of frozen wages????]]> 2019-06-06T05:37Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m43618 a couple of years.]]> 2019-06-06T02:36Z <![CDATA[grrr00 | I thought the contract already WAS in...]]> 2019-06-05T07:46Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m43616 file a 1767. see what happens]]> 2019-05-27T20:46Z <![CDATA[Mr. Derp | I can't believe how many people I see parking in the car pool...]]> 2019-05-27T19:11Z <![CDATA[RECFellow | "Accused" is way too strong of a way to put it, but yeah, I...]]> 2019-05-04T20:12Z <![CDATA[Last REC S... | OK, I’ll bite. What happened when someone saw you...]]> 2019-05-04T18:51Z