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Four Winds Aviation Guestbook

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Jennifer Scarfe Meier
01:58 PM ET (US)
My husband and I were gifted an acrobatic thrill ride with Four Winds.....Had an absolute blast! Great pilots, great fun! Now considering a pilot's license, like my Father in Law (who gifted us) had.
Summer Butler
12:53 PM ET (US)
I gave my husband a gift of flight through Groupon and we have attempted to contact Four Winds for 3 months. No one has returned calls, emails, or attempts to reach this company via the address listed. Reported and refunded through Groupon but advise others to be cautious of this company.
02:21 AM ET (US)
Greetings from Germany!

[Bus Charter Germany]
08:00 AM ET (US)
Impressive ! I would love to take an aerobatic ride .
  Messages 52-51 deleted by author 07-21-2017 03:31 PM
01:47 AM ET (US)
My son had his 17th birthday this week and he wanted to take an aerobatic ride in this red bi-plane we see flying around the sky. I called and Merideth booked him a flight time with Charlie. We arrived at our scheduled time and my son embarked on the thrill ride of his life. Charlie was a great pilot and everyone we talked to or met at Fourwinds were great. My son is already talking about his next ride and cannot stop talking about how great Charlie was. The smile on his face said it all. I would highly recommend Fourwinds for the thrill ride of a lifetime.
Deleted by topic administrator 07-21-2017 03:31 PM
01:57 PM ET (US)
You have a good experience, great aerobatics. Thanks for the show
jim bean
01:38 PM ET (US)
these guys are the real deal. instructors are proficient, professional, and polite. eric is my instructor. most accommodating and provides objective feedback. if you are serious about learning aerobatics, you cannot find a better/more safe instructor. texas does not provide many opportunities to access aerobatic instructors capable of all aspects of this sport. extremely efficient with your time...as soon as you arrive in an appropriate airspace, the lesson begins. lessons are provided according to your skillset. eric maintains a good attitude and if you pay attention, actually inserts a bit of humour.jb
Chad Prahl
10:46 AM ET (US)
My wife LOVED her flight with Charlie! Here is a quick video:
Madison Welch
09:00 PM ET (US)
Today is my father's 50th birthday and he was able to fly the Warrior with Eric. It was awesome! He LOVED every moment, and could not stop talking about it the rest of the day! The staff was very funny and Eric let my dad take full control of the plane, even taking off and landing. Also, my grandmother was able to ride in the back, which was a very nice and unexpected surprise. Would recommend!
Rick Weirough
12:27 PM ET (US)
What an awesome experience, I will definitely be back for another round of great aerobatics. Russell was great. Thanks
Bryan Turner
12:11 AM ET (US)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right Click, Open in new tab/window: My Ride!!!
Edited 12-30-2013 12:14 AM
02:18 PM ET (US)
My aerobatics thrill ride exceeded my expectations. It was truly the most exhilarating experience I've ever had. Russell is a fantastic pilot!
Susan JP Owens
03:09 PM ET (US)
Absolutely a fantastic thrill ride! Dave tailored the stunts for what I was seeking. I understood his instructions and they were quite helpful once we were in the maneuvers. I'd recommend purchasing the video, well worth the money. Thanks Dave, for the awesome experience!
Rebecca L. Welter
09:37 AM ET (US)
My aerobatic ride is scheduled for May 5th, 2012...and I am so excited! I love to photograph these wonderful planes in action and always wondered what it would be like to sit in the cockpit and be part of that action! Now, I will know! I know I can't have my camera with me, but plan to watch every second we are in the air! No closing the eyes! LOL...Just like a little kid in a candy store, or waiting for Santa at Christmas! Will be the most exciting thing, and can hardly wait! Thank You Four Winds for the opportunity! Rebecca

ps...will defiantly want the CD too!
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