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04:49 PM ET (US)
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Russell WhitePerson was signed in when posted
03:05 PM ET (US)
Areas like Newham and Brent, which are majority non-British are a no go area for the BNP. Some 10-15 years ago Newham was the BNPs strongest area, as well as Tower Hamlets (where Derek Beacon won a council seat for them). The BNP has been forced by demographics to campaign elsewhere.

A party like the French Front Nationale would be able to recruit some non-white members, who either wished to assimilate fully or be given assistance to emigrate. The BNP cannot campaign on these terms. I wonder if the Freedom Party can?
Andrew Bower
01:53 PM ET (US)
Poll Maven is correct in his analysis of the limited success of the 70s NF being at the expense of Labour. It is also true of the BNP today in the north of England and West Midlands.

The reason for this though is simply because the nationalist Right has traditionally campaigned in the most impoverished areas of the country: Labour heartlands. But the situation is changing, and changing rapidly.

Many inner-city constituencies which were fruitful areas for the Right during the 70s and 80s are no longer so. Massive Third World immigration coupled with large-scale white flight has led to the creation of an entirely new constituency surrounding all our major conurbations. Although Conservative voting, these people are not the traditional 'Tory at any cost' Middle-class.

The Freedom Party has demonstrated that a party of the populist Right can sweep aside seemingly entrenched Tory control in only two elections.

I apologise for harping on about Sharron Edwards' victory in South Staffs, but it is an important example of how a 'fringe' party of the Right can, given an intelligent campaign, remove from office a Tory whose seat has never before been held by any other party. And removed with a substantial and unambiguous majority to boot!

It is a refutation of the belief that Tory constituencies are invulnerable from attack from the patriotic Right, that it is only on some northern or Thames estuary sink estate that the right will ever make inroads. We've proved, albeit in a small way, that it can be done.
Poll Maven
09:21 AM ET (US)
I suspect Tory is afraid of the effect Right wing parties will have on the remaining Tory vote.

Things ain't that simple. BNP success is almost entirely in Labour wards. The right wing will effectively channel off some of the ex-Labour vote for a year or so - much like the Lib Dems - and finally they will get so fed up of Labour that they will vote for anyone who will ditch Labour - then they will hold their noses and vote Tory.

Remember the NF surge of the 1970s? Neither do most people who see the rise of the right as a fatal problem for the Tories.
Edited 12-02-2003 09:22 AM
Andrew Fox
07:54 AM ET (US)
Well, Mike, I suppose that my youth makes me less jaded than you! My stance on the current situation is that although I detest some of the non-entities on the Tory front benches (May, Letwin, worse still Bercow) I cannot see another political party making headway in the first-pas-the-post system. The Conservatives are the Party closest to my own beliefs, whilst I detest what Labour are doing to this country, and therefore I am going to do everything I can to ensure a Conservative victory next time around. If I didn't believe we could make an impact, I wouldn't be here. Regardless of cynical carping from whomever (media, press, Alastair, etc) I think that most people are naturally Conservative and once we have the right policies (which to an extent we started to produce under IDS), people will start voting Conservative again.
mike smithPerson was signed in when posted
04:19 PM ET (US)
'New leader, new membership surge' Andrew. It's a bit like 'New house, new baby' and about as intellectually tenable.

They may have replaced a useless cretin with a capable (but widely disliked) leader, but otherwise it's the same clapped out, undemocratic mob of self-seeking anoraks.

Indeed rather more undemocratic than ever following Howards 'coronation'
Andrew Fox
02:56 PM ET (US)
...which is why the Conservative Party has had a recent surge in membership and is beginning to inch ahead in the polls. Dream on, lads.
Andrew Bower
02:13 PM ET (US)
"All that will be left of the Tory party is a pathetic, libertarian, Thatcherite rump which will be as irrelevant as it is unpopular."

Well said Alistair. And soon may that great day come.
Edited 12-01-2003 02:13 PM
01:56 PM ET (US)
I suspect Tory is afraid of the effect Right wing parties will have on the remaining Tory vote.

He probably realises that what is left of the Conservative Party's support is being gradually sliced away, from both Right and Centre. They have been screaming at Labour and the Lib Dems for a long time since they have seen their support haemorrhaging away. Now, when the Right seem to be doing well, it is their turn.

All that will be left of the Tory party is a pathetic, libertarian, Thatcherite rump which will be as irrelevant as it is unpopular.
Russell WhitePerson was signed in when posted
12:39 PM ET (US)
"Tory" - the Populist Press has many readers, far more than 6!

... and it will have even more. Interested parties can simply write to:

Populist Press
PO Box 14910,
SE18 3WA

For a free complimentary copy.

p.s. "Tory" - every time you slag off the magazine, the PO Box address will be reposted immediately after your message. So carry on - and give it extra publicity!!!
Edited 11-30-2003 12:40 PM
08:00 AM ET (US)
What is the print run Russ? 6 or am i being generous.
Russell WhitePerson was signed in when posted
08:22 AM ET (US)

Populist Press - issue 21, which includes "The Committee" a satirical look at the experiences of a fictional new member to a local Conservative Association ward committee.

Order your complimentary copy now:
Write to:
Populist Press
PO Box 14910,
SE18 3WA
Julian Johnson
12:22 PM ET (US)
In my time as Rear Admiral in the Navy, I did an enormous amount to help the cause of gay rights, including diversity discos on deck, regular stops in San Francisco bay for shore leave and an AIDS Awareness Week every fortnight. When gay marriage finally becomes a reality we will have full gay weddings on board with the captain giving away the blushing bride!

I am so proud of Matt following in his father's footsteps like this. Together, we will accomplish our family ambition of renaming the bigoted "Royal Navy" the Gay Pride Armada. Only then will Britain set a standard for the world and once again earn the earnest respect of billions.
Deleted by topic administrator 12-12-2003 04:54 PM
Matthew JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
10:11 AM ET (US)
I too attended the TORCH dinner, but I didn't see Matt, most dissapointing. As was the dinner frankly, Theresa May being particularly poor.

Perhaps Matt could offer a critique of the evening to prove that he is not a fraud and that I am just too blind to find him in a room of ninety people.

At the dinner, I didn't hear too much talk on Section 28, which - as any fule kno - is purely a symbolic piece of legislature. My experience as a non-practising bisexual is that homophobia in schools will not be changed one jot in its removal. Matt's OTT "parodies" are becoming ever further removed from reality, now that *everyone* knows that it is he who is the troll.
Edited 11-25-2003 10:12 AM
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