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Leadership Transition Plan

Mr. John Doe

Future COO of Major Medical Center

Add your comment on this item1           I.      Leadership Transition Strategy:

High visibility, Low Impact (seek to understand before attempting to be understood)


Add your comment on this item2       II.      Three Phases:

a.    Introduction

b.    Data Gathering for Assessment

c.    Feedback


Add your comment on this item3   III.      Audiences:


Add your comment on this item4 a.    Internal

                                                          i.      Executive Management

                                                      ii.      Direct Reports     

                                                  iii.      Middle Management

                                                      iv.      Line Staff

1.    Clinical

2.    Operations

                                                          v.      Medical Staff

Add your comment on this item5 b.    External

                                                          i.      Community Leaders

                                                      ii.      Neighbors

                                                  iii.      Contracted Service Providers

                                                      iv.      Union Representatives

                                                          v.      System Peers

                                                      vi.      Physicians Group

                                                  vii.      Governmental Regulators


Add your comment on this item6       IV.      Audience Size: (estimated frequency in parenthesis)

Add your comment on this item7 a.    Interpersonal Meetings (1 hour/weekly)

                                                          i.      Executive

                                                      ii.      Direct Reports

                                                  iii.      System Peers* (quarterly)

Add your comment on this item8 b.    Group  (2 hours/bi-weekly)

                                                          i.      Senior Management

                                                      ii.      Community Leaders (quarterly)

                                                  iii.      Neighbors      (quarterly)

                                                      iv.      Union Representatives (quarterly)

                                                          v.      Patient Satisfaction Focus Groups (as needed)

Add your comment on this item9 c.    Divisional (1 hour/quarterly)

                                                          i.      Clinical

                                                      ii.      Financial

                                                  iii.      IT

                                                      iv.      HR

                                                          v.      Marketing/Business Development

                                                      vi.      Support Services

                                                  vii.      Medical Staff

Add your comment on this item10 d.    Organizational (2 hours/monthly)

                                                          i.      Middle Management

Add your comment on this item11 e.    Community           

                                                          i.      On-going function of Public Relations


Add your comment on this item12           V.      Introduction Tactics

Add your comment on this item13 a.    Organizational (appeals to audience are in parenthesis)

Add your comment on this item14                                                           i.      Memo

1.    Create memo/letter announcement of arrival with emphasis a brief overview of his plan to get up to speed (visibility and credibility)

Add your comment on this item15                                                       ii.      Email

1.    Send out text of announcement w/attached picture (visibility and emotional)

2.    Send out CV to Middle Management and up.  This will enable reciprocity when you ask for their CV at a later point in time (visibility, credibility and emotional)

Add your comment on this item16                                                   iii.      Broadcast Voice Mail

1.    Rick reads text of announcement (visibility and emotional)

Add your comment on this item17                                                       iv.      Intranet

1.    Have IT department use announcement text and picture for web page linked to Intranet home page. (visibility and stability)

Add your comment on this item18                                                           v.      Photo Ops

1.    Punch and cookie reception line during shift change on first day or two after on-site arrival (visibility and emotional)

2.    Schedule a couple of days to visit cafeteria during lunch and dinner so people have a chance see and meet Rick in an informal setting.  I see this as similar to a reception line standing in front the cash register would be the ideal placement.  Ideally recruit a highly respected, high-visibility and long-time member of senior management to accompany you for making introductions (visibility, credibility and transfer of authority)

Add your comment on this item19 b.    Tours

1.    Facility, Safety and Security (visibility and credibility)


Add your comment on this item20 c.    Group

Add your comment on this item21                                                           i.      ASAP host an off-site luncheon with members of Senior Management (visibility, credibility and emotional)

Add your comment on this item22                                                       ii.      Schedule luncheon with middle management similar to quarterly meeting at CPMC (visibility, credibility and emotional)


Add your comment on this item23 d.    Interpersonal

                                                          i.      Conduct one-on-One interviews with VPs and Directors using plus minus delta strategy to gather assessment data.  I suggest following the praise on their plus noting achievement; minimizing minus for the moment; agree to help where possible on delta.  All this is designed to allow them to show pride in achievement reduce anxiety over deficiencies and instill the need for planning and proactive thought when they meet with you again.  (credibility and emotional)



Add your comment on this item24       VI.      Political

a.    Applying the Parento Principle to organizations means recognizing that roughly 20% of the organization cares about your arrival as COO and 80% are ambivalent.  Breaking that 20% down further, half of them are glad to see you because you represent a chance for change.  The other half may resent the change in the status quo you represent.  I suggest focusing on growing the ranks of those who are supportive of you by reaching out to the 80% who are ambivalent.  The mistakes I often see is too much focus on winning over those who are rooted in the status quo at the expense of those who can lend support.

b.    Assess to identify informal opinion leaders.  I would suggest making note of deep subject matter experts, silo-spanning connectors and the salespersons.  Each of these three types will be key to formulate and promote your agenda later.


  VII.      Situational Considerations

Add your comment on this item25 a.    Inclusion of Second and Third Shift

Add your comment on this item26 b.    Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

Add your comment on this item27 c.    Inter-campus rivalry