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Job Injury Help and Information for U. S. Postal Service Employees

On The Job Injury Help and Information
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VWPerson was signed in when posted
09:21 AM ET (US)
jmo75 unfortunately there are no specified time limits when it comes to OWCP. You can ask 10 different CE's the same question about time limits and you will get 10 different answers. It has been my experience that you will normally get a response for a Request for Reconsideration within 45 to 90 days. When the 45 day mark hits I will write a letter and upload into comp asking when I can expect a decision for the reconsideration.
I take a different approach when it comes to CA-7's. OWCP always gives you 30 days to respond to letters they send you so I afford them the same time limit. Because a CA-7 is filed for wage-loss, the majority of the time, if OWCP does not respond to or process the CA-7 within 30 days of filing it I do not send the CE a letter I send a letter to the District Director. If for some reason they do not respond within 30 days and the CA-7 still has not been processed, my next letter is to the Secretary of Labor.
jmo75Person was signed in when posted
10:05 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know how long an appeal for reconsideration takes. It's been about a month already and I still haven't heard anything. Also, how long does OWCP have to process a CA-7. I've been calling them for 1 1/2 months since the CA-7 was recd in late Aug. I was told that either my CE or their supervisor would be working on it as they are behind. Thanks in advance.
VWPerson was signed in when posted
01:00 PM ET (US)
Monty what type of informational you looking for?
montyPerson was signed in when posted
10:25 AM ET (US)
Does anyone have information about being stressed on the job from upper management
VWPerson was signed in when posted
11:35 AM ET (US)
If he didn't have a copy of your file then how in the heck did he review the reports? This is a common tactic used by OWCP to deny your claim and get you to go away. Good luck and remember you have this forum to ask for help and guidance. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with so we can nail them if you have to appeal.
agodlywomanPerson was signed in when posted
10:30 AM ET (US)
thank you everyone for your posts. my husband took off work, drove me 2 1/2 hrs. and i had to sit in the waiting room for 2 solid hrs waiting. he saw me 15 minutes. i heard him say: we need some lunch NOW. then he came in. oh. comp had not sent my package as of the time of my appointment. they only had what i brought with me. i took all of the other 5c's where the drs. had agreed with mine. then the quack from last year saying return to work 8 hrs with no restrictions. heavy work. he said: after 10 years they are trying to return you to work? he went so fast my mind couldn't keep up with him. i felt like a weeble wobble. informed him of my 8 lower body surgeries which are comp accepted as well. when he started dictating in the room he said: i have reviewed the reports.....i thought here we go... he had nothing. before i left he shook my hand and said you have a long drive. you drove yourself didn't you? i said no. my husband did. i think he may have been fishing. don't know. don't care. he was kind. but hungry....why in the world do they make an appointment and make you wait 2 hrs. i was standing and leaning against the wall my back hurt. but nobody cares but your treating. my doc is waiting to refute both of these guys as soon as i get his report. he cannot stand dol of these shopping doctors. and he's a fighter for his patients. it will be interesting and i'll keep you posted. i didn't get the SOAF either...
VWPerson was signed in when posted
05:49 PM ET (US)
Is there a way for you to meet with this doctor prior to requesting that they become your treating physician? You would not need a referral from your current doctor as you would just need to write a letter to OWCP informing them that your current doctor is retiring and you are requesting to change treating physicians. You will need to give the new doctors name and other information. If you do that first and then find out you and the doctor don't mesh, it is going to be hard to change doctors again unless you have a REALLY GOOD cause.
RCSurferPerson was signed in when posted
05:31 PM ET (US)
My OWCP doc of the last 3.5 years is retiring :( she suggested I see another Doctor in their practice (they're both family docs; I on pain management meds that she prescribes for me as the back doc and surgeon said nothing else could be done for me and the family doc could prescribe and monitor me). Do I need to have a letter from my current doc transferring my care over to another doc in the same practice? I am hoping the new doc and I mesh well as their billing office has finally got the hang of billing for my OWCP appointments.

part 2: If I have to get a letter and am transferred over to her and we don't mesh, am I able to transfer again? Or do I have to wait a certain amount of time before transferring Docs?
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
10:19 AM ET (US)
Thank you again VW.
VWPerson was signed in when posted
09:53 AM ET (US)
Here is the section of the FECA manual that pertains to your question.
(7) If medical reports in the file document a condition which has arisen or worsened since the compensable injury, and this condition disables the claimant from the offered job, the job will be considered unsuitable (even if the subsequently acquired condition is not work-related). As noted previously, the claimant must be taken as a whole person. If a non work-related condition results in work restrictions, those must be considered. The CE may need to develop this evidence with the claimant and seek an OWCP directed examination, if necessary, to delineate the severity of any such restrictions. See E.G., Docket No. 11-1730 (issued October 14, 2011).
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
06:38 AM ET (US)
I have been out of work for several months due to being sent home nwa. I will be having a drac to decide if & what work will be offered.

I am paid part of my owcp on the periodic rolls & part intermittent.

I have both work & non-work injuries. The non work has worsened. If my Dr for that injury reduces my hours and a new job offer is made am I entitled to compensation for the remaining hours?
VWPerson was signed in when posted
06:36 PM ET (US)
In my opinion it does not matter what you PM puts in that box as he is not supposed to be putting what type of work is available on a CA-17. The left side of the CA-17 is supposed to contain the work requirements of your position. Nothing more, nothing less. This is supposed to give your treating physician a reference as to what the requirements of your position are. The right side of the CA-17 is for your doctor to fill out as far as your restrictions. Your doctor should look at the left side of the form and then put what he thinks you can do for that particular duty on the right side of the form.
Tell your doctor to just ignore what the PM wrote about "work up to bed rest" and to just put your restrictions on the CA-17. Once that form gets sent to OWCP if you only have restrictions and your doctor says you can go back to work it is up to your employer to make you a job offer based off of your restrictions. The job offer should be sent to you and to OWCP as it is solely up to OWCP to make a determination on the suitability of the job offer. If you see something in the job offer that does not conform to your restrictions you can deny the job offer with an explanation as to why you are declining. You can also have your doctor go over the job offer and give his opinion on whether you can perform the duties or not. There is more to the process but short and sweet just tell your doctor to put your restrictions on the right hand side of the form and submit to OWCP.
Edited 10-20-2016 06:38 PM
IceQueenPerson was signed in when posted
06:25 PM ET (US)
Haven't been on here in awhile. Need some answers. Is there an example of a filled out CA-17 somewhere? My postmaster keeps putting in the (t.) section that he has "work up to bed rest", includes outdoor work. Now, my physician it flustered. Does he send me back or not?!
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
03:54 PM ET (US)
Thank you VW.
VWPerson was signed in when posted
03:36 PM ET (US)
/m12763 Check FECA Manual Chapter 2-0814.
Edited 10-16-2016 03:37 PM
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
01:29 PM ET (US)
Snowed, Neice. Where is the reference that says if a job is outside travel restrictions it is not medically suitable? Is there a difference in the regs for someone who is receiving intermittent pay & not on the periodic rolls for a determination of medical suitability.
GRACE-GRACEPerson was signed in when posted
06:43 PM ET (US)
agodlywoman, well said. I to have been fighting OWCP for 5 years now. I have gone through 5 second opinions and referee doctors. I have had several hearing. The decision from the first appeal was remanded and set-aside with instructions for OWCP to combine my files from 1991 to the recent one in 2009 updated the SOAF to reflect all of my accepted conditions. OWCP has refused to abided by the Reps. instructions. So I filed another appeal and got another H&R rep. which affirm with OWCP And totally ignored the first H&R instruction to accept the conditions from my 1991 injury to my 2009 injury. I have requested OWCP to combine my files so that whoever reviewed the file would know that it was not just a new injury with my lower extremity but and recurrence this was in 2012. Still today I have not gotten a reply to that request and I have sent that request to them on so many occasions. Well, I later found out that the second H&R rep. was once my CE who new everything about my case. OWCP refuses to open my 1991 case because they have closed the case and have me as being deceased. I am in the process of filing another appeal,filing with my Senator, Congressman,and with my local news (channel 2 investigate) exposing the last H&R rep.to his works of deception trying to undo what the first HR had ordered.
WatchingTheWatchersPerson was signed in when posted
04:50 PM ET (US)

        Since you are the victim of a Doctor for Sale and the OWCP's regular practice of doctor shopping, you need to make this unethical physician Internet Famous. Go to every doctor review site you can find and ask your friends and family to do the same and tell the world what this doctor for sale conduct in practice is, as well as the pay to pass game they play with OWCP. I would create a Youtube channel with Workers Wompensation and OWCP in the title and calmly, cohesively and sequentially tell the audience your experience with this bonus seeking OWCP experience and play the recording for them of your doctors guess at best treatment of patients. The OWCP cannot ask you to take it down if it is for the purpose of educating others on the experience through yours. The DOL website clearly states that a yearly review (quota) is done on every claims examiner to show their abilities at stealing your tragically earned Workers Compensation Benefits. This would not fly in the private sector. The whole system is designed to tire you out, DONT! let it get to you. Yes, Yes Yes, they ARE stealing from you, you know what you feel EVERYDAY, what keeps you up at night, what has kept you from physically enjoying life to its fullest. Keep ALL of your paperwork in a neat binder or in numerous neat binders and scan them into some electronic cloud as a second, third, fourth copy of everything. Always lawyer up the moment you feel your injury is coming into question, many lawyers keep track of doctors with numerous complaints of fraud. Perhaps it wont be just your voice against this sellout doctor. YOUR CONGRESSMAN IS YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THESE MATTERS, GET IN TOUCH, IT IS PART OF THEIR JOB TO CHECK ON THESE THINGS. Do research on the test the doctor performed on you and how legitimate they are in determining your incapacitation. Next time take a tape recorder and a friend with you. There is Supreme Court precedent of a judge in these matters clearing up that a tape recorder during the test in no way hinders the 'doctors' ability to perform the test. Search for it. Your claim is not over, you are just starting another round of battle with this OWCP demon and must fight off a horde of quota meeting immoral, claims examiners that will ruin you and your families life in order to meet their quotas and attain financial compensation for themselves by stealing from you and your family. OWCP IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, they sent your doctor a script or outline of exactly what his report had or could say on it in order to meet their objective on your painfully earned claim. Your doctor stating "that is why you have surgery isnt it?" could be the end of his legal access to workers comp pay, if you really did record it start to chase him down. I have years of experience dealing with this injury cartel and they are absolutely brutal in their never ending pursuit to ending your claim. Remember, you are literally getting paid to go through this, it is standard operating procedure for all injured federal employees. Pick yourself up, dust it all off and keep fighting the good fight for you and others.
VWPerson was signed in when posted
01:18 PM ET (US)
I noticed you said "they wore you out", which I totally understand and by you saying that they have won. That is exactly what they wanted to do and it is what they do to almost every claimant that files a claim. OWCP claims examiner's are supposed to be there to help with the claims process but in reality they are there to throw up as many roadblocks as possible to get you frustrated with the process in hopes you will give up and go away. It has been my experience that it is very hard to get a SECOP or referee doctor to agree with your doctor. As RCSurfer pointed out, they get paid a large amount of money to perform these exams and they don't want to lose that income. To be paid almost $4500 for a 10 minute exam and maybe an hour to write the report is not a bad payday so they will very rarely rule in favor of the claimant.
If you do get an unfavorable referee exam there are steps you can take to fight it but it will be long and drawn out. First thing I would do if I was your rep is start looking up ECAB decisions that the SECOP doctor and the referee doctor have been involved with. A lot of times you can show that they always rule in favor of OWCP and therefore they are biased against claimant's. I hope it goes well for you and you always have this forum to vent and ask questions.
Edited 10-01-2016 01:19 PM
agodlywomanPerson was signed in when posted
10:07 AM ET (US)
this will be the 6th dr in 11 years. they found one that disagreed with all the others and said full duty no restrictions. so now the referee. i'll be 62 years old. after all they've done (video, etc.) i'm ready to retire. they wore me out.
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