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LA Times Uke article

Geoffrey Rezek
11:52 PM ET (US)
This wonderful article described the positive side of the current world of Ukuleles. We should all try to have our local newspaper publish a similar story. I thank the LA Times for the great reporting.

Ask yourself "What have I done to help others experience the joy of Ukuleles lately?"
12:42 AM ET (US)
My memory banks are scrambled. It was referred to as a "mutant" not a "mongrel". "Musical Mutant Comes Out Of The Closet," was the headline in huge letters on the 2nd page of the article. Probably an even a more offensive word.
Travis D
04:13 PM ET (US)
Hmmmm. I don't see the word "mongrel" anywhere in that article. Perhaps it appeared in a sidebar or caption that didn't make it online? As for Mark F.'s comments, I agree that there're a few lame bits, but overall it had some good information. Is the objection perhaps rooted in the fact that articles such as this are helping the ukulele become too popular and therefore not "cool" anymore?
Edited 10-04-2002 04:16 PM
04:59 AM ET (US)
What gets me, is the word "mongrel" used to describe the ukulele in several places. WRONG!
Reid Welch
06:29 PM ET (US)
Well, that's pretty wonderful. IS there such a thing as -bad- publicity? The article just exposed a million people to uke lore. Not bad, even if some facts are half baked. Plus, Roy Cone's phone must be ringing off its hook about now. Good for him, good for all!

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