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05:01 PM ET (US)
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Richard Bejtlich
04:07 PM ET (US)
In response to your comment [As the cover blurb went on to explain, "70% of network attacks originate within the enterprise ..."]:
I wrote the book Extrusion Detection. Nowhere in the book do I say anything like what you posted. That figure (and the more often-quoted "80%" figure) are myths derived from an over 20-year-old FBI study. I debunk that figure in my first book, The Tao of Network Security Monitoring.
Thank you,
Richard Bejtlich
Edited 04-06-2006 04:08 PM
Jonathan Vos Post
03:20 AM ET (US)
As ZDnet points out, and one can see today by clicking on the Google logo:

Google lands on Mars Posted by Garett Rogers @ 8:35 pm

"Tonight I noticed that mars.google.com now has a CNAME record that points to www.google.com. This usually means that something is about to happen with that subdomain — with the exception of calendar.google.com of course. So I started digging and you will never guess what I found — a Google Maps type application that lets you view Mars. This service is called 'Google Mars.'"
Jonathan Vos Post
01:32 PM ET (US)
First I thought of David Brin's novel "Earth" -- for which he claims over a dozen correct predictions. Then I remembered (proving yatima2975 correct):

"There is something new: A globe about the size of a grapefruit, a perfectly detailed rendition of Planet Earth, hanging in space at arm's length in front of his eyes. Hiro has heard about this but never seen it. It is a piece of CIC software called, simply, Earth. It is the user interface that CIC uses to keep track of every bit of spatial information that it owns - all the maps, weather data, architectural plans, and satellite surveillance stuff."

"Hiro has been thinking that in a few years, if he does really well in the intel biz, maybe he will make enough money to subscribe to Earth and get this thing in his office. Now it is suddenly here, free of charge...."
[Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson, Bantam, 1992]

It is kvetching for me to comment that, years before Neal S., I'd submitted a novel manuscript (The Leisure of the Theory Class) whose central character was named "J. Random Protagonist." The central plot conceit was incomprehensible to SF editors then (1980s), but obvious now.

Intergalactic superconducting aliens download AI worm through radio telescope, which takes over Astrophysics department computer, gets astrophysics grad students to put susbtance in town water supply that makes one hypnotically susceptible to anything a computer tells you. Grad student rock group "The Shoes" (stagenames: Sneaker, Bootie, Loafer, and Pump) play audio jamming (think "Mars Attacks")which saves the world. I've retarted writing the sequel: "Cold War Cosmos."
yatima2975Person was signed in when posted
11:09 PM ET (US)
I nearly fell off my chair this evening when I was taking Google Earth for its first spin. Neal S.'s 'Earth' is happening earlier than I expected. The one thing he got wrong was the merger between the Library of Congress and the CIA, but then there's this Dutch saying about two dogs fighting over a bone and the third dog running away with it...
09:21 AM ET (US)
About that burning straw goat in Sweden... it's been that way for I-don't-know-how-many years. Every Xmas is the same. The city erects the straw goat. The punks burn it down. Maybe it's a pagan ritual (i.e. the goat is SUPPOSED to be burned each winter) and nobody wants to admit it???

Americans have Burning Man, the Brits have Guy Fawkes... the Swedes have Giant Burning Straw Goat. Paganism is alive and well. The Paleolithic savages are lurking among us still. Re-read the opening chapter of HEART OF DARKNESS.

Jonathan Vos Post
01:55 PM ET (US)
Hard SF folks may see other connotations in the phrase "full spectrum dominance" as cited in the video-taped Nobel acceptance speech of Harold Pinter.

"... I have said earlier that the United States is now totally frank about putting its cards on the table. That is the case. Its official declared policy is now defined as 'full spectrum dominance'. That is not my term, it is theirs. 'Full spectrum dominance' means control of land, sea, air and space and all attendant resources...."

Better dead than infrared?
07:08 AM ET (US)
"Red Crystal society" is not a new Lawrence Watt-Evans novel :
Edited 12-08-2005 07:09 AM
Jonathan Vos Post
12:20 PM ET (US)
On slashdot today (where is Philip K. Dick when we need him?):

"CNet is reporting that a new IM worm chats with users to get them to down load a file containing a virus. The virus replicates its self and sends its self out to user's buddy lists. The virus will reply 'lol no this is not a virus.' The virus hides users from seeing the messages sent out to members of their buddy list. Viruses are evolving; now they will even talk to you."
Jonathan Vos Post
03:32 AM ET (US)
I tend to read science articles with an SF slant, predicting the next chapter if it were fiction. For example:

Case Researchers Discover Methods To Find 'Needles In Haystack' In Data

"A Case Western Reserve University research team from physics and statistics has recently created innovative statistical techniques that improve the chances of detecting a signal in large data sets. The new techniques can not only search for the "needle in the haystack" in particle physics, but also have applications in discovering a new galaxy, monitoring transactions for fraud and security risk, identifying the carrier of a virulent disease among millions of people or detecting cancerous tissues in a mammogram."

Case faculty members Ramani Pilla and Catherine Loader from statistics and Cyrus Taylor from physics report their findings in the article, 'A New Technique for Finding Needles in Haystacks: A Geometric Approach to Distinguishing between a New Source and Random Fluctuations,' December 2, in the journal, Physical Review Letters...."

The protagonist stumbles on what he first thinks is the signature of a hacker in the database of a particle accelerator, and the algorithm then suggests to him that a signal is actually being broadcast from an alternate reality in the multiverse...
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