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mike smithPerson was signed in when posted
11:20 AM GMT
I will have a word
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
08:42 PM GMT
Can Moderator put a sock in it? We have for years had a higher level of debate here than elsewhere. Why should we install PC conditions on our debate to satisfy a left-wing Moderator?

Nothing said in post 1779 is offensive or beyond the limits of normal debate. It is just that, if as Peter says certain newspapers and TV channels do have Jewish editors, that does not explain why they did NOT cover Lauren Booth's astonishing call for "Israel to get out of Britain". In fact, it would logically be the other way round.

Is it that the "etiquette" surrounding these things has veered so much in a Muslim-friendly direction that no one dares criticise the increasingly extreme image of Islam in England?

[Non-PC replies please - that includes you, "Moderator"]
07:37 PM GMT
To Mr. Crane @ 1779. Anti Semitic abuse or conspiracy theories will not be tolerated - please refrain from such nonsense in future.

If not, you'll be banned.
Peter Crane
02:18 PM GMT
You know that the media is controlled by the Liberal-Left and that several newspapers and TV channels are owned by Jews (Channel 5 is and Channel 4 is controlled by them).

Obviously they are not going to report these things.
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
01:16 AM GMT
1. Why haven't I read reports in the Daily Telegraph of this Jan 11th rally of 10,000 Muslims in Blackburn? Don't they report the news any more?
2. Why haven't I read any reports of Lauren Booth's astonishing calls for "Israel" to "get out" of the UK? What can she mean? Is she calling for attacks on Jewish businesses?
12:46 AM GMT
These are valued immigrants.
In a brave and clever move an undercover BNP film unit caught Cherie Blair's sister Lauren inciting Muslims against Jewish people. Then Nick Griffin reported her to the police. Absolutely brilliant move.

Its on BNP site for January 17th "The march they didn't let you see" about the seccond clip down after the police running away!
Edited 26-01-2009 12:47 AM
12:06 PM GMT
I think you have been unlucky with GPs Dave, the mainly white GPs in my local health centre have been quite helpful. My real complaint is about the hospitals. Recently I saw a white consultant, he came with two young asian female assistants –judging by their accents both from UK medical schools. This seems to be typical in that hospital –very few young white UK doctors. If we are recruiting so many doctors and nurses from abroad why on earth do we allow ethnics in our medical schools?

Cuba which suffers from communism and being a third world country, manages to train large numbers of its own people to be doctors, so why not the UK?
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
12:00 PM GMT
The Chinese New Year Variety Show is about to start on TV, and nearly all Chinese people will watch it - it is the highlight of the New Year for most people.
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
11:40 AM GMT
I want public service salaries capped at twice the average wage, ie 62K. Anyone earning above that would have to be a very specialised skilled worker, eg a brain surgeon. Certainly a GP sitting in an office would not earn more under my stint at Lord Protector.
11:38 PM GMT
You are right about the hospitals, Peter, and this chaos of languages and cultures puts patients lives in danger. But I have deliberately picked asian GPs because white ones are so arrogant yet touchy it is impossible to deal with them. It is an insult to professional people to pay these over rated people with "chips on their shoulders" 2,000 a week. They do not really know what they are doing. It is guess work covered up by arrogance.
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
06:20 PM GMT
Of course, it is the wrong approach entirely to refuse to be treated by a black doctor. I think a large raft of newspaper articles would call into question the equivalence of treatment at the hands of some of the ethnic doctors, but - and this is the key point - the white doctors will go on a self-righteous moral superiority trip if they heard they were treating someone who would only be treated by a white man, and so you might actually get very perfunctory treatment at the white doctor. All you can do is hope you get a good doctor - or move to a better area.
mike smithPerson was signed in when posted
03:05 PM GMT
This happened in Scotland.

I get the impression that Scotland has gone even further down the PC Gestapo road than we have
01:58 PM GMT
His ‘crime’ was to have challenged cultural Marxism of course -in the old USSR he would have been sent to one of their labour camps ,probably never to return. Anyway good luck to him for challenging the system, when I’ve visited the local hospital it seems more like a third world nightmare with a cast drawn from so many countries and cultures they can barely communicate together.
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
05:20 AM GMT
Man jailed for 6 months for not wanting to be treated by a black doctor.

Er... where's the crime?

The nurse deserves an Oscar for claiming she felt intimidated by the man - intimidated? he obviously deserves a jail sentence then! I would slap the nurse in jail for perjury.
09:01 PM GMT

A petition in defense of Mr. Wilders can be signed here.
David J WebbPerson was signed in when posted
02:47 PM GMT
Remember all the horrible crimes that took place during Hurricane Katrina? Then all the subsequent attempts by the media to prove that first, no such crimes occurred and more importantly, they were invented by supposedly racist people hoping to, I don’t know, keep the Black man down?

Well they’re back…with a vengeance.

The article is titled The Grinning Skull…the homicides you didn’t hear about in Hurricane Katrina by Rebecca Solnit, a San Francisco based writer.

It’s been published by a group named; a peculiar (and rather large) group of writers who claim to be an antidote to Main Stream Media or as they say:

“ is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our post-9/11 world and a clear sense of how our imperial globe actually works.”

Apparently they also market to anyone seeking unabashedly deceitful garbage!

Solnit began her novel…sorry, I mean article, with this:

“While the national and international media were working themselves and much of the public into a frenzy about imaginary hordes of murderers, rapists, snipers, marauders, and general rampagers among the stranded crowds of mostly poor, mostly black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, a group of white men went on a shooting spree across the river.”

You see, I was sent this article by Peter Brimelow for a specific reason: My brother-in-law is a member of the Louisiana National Guard and was working inside the Superdome when, according to Solnit, many of these “imaginary” crimes took place.

Imaginary murder, imaginary rape…imaginary Black criminals.

I say Black criminals because inside the Superdome that night there were only a handful of White evacuees; a smattering of White men huddled together in the corners, surrounding the women to keep them from being next on the imaginary rape list.

According to my brother-in-law (and all the other guards working in New Orleans during that time) there was nothing imaginary at all about the crime spree that took place.

He says it was a horrifying and shockingly primitive.

Women and yes, even children could not use the rest rooms for fear of encountering one the many predators lurking in the dark recesses of unlighted stalls.

People with food were constantly beaten and robbed including the women in possession of nothing more than milk for their babies.

Any men who attempted to protect the women from oncoming rapists were beaten and left for dead; cut up, bleeding and begging for help.

Solnit makes claims like:

“The media demonized the city’s black population for crimes that turned out not to have happened…”


“The widely reported violent crimes in the Superdome turned out to be little more than hysterical rumor, but they painted African-Americans as out-of-control savages at a critical moment.”

I have no idea where Ms. Solnit gets her information (she claims to have visited New Orleans a couple of times) and I really don’t know where she gets off spreading such lies—liberal pomposity must devour the conscience.

The truth is there were many, many victims in the Superdome that night; what she claims were “hysterical rumors” were actually incontrovertible truths and yes, the perpetrators happen to have been African-American.

But what if it was the other way around? You know, the victims Black and the perpetrators White?

Yeah, something tells me Ms. Solnit would be demanding victim restitution rather than criminal absolution.
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