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Woodring Interview

boogahPerson was signed in when posted
10:00 PM ET (US)
Hey Mark,

I think you may have mistakenly let that post find it's way into the sidebar... May wanna clean that up. ;)
SteveTPerson was signed in when posted
09:30 PM ET (US)
Good interview, though naggingly brief. I guess I'll have to shell out for the full version in the summer special.

I've always preferred Woodring's earlier pre-Frank work, and I don't think the interview changes that - but it does help to know how he feels about different phases of his work, what he finds hard and easy, what he's aiming at...

Oh yeah - Jim is God.
James WallisPerson was signed in when posted
08:10 PM ET (US)
Jim is a god. I interviewed him in 1989, knowing nothing about him previously. It was scary and revelatory, and possibly the most fun interview I've ever done.

My friend John brought me some of the Japanese plastic toys based on Woodring art today. They are very cool indeed.
Stefan JonesPerson was signed in when posted
07:02 PM ET (US)
I recently "discovered" Woodring.

Indeed, I read through FRANK issues 3-4 last night, breaking my vow to just read one story per night. Fortunately, it is utterly compelling stuff that not only stands up to multiple readings, but compels them.

What an amazingly screwed up, brilliant guy JW must be!

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