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U. S. Postal Service Mail Handler Employees

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Tom Henrichs
04:10 PM ET (US)
April 10,2017
OIG: Knock, Knock! Robot Here
USPS management plans to use ARMs (autonomous mobile robots) in 25 facilities this year.

Has management at your facility mentioned this?
Has a union rep at your facility mentioned this?
Is communication valued at your facility?
Niko Concha
09:08 AM ET (US)
Hello, I am a new postal worker in the North East and I was just curious on what everyone thinks is the best glove, to keep warm, while still being able to sort and deliver mail.
MarbarPerson was signed in when posted
05:55 AM ET (US)
I switched to Mail Handlers medical insurance during open season. I had been told I would be sent something to sign up and send dues to become an associate member. So far I have received nothing. Does anyone know who I contact to sign up and pay dues to become an associate member?
Tom Henrichs
04:17 PM ET (US)
N.Y. Rep. Meeks can't get a meeting with a USPS official to discuss mail problems in his district.
So, I expect I'll retire before I see worthwhile Service Talks.
Does anyone believe management will discuss problems with employees but refuse to discuss problems with members of Congress?
Tom Henrichs
06:55 PM ET (US)
I'd expect better from supervisors who've been craft employees.
So, does anyone know the percentage of supervisors who've been craft employees?
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
10:32 AM ET (US)
USPS Announces Voluntary Early Out Retirement For Clerk Craft – Includes Mail Handlers

More info here: http://postalemployeenetwork.com/news/2018...nt-for-clerk-craft/
Tom Henrichs
08:25 PM ET (US)
Advertising First Class Stamps
Mailhandlers should care, and speak up, because our jobs largely depend upon First Class Mail.
So, should we continue to attempt to sell stamps as pretty artwork? Yes pretty is a selling point but who wishes to buy postage stamp size artwork?
The CEO of The Home Depot, in a NPR Marketplace interview 20 Dec. 2017, says the first thing he looks for when entering a store "is the product displayed as the hero."
The hero an be of any size, think David VS Goliath. The hero can be pretty, but needn't be.
The hero does something.
The First Class stamp does something.
That something, as a selling point, is stronger than pretty.
Tom Henrichs
10:44 AM ET (US)
Mailing quirk has Missouri residents with Iowa adresses
For decades.
The USPS Board of Govenors needs members.
I will be going to Lite Blue and suggesting
Sen. McCaskill be offered a job.
I hope it gets your vote in support.
The USPS needs someone who will see a problem and doesn't think "we can live with it."
Simon Templar
09:03 AM ET (US)
First-Class Inefficiency created by hiring the most unproductive workers in society
and Why is the US Post Office so ridiculously inefficient? :

The U.S. postal service is a quasi-monopoly, which does not allow for competitive market forces to eliminate inefficiencies and determine better ways of operating.Many of its employees(at Summit Plant) come from the military where there is NO production standards whatsoever, and no sense of urgency ,where 3 people do the job of one, and where talking, chatting, bragging and wasting time on the job is the norm so that one simple task that's supposed to be done and completed in one hour , in the military it takes twice as long, and superiors look the other way and Congress and the Pentagon keeps paying higher prices for everything down to a small gadget or tool. So the lazy immature veteran after leaving the service gets preferential treatment on the postal exam, and continues with the same old inefficient habits learned in the military of low production standard, no sense of urgency on the job, NO production pressure, total incompetence on the job while the middle managers look the other way. Many of these veterans have mental issues, that is why they have a high suicide rate and explains most of the latest mass shootings. The military doesn't screen them for mental illness and in fact their recruiting standards for mental issues have become more lax and less efficient.No disrespect intended but the veteran's working habits are not productive enough for the high efficiency required in the postal service's high stress working environment. Using a weapon and standing on guard duty is not the same as maintaining a repetitive high level efficient production for eight hours. There was one reply here from disabled veteran that was clearly disrespectful, if you don't respect other's opinion of your place of work don't expect to be respected. RESPECT is something you EARN.

 The postal service is a textbook example of a monopoly that, because of a lack of competitive pressures, faces little incentive to minimize costs and thus continues to operate at inefficient levels. Remember, the USPS is a government agency that's funded by its own sales, and tax dollars, and it's supposed to run at cost. Instead, it's losing billions annually, and it can't be fixed solely by cutting jobs, locations and changing its pricing model.

The U.S. Postal Service ranked as the lowest-performing postal agency globally when compare to 24 government-operated postal organizations and two private companies that together deliver 75 percent of the world’s mail. USPS also lags behind its counterparts in adapting to its customers’ needs.
Edited 11-17-2017 10:48 AM
Tom Henrichs
03:47 PM ET (US)
Most, all?, business' use "shifts.
Yet, at P&DC's at least, the USPS uses "tours," like the military.
The military does it right, training for example, but it does not generate money.
It does, unless things have changed, pay its people less than other government employees, something it has in common with the USPS.
But the military does not generate money
(worth repeating).
So why does the USPS stick to military thinking?
Simon Templar
12:12 PM ET (US)
The Postal Service processing and distribution plant at Summit Blvd ( across Trump GolfCourse ) in West Palm Beach is one of the most corrupt and inefficient places to work.Most of the employees there are abusing the system and spreading false rumors about anyone that they wish to get rid of.They go as far as to spread false rumors on their co-workers's medical conditions and private personal lives.There are many employees in the plant that don't even speak fluent English and have passed the entrance employement exam only because they did sexual favors to their managers.The managers keep giving them over time duties even when most of the workers there underperform, are very incompetent and have very low production standards and unsafe working habits, this is a huge waste of tax payers money.This is a unique insight into the reasons why it has been losing millions for more than 20 years, the general public is unaware of this facts.The Union members are as corrupt and incompetent as the people they represent.
Tom Henrichs
02:47 PM ET (US)
The Team Support Tool.
It is posted at my facility, but it is both unmentioned and unused.
If The Team Support Tool is used at your facility is it better used or left unused?
Tom Henrichs
07:39 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know of a business school that teaches the value of noncommunicative management?
Tom Henrichs
10:14 AM ET (US)
OPM Finalizes Long-Desired Changes to USPS Pensions

Following are the two points that won the arguement.
1. Because more USPS employees stay in the same jobs they were first hired for they earn less than other government employees who move on to better paying jobs.
2. USPS employees have shorter life expectancies than other government employees.
Now, can USPS start addressing these problems?
Yes I do see dead end jobs and a shorter life expectancy as problems worthy of management's attention.
09:42 AM ET (US)
How do you explain the FLSA portion on your pay stub. I am getting a loan modification and they are confused about FLSA. They want a written response?!??
Tom Henrichs
11:34 AM ET (US)
Amazon is exploring ways to deliver items to the inside of your car trunk and home.
Are these ideas the result of genius creative management?
Or does Amazon make use of the genius of employee suggestion boxes?
Tom Henrichs
10:40 PM ET (US)
Employees had a 15 Sept. deadline for the Postal Pulse Survey.
What is management's deadline for sharing the results?
Yes I am making an effort to be optimistic.
09:56 AM ET (US)
I'm a mail handler since 2001, a regular. I'm moving and can't get a transfer. If I apply for a mha, or pse, job do I have to resign before I apply?
Tom Henrichs
12:10 PM ET (US)
An estimated 2B pieces of delayed mail last year.
2 senators are calling for training of managers to address this problem.
If USPS management doesn't take its own training needs seriously, how likely is it that it takes the training of employees seriously?
Could we be doing our jobs better?
Could we be doing better jobs?
(I'd answer yes to both questions.)
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