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Yoruba language and ICT

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01:30 AM ET (US)
The language is not very difficult and can be learned in a short span of time.stop registration
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BisharatNetPerson was signed in when posted
11:35 PM ET (US)
Recently learned via a post by MultiLingual's Donna Parrish on Twitter that "Microsoft Language Portal updated with Windows 10 translations." Checked out their Language Portal, and found that they've got terms in 11 African languages including Yoruba. The others are Amharic, Hausa, Igbo, Kinyarwanda, Setswana, Swahili, Tigrinya, Wolof, Xhosa, and Zulu.

A quick perusal of Yoruba translations of English terms shows use of the subdot characters and accents. Am not able to determine if this is consistent (can anyone else verify?).
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BisharatNetPerson was signed in when posted
04:33 AM ET (US)
Hi Tunde, I had noticed that tone marks appeared in Yoruba text on the Yoruba-English, but not English-Yoruba. Thanks for highlighting the potential significance of that. If I understand what you're saying, one can often disambiguate meaning by context in cases where tones aren't marked (that's my experience with Bambara and Chinese pinyin text), but if the output is jumbled or ambiguous (as is often the case with MT where the languages involved are structurally very different, like English & Yoruba), then there would be a lot of interpolation and guess work on the part of users. Or else just a little bit of giving up.

Wonder what Google Translate is planning in terms of its final product - will they mark tones? And if so, will the Yoruba texts on the English-Yoruba side of the translation rating program begin to show tone marks as the data is refined?


Don Osborn
11:44 PM ET (US)
Yoruba/English machine translation will be a very valuable tool and I am sure many Yoruba English speakers will be most willing to assist Google in this endeavor.
I notice however that the Yoruba sentences in English to Yoruba pairs are not tone marked. This made the translations rather difficult to read. Sentences without tone marks may be relatively easy to read if they make sense. If however they are generated via statistical processes (particularly for resource scarce languages) and the sentences do not make much sense, it would prove almost impossible to read.
The large volumes of parallel texts that would be needed are hard to come by, but must be built.
Tunde Adegbola
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BisharatNetPerson was signed in when posted
08:46 AM ET (US)
Dear subscribers, Due mainly to spam, I have had to close some other QT message boards set up for discussion of technical support for specific African languages. Happily, Yoruba language and ICT has not had the same level of problem, but it has not been used as much as it was several years ago.

If you think it is worth continuing this forum, I will not close it. (If I do close it, that just means that there will be no new messages allowed, but the forum will still be online and could technically still be opened again.) Please let me know your opinions.

For reference on the original vision of this forum, see /m1 .

Ẹ se.

Don Osborn, PhD
Bisharat (A language, technology and development initiative)
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Olalekan Lawal
06:57 AM ET (US)
Hi Mr. Chris Leonard

It's nice to hear about your project, kindly drop us your contact email via our website
We will contact you asap.
Olalekan Lawal
Yorubaworld Centre
Chris Leonard
02:44 AM ET (US)
I am the Translation Team Coordinator for Sugar Labs, the developers of the Sugar user interface for the OLPC XO laptop.

We are looking for Yoruba L10n volunteers.
10:59 AM ET (US)
How can verify this yoruba-frensh translations?


Nouri / Nouri
Solomoni / Cantiques
Solomoni / des
aládánidá / naturelles
aládánidá / la
aládánidá / de
aládánidá / nature
Rómů /Rome
Rómů / romaine
Erlanger / Erlanger
Shaka / Zulu
Shaka /Chaka
Shaka / Zulu
Shaka / Chaka
Administrative /Palette
Monpoint /Monpoint
Donga /Bénin
Pápá / Aéroport
Túrkě / Turc
Túrkě / la
Túrkě / turque
Túrkě / Turquie
Kingdom /Royaume-Uni
Kingdom / Royaume
Gísŕ /Khéops
Tschütscher / Tschütscher
density / population
density / de
density / densité
Tirésias / Tirésia
Davida /Davida
Itō /Itō
Derqui /Derqui
Sousa /Sousa
aláŕdánidá /naturelle
alladium /chimie
Palladium /Palladium
Tanaka /Giichi
Tanaka /Tanaka
Sósíálístě /soviétique
Sósíálístě /socialiste
Sósíálístě / Internationale
Quiroga /Quiroga
Quiroga / Ramírez
la / Calvo-Sotelo
la / las
la /Riva
la / la
la / Mar
la / Andorre-la-Vieille
la / Serrano
la / Correa
Eileen / Eileen
STS-33 / STS-33
Mora / Mora
Đukanović /Đukanović
Cavaco / Cavaco
Ampella / Ampella
Caribbean / orientales
Caribbean / Mer
Caribbean / Caraďbes
Caribbean /des
Jaime /Jaime
Lersundi Lersundi
Ay/ A˙
Ay/ Ier
Ŕkójọ/ Palette
Ŕkójọ / Premiers
Ŕkójọ / Liste
Ŕkójọ /Villes
Ŕkójọ / Masse
Ŕkójọ /Jour
Ŕkójọ /Capitales
Ŕkójọ /Présidents
Maps /topiques
Eusébio /da
Eusébio /Silva
Eusébio/ Ferreira
Eusébio /Eusébio
Finn /Finn
Isle /Man
Isle/ l'île
Isle/ Arrane
Isle/ Isle
Isle / Île
Paredes /Paredes
Human /Human
Human / Nations
Human / Palette
Human /des
Human / Conseil
Maxime / Maxime
Antillean / Antilles
Antillean / Florin
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01:05 PM ET (US)
So how would one actually get in touch with the Yoruba Department of Lagos? It doesn't seem like there's a high availability of resources to access. Thanks for any help.
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