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Gregory Lauder-Frost
04:07 PM GMT
It is very important not to permit the combined forces of evil - The Liberal-Left - to dictate new headings and meanings for the people of this planet, which have no basis in fact whatever but are just PC slogans.

I am told elsewhere that to describe negroes as such has some sort of connotation which is unpleasant. Yet right up until my schooldays this was the normal description of, well, negroes! It relates to their race. No-one refers to the Chinese as 'Yellows'. It is important to constantly point this out.

We must all resist the Left's attempts to portray all the earths races as absolutely equal and that the only difference is skin colour. This is more than obviously a great lie.

I can recall some years ago, say the early 1970s, when the Natural History Museum still had an excellent exhibition on 'permanent display' (it has now vanished) showing all the different scientifically acknowledged races of the world and where their origins lay. It largely resembled what we were taught at school.

But you do not have to be a Natural Scientist to grasp all this. A fair knowledge of the hisory of the world and its people's natural developments (long before those nasty Caucasians ever had contact with them - or indeed, even afterwards!) will show you all you need to know.

It is impossible to refer to the Irish and Welsh as separate races and so therefore they cannot fall withint the remit of the Race Relations legislation.
Edited 25-02-2005 04:10 PM
02:47 PM GMT
Somewhere on, there is a policeman's blog mentioned.
Hadrian Wise
02:28 PM GMT
Yes & yes.
J. Cameron
12:22 PM GMT
So is it the victim who decides, by behaving like a victim, or some arbiter or referee of victimhood? Is it a 'collective' decision by the 'oppressors' as to who qualifies, or forced upon us by a small group who decide that we should express our 'guilt'?

In other words, is it possible to be a victim without collusion? And if so, does this assist in pushing the 'victim' further down and thereby acatually make the his situation worse?
Hadrian Wise
11:07 AM GMT
The criterion is victimhood - i.e., failure in some sense, which must of course always somehow be the fault of the evil white middle class racist etc., etc.
J. Cameron
11:00 AM GMT
I suppose the correct question is...Who is NOT classed as ethnic? This might be a useful starting point.

The Chinese, Italian and Jewish communities (to name just a few) do not appear to come under this heading. Why not if Turks, Albanians and Moslems etc do? What are the criteria? And who decides who/what is ethnic or not when it comes to giving special 'rights', hand-outs etc.
Mr E
10:40 AM GMT
If Sammy Davis Jnr were alive and living in this country think of the amount of benefits he would be able to apply for, being a one eyed black jew.
J. Cameron
10:20 AM GMT
The Irish are classed as ethnic. Are they? How ridiculous.

What about Scots? With a name like mine I should be able to clean up.
Hadrian Wise
09:54 AM GMT
Black up? Have a lobotomy? Enrol for a sex change?
09:53 AM GMT
Jenny, the Irish are now classed as ethnic!
J. Cameron
09:45 AM GMT
Good question.

And how come (as mentioned on another thread recently) planning laws which favour the government at the expense of the community are rigidly enforced, but gypsies constantly flout planning laws without penalty - citing 'human rights' - to the detriment of communities.

I suppose that, in the Peoples Republic of UK, gypsies are counted as 'ethnics' even if they are Irish scaffolders and no more 'ethnic' than I am.

I wonder, how the rest of us could get in on this act and become a special interest group or whatever the nuspeak is?
Mr E
08:25 AM GMT
The countryside is slowly being turned into a large gypsy camp. Gypsies allow dogs to tear each other apart as a sport. You don't see any of the animal rights brigade protesting at gypsy camps. I wonder why that is?
J. Cameron
12:26 PM GMT
A depressingly accurate picture, Stuart.

Of course fishing, shooting etc will be next on the list. My guess is that they will go for shooting next, but the day will come - unless we resist - when all such activities are outlawed and the countryside is turned into either an urban nightmare, or a theme park.
Gregory Lauder-Frost
07:36 AM GMT
I suppose Adrian, that I give the electorate to much credit. I would have voted for Alan Clark because on just about every other issue he was sound as a bell. Bt as I indicated, he was very much an exception rather than the rule. He would never have crossed the floor to join the Labour benches, for instance. In today's Conservative Party ranks we see more and more people who are simply not conservatice at all. It is these individuals I am referring to.
J. CameronPerson was signed in when posted
12:52 PM GMT
752 - just what the country needs - another yob!
Stuart Millson (UK)Person was signed in when posted
12:24 PM GMT
One of the most sublime pleasures to be found in this life is to walk down to a riverbank, in Wales or Scotland, usually at the end of August or early September, and wait for the daylight to fade away. It is at this twilight time that one has the best chance of catching, with rod and line, a sea-trout (a migratory wild fish, which can be as large as a salmon), or a salmon itself. (The ancient Romans gave the salmon its name - salmo, the leaper.)

As the countryside becomes still, and bats take to the wing, the angler wades into the water, and casts a fly. Before long, there will be a run of fish, fresh from the estuary. To catch one of these creatures is a remarkable moment - a hunting moment, and a time of tremendous excitement. The purity of the scene, the grandeur of the British countryside, being part of the fishing tradition - these things are valuable and vintage experiences which are very hard to beat. But fishing may soon be under threat...

Just as the huntsman have been (temporarily) defeated by the urban degenerates of NuLabour, so the fishing fraternity will face a similar onslaught from the killjoys and pen-pushers of the quisling pc state.

The British countryside must resist these appalling attacks on pastimes and traditions which unite man with nature, and which bring the natural world into a whole new dimension.

Shooting, fishing, falconry - all of these wonderful crafts are on NuLabour's little list. Just compare a true British countryman with the likes of Livingstone, or Tony Banks. Livingstone - with his hunched back, urban pallor, and plastic coffee carton - what does he, and what do his friends know about our land and way of life?

But that is the NuLabour aim: to wreck the countryside and build over it; and to turn the population into a dull, motionless mass, stuck in front of TV "footie", eating food packaged at some communist supermarket.
Edited 21-02-2005 12:29 PM
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