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banjo ukes

randy blankenship
09:35 PM ET (US)
i just got a banjo made by alex.does any know anything about them?
10:48 PM ET (US)
I've just inherited an Encore Banjo Uke. It has an 11" pot, lovely dark blond wood. It has a scalloped back. Obviously vintage. Anyone know where i can get info on this brand, or have any catalog info? There is a separate label on the foot, but I can't read it-looks like it might have a registration number.
Please contact me at seabird24@yahoo.com
09:24 AM ET (US)
Thank you, John. Between the time I posted my question and your reply I found your excellent web site and read your treatise on Ludwig Banjo ukes. I did not realize that I had such a prize. My father passed away in December at 96, before I found out about how great his buy was. In 1927 he would have been 20 years old and a $25 purchase of a uke must have been a weeks salary, or more. Thanks for the reply and your great web site.
John Croft
07:08 PM ET (US)
bobcat 1; your 'Wendell hall Professional Model' banjo uke was made by 'Ludwig & Ludwig' in Chicago between 1927 and 1930 (when they went bust and got taken over). They are an excellent banjo uke and if you get the vellum really tight it should make a superb sound. Ludwig's made great banjo ukes (see article on www.theukuleleman.com).
03:14 PM ET (US)
I have a banjo uke that my father bought circa 1930. It has a solid back. The only id is that it says Wendell Hall Professional. I cannot see anything inside the body without taking off the head which I am not about to do. Any clues to the maker?
Edited 08-26-2003 12:39 PM
03:18 AM ET (US)
Mark, you're right about the banjo uke, except about the "heavy" part. Some are weighty, some aren't. They vary a lot. I've been collecting the little buggers for a few years now. Unfortunatly, most vintage banjo ukes are not much more than toys. You get what you pay for, and cheap banjo ukes are mostly unplayable. Mike, the Goldtones are pretty nice to start on. Not equal to the great vintage banjo ukes, but a well made instrument and a great deal for the money. The plastic heads are low-maintenence, too.
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10:45 PM ET (US)
Mark, did you note the broken link in the blog? Gary
UkeGapPerson was signed in when posted
10:44 PM ET (US)
Dear Belloetc.

Head to http://www.fleamarketmusic.com and post your question to the bulletin board. I'm sure they'll help you out.

(Btw, I presume an "intermediate level player" means that you already have a snappy come back to "did you see Deliverance?")

I myself am not worthy as I have no 'uke with an animal skin head.

Best of luck! The FleaMarket folks can help you out.
08:59 AM ET (US)
I'm considering the purchase of a :GOLDTONE" Delux BAnjolele
(new). Can you share any info on this instrument?
Model:GTBJUDX @$349.50 i.e. playability, tone, tuning, etc.
I'm an intermediate level player. Thanks for your time.

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