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AHS '77 (Tiendita III)

*Mike Fitch*Person was signed in when posted
04:06 PM ET (US)
Just checked in here out of curiosity, since I saw that the latest post was last June. Please join the "active" discussion at La Tiendita II:

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2006!
John HaddockPerson was signed in when posted
02:38 PM ET (US)
Hello to all my fellow former classmates on this first day of Spring. It's been a while since I have posted here and I'm not much of a regular poster anyway. I just wanted to drop in and catch up with those who are and give a little update on myself.
I have a 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT that I have been working on for about five years now as a hobby. I started taking it to car shows this year to compete with it. I am happy to say that I have earned 3 first place trophies so far.
I also am happy to say that I have lost over twenty pounds with diet and exercise since January. I am now down to the same weight I was over 20 years ago. I was getting tired of my middle aged waist line. I even have my 14 year old son interested in exercising instead of video games. He too has lost over 10 pounds so far but he needs to keep at it and loose some more.
When we lived in Mexico I used to bicycle all over the place and was very fit back then. I also probably was only 110 pounds soaken wet. Too bad I can't get my Son interested in bicycling. It would be a good Father/Son thing to do together.
Well it was nice checking in again. I will continue to do so from time to time. Take care all of you. John Haddock.
01:27 PM ET (US)
Maybe we should try getting this page going on again?

What about M. Gibsonīs Passion? Is it not the Anglican rendering of Catholic imagery? The Pope seemed to like it.
Alec Miran
03:28 PM ET (US)
Hey folks ....
do you have a list of Class of '77 e-mail addresses? There are a couple of people I've been wanting to contact ....

Thanks from a member of AHS '75
Mike FitchPerson was signed in when posted
11:54 AM ET (US)
I got in touch with the host of this service, and he was able to restore Tiendita II from the "delete" buffer. However, somebody DID try to delete the whole thing, which is a bit scary.

For safety, I'll keep this one active in case of another calamity. But if you're looking for the group, please check in at Tiendita II:


See you there!
J. Bruce CaminoPerson was signed in when posted
10:07 PM ET (US)

It looks like Tiendita II is back. Just checked it out. Perhaps Tiendita II & III can be consolidated into tiendita III. There are some precious post reunion posting on II that I think everyone should read. That was one bad joke, whoever pulled it on us.
Edited 06-02-2002 10:08 PM
Mike FitchPerson was signed in when posted
09:55 PM ET (US)

Welcome, amigos! Sorry for the inconvenience, but SOMEone deleted our fabulously successful Tiendita II topic in its entirety, forcing me to set up Tiendita III. It appears to have occurred sometime on Sunday, June 2, and I've asked the hosts of QuickTopic to provide whatever information they can about this terrifying loss of our collective wisdom, humor, ruminations, and random pendejadas.
Perhaps this "New" place will bring a few "New" participants out of the woodwork- I e-mailed the new URL to everybody I have an address for, but PLEASE forward this new URL to anybody you'd like to see here.


I've also asked Eduardo San Roman to update the link from the www.Tiendita.org web page.

Come on, folks, It's lonely here by myself!

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