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The Mac is a circumvention device

Chris SmithPerson was signed in when posted
11:55 AM ET (US)
Dr.Funk - can you provide an example please? (I am certain they exist, but I suspect it is implemented differently than
many people suspect.)
Dr. funkmaster 2002.23494
10:35 AM ET (US)
Many PDF files cannot be copied using "save as" when accessed via the web. Adobe sucks.
06:23 AM ET (US)
Ghostscript and xPDF for X Windows always had this functionality. Back from the days when adobe.com didn't need a firewall and everyone had keys to everyone else's locks and doors were made of paper, isn't it nice to see leftovers from this world?

There's a readme file in the xPDF distribution which discusses why ignoring the protection would be a bad thing - and so far, nobody has busted this package up so it does.
Chris SmithPerson was signed in when posted
04:28 AM ET (US)
um ... yeah ... so?

Sorry, but (as the article makes rather clear) if you can read the document, then the file
can be copied. Adobe depends on the good graces of PDF software authors not to
implement "Save as...".

Documents and audio are "self revealing media". Since we aren't equipped with
special digital decryption capabilities in ears or eyes, there will always be a clear
channel version of the information available.

Heck - you can even place your dedicated ebook reader face down on the photocopier
or scanner - after selecting a scrolling option - and just keep pressing the 'copy' button.

I guess I figure this would only really be news if "the Mac CAN'T be used as a
circumvention tool".

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