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Let's put Verisign to death

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k jacobs
07:27 PM ET (US)
Has anyone filed a complaint with the FBI as far as I am concerned this is fraud and that's what I have done apparently there is a kick butt class action attorney in Chicago I think I might give them a call also-also calling the attorney generals office in Virginia where netwrok Sol is located as well as the State Police
10:12 AM ET (US)
I've seen numerous messages already posted about Netsol denying to transfer a domain even before the registered period expired, however, I wanted to chime in an say the same. With still 4 days remaining on my regitration, NetSol declined to transfer my domain. In fact, they went so far as to send me an automated message telling me that If I don't renew with them, I will lose my domain. I've got the email message here for anyone's review.

As a web solutions developer as an employee and a private business owner, I've dealt with numerous clients who find themselves navigating the shark filled waters at NetSol trying to get domain ownership back. It's never easy, can take weeks, and can just be straight out flatly denied.

I've recently detailed my experiences and suggestions to NetSol in several emails. It's quite funny they keep sending me the same canned messages from their support team. At any rate, here's a portion of the email I sent. This may give you some kind of idea what I've been dealing with;

"And then you wonder why your company is losing business and has extraordinary overhead. Thank god I sold my stock last year. I'm sure you're just a customer service rep and have no knowledge of how to effectively support clients given your companies over bloated bureaucracy, however, please pass on this information to someone else who may be able to use this information to increase customer satisfaction for the remaining possible years your business may survive."

Now that I've lost my domain, and can't get it transferred. NetSucks is now not releasing my domain. They've got it in eternal limbo. I don't care how much business I may lose over not having this domain, I will NOT renew it with them. Not that I'm such an idealist in thinking this will make them change their ways because they do not have my business anymore. It's the principle here. And NetSucks is on the evil end of the stick.

Alternatives: I've heard several choices posted by others. I'm very please about that. There are in fact so many other places you can register a domain name, and far cheaper I might add. $35 bucks a year? What bloke in his right mind..? Check out RegisterFly. I've been so pleased with their service. Both registering, maintaining, and even removing domains is so easy and straight forward. It's amazing NetSucks is still in business when their competitors are doing the job 50 times better, and they aren't even trying.

Customer Support? Yeah it's an issue at NetSucks. Feel lucky if you ever get a person on the phone, as the phone is your only choice when you want to talk to a live person. Alternatively, RegisterFly has Customer Support chat online. You open a chat window, and in a few moments, you're speaking to an intelligent 'customer service' specialist.

Chana Campos
08:11 AM ET (US)
We have our own story to tell. In 1997, we registered campos.org as our family website. We'd held it continuously ever since...until November 2002. In July of 2002 - I was a victim - along with other sufferers - of a web hosting business called SWHU.com. Dennis Steyfa (the owner) was routinely taking customer orders for domain names and registering himself as the Admin contact. When you wanted to leave his service,he would go ballistic and refuse to release them to you. He actually told me that "no one can give you those names but me...". A lot of less experienced users would have accepted that - but I knew better. I basically stayed on the telephone line to enom.com for two weeks until I badgered them into giving me my names back. They were paid for and I had the receipts to show for it.

On monitoring Steyfa's sites, I saw that he was doing the same thing to a LOT of people. So - I put up a website (swhu.info) to tell people about him - not only to warn them off - but also to let them know how to navigate the shoals of domain name registration and registars. When Steyfa lost enough customers, he started a new business called - HostingTycoon.com - and then told all of his customers that he had "sold" the company AND that they would have to pay to re-register their names and sites! Most refused. This time he had registered most of the hostingtycoon names - but not hostingtycoon.us. I grabbed that and we were warning people off of his sites there as well. (When I say, "we" there was a group of 20 or so of us trying to get people to see the light on this guy...)

Well, in November, the week before Thanksgiving - using an old email address for a site I no longer had (mediamakers.net)-
he grabbed our family name - campos.org. He created email aliases and effectively began impersonating us all over the web. He grabbed our domain names and was able to do so because he had trojaned my machine a few weeks earlier and, unbeknownst to me, had all of my passwords. He stole 5 domains in total. Four were at register.com and they worked swiftly with me to get them returned and re-secured. The two anti-Steyfa websites were registered at OpenSRS. He tried social engineering his way through their system - and got to their top compliance officer. HE fortunately contacted my hosting company where the sites were hosted, Blue Domino in Corpus Christi, Texas. They told him to not release my password under ANY circumstances...and they complied. (Just so you know, he had been calling the hosting company for months threatening them with lawsuits and hacking if they didn't take the sites down...)

So, campos.org was gone - Verisign (UNLIKE regiser.com) has been utterly uncooperative. They can take one look at the WHOIS and see the info is totally bogus. We have faxed tons of documentation to them that proves our ownership. They only thing they seem to be able to tell us is that some "special department" is working on it and that "they'll get back to us". In the meantime, we have had to change every password we own - including bank, stock accounts, etc. etc. Steyfa has put a web site up in place of our family name that says that it was "closed for illegal activities" and that people should "name their price".

The only good news is that enom.com recently seized his sites and has effectively put him out of business - for now. And now they are charging his customers 15.00 each to return their domain names to them. Even though they're the ones who kept him in business and fleecing people for a long time...

So - kill Verisign? No. That's too good for them.... They are the most customer-ignorant, dismissive, uncaring, incompetent business I have ever run across. It has been 4 months and we still don't have our family name back - while he impersonates us and defames us on our own site.

Torture them - then kill them. It's only justice.

Chana and Marcos Campos
Edited 02-11-2003 08:12 AM
01:45 PM ET (US)
I've only just heard about this NetSol thing but I was already worried because I have my domain with them and I can't get into the "manage your domain" area - it asked me some security questions and even though I answered them correctly it has frozen me out. Sent a mail to customer services days ago - no response. Anyone else had this problem?
Cousin Bob
11:01 AM ET (US)
An anagram for NetSol is Stolen.
10:43 AM ET (US)
Has anyone gone to http://www.internic.net/ to file a complaint against Verisign/NetSol?
Deby Gouin
06:48 PM ET (US)

nuff said!
Karen Kelly (kd)
02:29 PM ET (US)
NetSol/Verisign is also continuing its campaign to steal business from other registrars with 'domain renewal notices' that are actually transfer authorizations. Sleazy tactics.

The real irony is I have domains with them, from back when, and I am me, they will take my credit card in payment, but they continue to refuse to admit I'm me when I try to wrest these domains from their control.

I hope they are out of our misery soon.
Maarten Legene
09:35 AM ET (US)
One experience: We payed Network Pollutions to renew our DNS in time, nevertheless they sold it to a stranger.
Another experience: We got permission from another person to take over his domain name for free, but Network Pollutions refuses us to change the DNS. We first have to pay them a lot of money only to change the owner information, while the owner agrees on offering it us for free.

It's time for a class action.
Edited 04-26-2002 09:36 AM
Nate Baxley
09:33 AM ET (US)
Just wanted to chime in and say that Registerfly is a great service. I've moved all my domains there from NSI and have been very pleased. <$10 for all kinds of domains. Great customer service.
Adam in Poland
05:07 AM ET (US)
Agree about OpenSRS - get together with some friends and bulk register away.
Brian Carnell
06:58 PM ET (US)
"I transferred a domain to dotster from netsol and got excellent customer service from dotster. (This was before the domain expired.)

I've also registered domains with joker.com. I prefer dotster nowadays because I like their web UI better, but have no other complaints about joker."

Dotster currently has a special visa vis NetSol. Transfer your domain from NetSol for $11.95 and get a free one year renewal (even if your domain is about to run out -- you won't have to pay NetSol to renew and then transfer).
11:45 AM ET (US)
Zed: For credit card processing, try CyberSource (disclaimer: I work there). Be sure to mention that you're thinking about switching from VeriSign.
Mo Nickels
11:39 AM ET (US)
Now in the process of moving 17 domains somewhere else. This is the straw.
Paul Schreiber
04:29 AM ET (US)
oh, i hate network solutions. hate is too nice a word. i haven't used them in years. they are bill gates on a bad day with none of the brains.

if a friend/client wants me to host their domains, i insist they transfer them to joker.com before i even think about it.

why anyone pays 3.5x as much to suffer through their inept service is beyond me.
Edited 04-13-2002 04:30 AM
03:59 AM ET (US)
damn straight. network solutions is a bunch of inept crooks whom i will never forgive for having me waste 3 months of my life at the fax machine just to renew a dn. And that was after we had purchased about 12 over priced dn registrations from them. I've switched to registercom - they're cheaper and though, still inept, much less so then netsol.
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