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Teresa SPerson was signed in when posted
01:51 PM ET (US)
lovely stuff,

02:49 PM ET (US)
bag pwla in voi de englezii urati si grasi
Jonathan Vos Post
04:05 PM ET (US)
I'm waiting for the T-shirt based on the game based on the movie based on the ride based on the movie.

A pirate's life for Depp

DISNEYLAND ANNOUNCED earlier this month that it was closing one of its most beloved rides for more than just an ordinary renovation. When it reopens in the summer, Pirates of the Caribbean at both Disneyland and Disney World will feature characters from the two films inspired by the original ride.

It's good marketing and makes for a particularly dizzying case of life imitating art imitating life, or more precisely, theme park imitating blockbuster film imitating theme park. But the original Pirates ride, however technologically dated, will be missed....
Jonathan Vos Post
12:26 PM ET (US)
So, daen, you were singing "in the wee-wee hours of the morning...?"

This also reminds me of the Nixon relelection slogan: "don't change Dicks in mid-screw."

Wonder if this posting raises this blog's rating in Google, or for the U.S. Justice Department? Oh, wait a mo, that's the Big Brother thread...
05:05 AM ET (US)
Just for a second I read it as "Please hereafter refer to George W. Bush as Urinary Executive for Life" ... I had a late night and not enough coffee yet.
07:08 AM ET (US)
What’s confusing to me me is why do ‘developers’ get first rights on sacred land and then the public has to make concessions for them first, lay out the red carpet? How bout if I knock down his development and use it for a toilet?

“Glow-worms Crossbred with the Pigs from Whose Ears we Make Silk Purses, Result is Pigs that Glow in the Dark. Attempt to make Fish that Do Not Need to Be Deboned: Cod crossbred with Jellyfish, Result: Jellyfish with Bones. Elephant Crossed with Peanut, Results: Elephant that Sticks to the Roof of your Mouth, and Peanut Butter that Never Forgets.”

A life we don’t have to live. A dead person crossed with ___.

Just please don’t let this fall into the food supply but -wait- they have affordable home DNA testing kits for food authenticity now. I think for coffee ATM. But that could lead to DNA Spam Enabling. DNA spam filters. Has a very obsessive compulsive ring to it.
There is a cool band 'Filter' that has been around for a while.

My brother was also noting how the reason people don’t really go outside anymore at least in the suburbs is they want to be hermetically sealed for safety concerns. But they have just discovered that ”Approximately two-thirds of all known antibiotics are produced by bacteria called actinomycetes, commonly found in soils, compost, and other environmental sources.”


Will people be purchasinf bags of dirt for inside the home now??? Designer dirt??? dirt.gov?
Why is it we have to scientifically validate our own waste?

Rolling in shit never felt better!
Mike Harre
03:43 PM ET (US)
A similar issue to the Faerie, cropped up here in NZ, reakignment of State Highway 1, just south Auckland was held up due to fears that disturbance to a wetland would disturb a Taniwha (Maori water spirit, usually appears as a reptile but may take other forms). There was also a fear that the road would block the Taniwa's access to the nearby river. The roading company made a slight modification to the road and also put in a culvert put in a culvert so it could get under .

(They also suggested putting in a pedestrian crossing, but that may have been tongue-in-cheek, anyway we don't know if the Taniwha could work the buttons :-)

It worked out quite well, a bit of extra cost to the roading company, the local iwi (tribe) were happy and they prevented damage to what is actually a very valuable piece of wetland. Don't know what the taniwha thinks, but it hasn't eaten any cars so we figure it's probably OK :-)
Jonathan Vos Post
11:36 AM ET (US)
Fairies? Scots Fey-Line Antidefamation League requests usage of the more polite term Fey-Persons or Fey-Britons.

You have a worm on your wifi rock; click here to download Pet Rock Security Software.

Glow-worms Crossbred with the Pigs from Whose Ears we Make Silk Purses, Result is Pigs that Glow in the Dark. Attempt to make Fish that Do Not Need to Be Deboned: Cod crossbred with Jellyfish, Result: Jellyfish with Bones. Elephant Crossed with Peanut, Results: Elephant that Sticks to the Roof of your Mouth, and Peanut Butter that Never Forgets.

Radiocarbon dating of Plank confirms Pirate Involvement in Brittany Murder. Assuming proper value of Planck's Constant. AAAaaaarrr....

For purposes of calculation of import duty on goods being brought into Greece from outside the EU, edible snails are classified as Spiral of Archimedes Demonstration Units; in Italy, they are Fibonacci Spiral Beta Test Devices.

Please hereafter refer to George W. Bush as Unitary Executive for Life, Emperor of North America, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all regions subject to the Preemptive Bush Doctrine, including the Moon, Mars, and all Undisclosed Locations. And could you cut down on slurring your words on thise 3 a.m. phonecalls, please?
07:18 PM ET (US)
Dogs have a use, but that is not it.

(Where does JWZ find this stuff? ;) )
07:04 PM ET (US)
`Cry havoc and let slip the cats of war' just doesn't work, somehow. Dogs have a use.

(Plus, I hear from my cat that they taste nice.)
03:22 AM ET (US)
Everybody knows cat people are a bunch of weirdos who read too many books, dress funny and have unorthodox opinions. They can't be trusted.
Ferag NicBhrdePerson was signed in when posted
04:05 PM ET (US)
It's apparently evil doggist propaganda.
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
08:07 AM ET (US)
Cats and Dogs? Is that one of those new-fangled moving picture things? No ...
Arthur D. Hlavaty
04:21 PM ET (US)
Did you see Cats and Dogs?
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
03:42 PM ET (US)
Let me add, for Greg's benefit: the copy edits for "The Atrocity Archive" are on my desk right now! That is, for the hardback of that name which is coming out from Golden Gryphon around the end of this year/beginning of next. (It includes an intro by Ken MacLeod, an afterword by me, and an additional 30,000 word sequel novella, so you'll be getting some extra bang for your buck. Plus an incredibly cool cover by Steve Montiglio.)
Duncan Lawie
10:56 AM ET (US)
Spectrum SF is still at http://www.spectrumsf.co.uk/ The publication schedule is slowing down due to other commitments, so we can expect a new issue in Spring/Summer according to the last editorial but later in the year according to the website.

And as for the Guardian Sports Desk, that was a masterpiece of commentary. Makes me wish I had a contract at the moment so I could have had the pleasure of reading it in the office.
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