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Feb 16 - Migrant Workers piece

Deleted by author 06-20-2007 12:29 PM
10:54 AM ET (US)
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Mohammad Arif Channa
03:38 AM ET (US)

      1. Name: Mohammad Arif Channa
      2. Fatha' Nama: Abdul Rahman Channa

      2. Date of Birth: 26th November, 1976

      4. Academicl Quali-
           fication High School

      5. Natienality: Pakistan

              After Pasing My High School I m Served as a Machine Operator in a Plastic Moulding Company
      of Pakistan for more than 2 years. Served as a Labeur in Mixing Departmant of a Ceramic Company of
    Pakistan for more than 2 years. Served as a Labour in Mixing Departmant I C I Paint Company
    of Pakistan for more 1 years. Reasons for Direct Application: The Overseas Employment of pakistan
    demanda U.S.$ 5,000/- for Trainee Visa. Being a poor man cannot afferd to pay the required amount. I am keen intrested to proceed to South Korea and serve there in any suitable capacity.Any suitable
job.Through my detailed and comperhensice m it cannot fully demonistrate the manner in which i have achived success charachter personality and the ability to work in a ream enivorment can be evidened in a persoan meting. If I Accepted i will shw my epreesion of interset in exploring emplymetn opportunities within your organization I'm a candidate worthly of cosideration and well respeted in y profession as an upstanding hard wroking individual who can be counted on to get the job done.I hope you will give me a chance for the serve.Your kind of control.Iwill pray for your longer life and prosprity.If you will appoint me .

                                                  YOURS TRULY,
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
03:14 AM ET (US)
Well said, Mike.
Mike Golby
07:31 PM ET (US)
That's a great piece, Chris. Parallels that can be drawn between Korea and South Africa are remarkable. I guess it's the same with most countries subject to the increasing benefits of globalization - aghh. There've been several comments made on the Web today (yesterday now) which, matched to my experience of the evils of racism and xenophobia indicate that First World foreign policy at the moment and for the foreseeable future will be directed at maintaining what I can only view as a self-perpetuating balance of terror. So much for the War against Terrorism. Policy makers the world over know that, when the poor are in close proximity to the rich, as is the case in our countries, we turn on each other, therby allowing the strategists and prime movers to maintain the ugly equilibium. And we still have more than enough 'human resources' to meet the shipping dates. It's a one-sided deal as far as I can make out. History, however, will have the last laugh on the greedheads. It's just so much more than 'a pity' that so many have to live and die in blood, piss and pain to keep a Northern household running smoothly.
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
01:37 AM ET (US)
Original post here.

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