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Will Turing Machines be illegal?

07:59 PM ET (US)
This article is bullshit because Universal Turing Machines have nothing to do with the question of whether a software or hardware protection scheme can be made secure.

What does the UTM have to do with hardware security anyway? Can I make a chip in a casing which will self destruct if you try to open it? The UTM tells you nothing about the answer to that.

See for ongoing work on putting hardware security into PCs.

Making software secure is harder, but the work of the TCPA is designed to start with a foundation of hardware security and then build software security on top of that. If you have a box you can't tamper with then it can run software you can't pirate, because only the box has the keys to run the software. UTMs have nothing to say about this.

This article is totally bogus, claiming mathematical certainty when its claims are completely unsupported. The author owes an apology to the gentlement he was addressing.
Stefan JonesPerson was signed in when posted
04:04 PM ET (US)
Heinlein nailed that one. But he's being a bit naive. All those years of profits mean you can buy off the lawmakers.

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