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Feb 15 - Damnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a leprechaun!

qaisar mahmood
09:28 AM ET (US)
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Edited 06-18-2006 09:31 AM
Jonathon Delacour
07:25 PM ET (US)
It's all academic now. UserLand has just announced a comments facility for Radio.
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
09:03 PM ET (US)
Do you have to link manually from a blog entry to the comments?

Yes, but it's just a matter of pasting in an a href with the URL, or a bit of code to fiddle with to get the comment count. Pretty simple.

(One of the useful things about Quick Topic is that when you're logged in, you can see comments you made in other people's threads as well, not just the ones you created, on your My Topics page. Since no one else seems to use it other than Boing Boing, though, it's not that useful...)
Jonathon Delacour
05:14 PM ET (US)
Chris, on this system, I assume the posts are stored on their server. Can you archive them? (Just read the FAQ, you can.)

Do you have to link manually from a blog entry to the comments?
Edited 02-16-2002 08:28 PM
Jonathon Delacour
05:13 PM ET (US)
Why is everyone nagging me to get a comments system? I barely have enough time to do my own weblog and add sparkling, apposite comments to other people's weblogs. But I can feel the "what a great idea to encumber my life with more grief than I already have" me girding himself for a frontal assault on the "why did I get involved in blogging and why can't I have a quiet life" me. I'll keep you posted.

As regards the "real me" issue, I'm glad, though surprised, to find anyone in agreement. Most every Caucasian I know clings tightly to the notion of the unitary me. I'm not sure about my Japanese friends -- I'm having dinner with two of them tonight so I'll start a survey on the Japanese position. Since they have so many gods, they might be open to the multiple me concept.
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
07:30 AM ET (US)
I'm wondering as I read Shelley's latest if subconsciously, this post was my answer to the question that Mike Sanders asked yesterday : Who is the real you? Maybe, domesticated and professorial (if in a Kublai Khan kinda way : "his flashing eyes/his floating hair") as I've become, if that story was about the 'real me', the one I either really feel myself to be, or want to be.

Of course, I don't think there is such as thing as a 'real me' - I agree wholeheartedly with Jonathon, linked downthread there.

Jonathon - if you read this - Get a comments system!
Burningbird aka Shelley
03:12 AM ET (US)
Ha! Looking glass self.
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
01:45 AM ET (US)
I guess so, Mike. The recent discussions around the neighbourhood about the idea that there is not a single I, but many within, is particularly resonant for me today. "I contain multitudes"

Kaf : Yeah, kinda. Yaar!
Mike Golby
06:30 PM ET (US)
Okay, seeing as you don't want it, I've taken the whole fucking thing and stuck it on my site.

As my old man used to say: "Be careful what you wish for, my boy." :)

(I sailed the Bight of Africa for weeks on end, in a frigate, hiding from the Russians. We weren't very good at it. They'd always find us and we'd play like it was for real. The Sargasso Sea, a sapphire-green ocean of dolphins, porpoises, and quick-silver flying fish, hot as Hades, clouds piled to Heaven, eerily quiet, the never-ending swish of that amazingly beautiful water, burnt to blazes, giant sea tortoises, islands of kelp just beneath the surface, being woken at 04:00 am to be told we were at 0 degrees N,S,E,W, smacking into the quay at Abidjan, running wild and free in Las Palmas, Charleston, Norfolk, New York, doing the run down the African coast, the Conrad jungles of Angola, the golden sands of the Namib desert threaded with brown rock running into the cold, white-edged Atlantic on the Skeleton Coast, the Southern Oceans, ah yes, Chris, where do these memories belong if not here?)
04:11 PM ET (US)
You're not, like, a pirate or anything are ya?
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
08:54 AM ET (US)
Original post here..

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