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Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
15:37 GMT
Well done, Helen! I'll have a look at this when I can get my head around it (haven't done any family history for a few years) but I do remember this was a bit of a puzzle. Thanks again!
Helen Mitchell
04:26 GMT
Hello Sandra, just an update on the Tasmania tree for Windeatt and the surname of MEYER connection. John Windeatt 1792-1867 Tasmania Aust. His son William Windeat 1824-1896 (Tasmania Aust) married in Launceston Tas 13/7/1854 Emma Watlin (1832 Putney 1900 Hobart Tasmania) Emma Watlins sibling Marianne Watlin (1831-1907) Married PHILLIP HERMANN MEYER (1829-1870) on 9/4/1853 St George Bloomsbury. PHILLIP HERMANN MEYER it seems was well connected - (1841 A Mrs Ann Meyer, widow of wealthy Hamburg merchant, died and past the estate of Stondon Manor (Stondon Hall) in Stondon Massey to her grandson Phillip Hermann MEYER, becoming Lord of the Manor. From this and as it seemed to be the fashion of the times my grandfather PHILLIP MEYER WINDEATT had his aunts surname as his second name. And Meyer and Hermann have been used numerous times on other branches of trees connected in some way to Windeatt here. I thought you may be interested that I had solved where the name MEYER came from. Sincerely Helen Mitchell, Tasmania.
Edited 22-01-2017 04:28
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
17:07 GMT

Thanks Jenny. This is interesting. The fact that he knew the family in 1873 does add to the suspicion that Ernest Robert (Ellen GAIN's son born in 1869) may have been Robert Froom WINDEATT's illegitimate child and they married as soon as his legal wife died. However, it can only be a suspicion. Could I have your permission to add this information to the website - afraid I don't have a subscription to Ancestry.
Jenny Clemens
19:47 GMT
I can give you a bit more info on Ellen Gain, although I have only recently "discovered her" as a family member. She was baptised in Battle, Sussex on 8 Sept 1833 as first child of William Gain (b 1811 in Goudhurst, Kent) and Harriet Hobden (abt 1813-1881). William and Harriet had married in her home village of Dallington, Sussex on 8 April 1833. Harriet was the daughter of John Hobden (1788-1866), gamekeeper of Dallington and his wife Sarah, whose maiden name has variously been transcribed as Simpson, Swepson or Sweepson.
William Gain was variously described as post-boy, horsekeeper, fly-driver and coachman during his life. I cannot find a reference to his death. He and Harriet had moved to St Leonards, Sussex by 1843 and they had at least 8 children. They lived poor areas of the town and Harriet sometimes worked as a laundress. She died in 1881. Marriage records have been useful in tracing all this. Ellen was a witness to the marriage of a much younger sister of her mother in St Leonards in 1853 (this is what led me to her existence). Robert Windeatt, in turn, was to the marriage in St Leonards of Ellen’s younger sister Esther to James Offen on 16 March 1873, so he was clearly involved with the family by that time.
I have a record of all this on Let me know if you are a member and we could swap info.
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
16:19 GMT
Hello Edwina

Thanks for getting in touch. It's so long since I did any family history (even longer since I found out about this small branch) that I don't remember too much about them. However, yes as you say, 1753 would be more likely for a marriage in 1772. People usually got married c. age 21 and she might have been slightly younger - but definitely not 13! Newspaper reports are often highly inaccurate about people's ages and she was probably quite happy to be thought of as five or six years younger than she was - plus children are often the informants and I well remember when my mother died, neither my brother nor I could remember her exact age when the doctor asked us!

I had a quick look through some old files to see if I could find where I got the birth date from but I didn't find it - probably off a list of Exeter parish births. Also the marriage details (again I didn't find them either - my files are in a hopeless mess) may well have said that she was 'of full age' which would have meant she was 21 in 1872.

Do you know any more about this family? I am always grateful for any further information that can be used to flesh out the data currently on the web.
Edwina Osborne
00:42 GMT
I have a query about Mary Britnell, a confectioner from Exeter who died in 1820 and was married to Matthew Wingyett in 1772. You have listed reference to a newspaper article which refers to her age on her death as 60 in 1820. However in the mini tree you have put her date of birth as 1753? Do you know which date might be correct. Presumably the earlier date is more accurate as Mary would only have been 13 in 1772 if she was born in 1760. Grateful for your views on this query.
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
16:18 GMT

Jan Hill

Jan, I would like to contact you again about the WINGATEs from Battersea. You may have changed your email address. If so, please contact me at mine - which should be still working! You can find it at the bottom of the home page:
Edited 28-11-2015 16:19
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
10:58 GMT

That's very interesting Tom. How did you come to have it? We don't know too much about him but would be very grateful if you could send a scan of portrait and then I could add it to the web page:
Tom Baldry
13:43 GMT
I have a nice charcoal portrait of a John Windeatt, inscribed Born 1784 Died 1856 (unmarried). Third and youngest son of Samuel and Elizabeth Windeatt. (Artist F Lane)
May fill a gap in your family history? My email

Regards Tom Baldry
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
17:10 GMT
Hello Annette

Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for not replying sooner. If you would like me to look through my various bits of information, do let me know. Bit busy at the moment but I should get some time at the weekend.

Regards, Sandra
Annette Radford
03:19 GMT
Hello Sandra,
Greetings from a Totnes Windeatt descendant. My paternal grandmother, Lilian Mary Hartland, was the youngest daughter of Thomas White Windeatt (1844-1903). Some months ago I watched a TV programme 'Towns' with Nicholas Crane featuring Totnes which inspired me to do some googling to see if there was some information about my ancestors. Firstly, I entered my father's name, Thomas Michael Hartland, which brought up a website showing his grave in Totnes cemetery. He was killed in 1941 in World War 2 aged 31 when I was 6 years old. Then your website gave me more information for which I am very grateful. My grandmother died in 1943 - only 2 years after her son. She was working for the Red Cross in London during World War 2. Consequently I never really learned about the family history and their extensive involvement in the municipal affairs of Totnes.

Recently my daughter spotted a website 'Biblio.Com.' (located in Bristol) advertising the sale of a Scrap Book relating to the death of Thomas White Windeatt with newspaper cuttings of obituaries, reports of the funeral and the unveiling of a Memorial window in Totnes church, photographs of him and his grave and a history of the family. We have obtained this slightly battered and very interesting scrap book and wonder where it has been for the last 112 years. There is no indication as to who compiled the history for the newspaper in 1903; it could possibly have been Edward Windeatt, younger brother of TWW, who I have discovered became a noted local historian. Let me know if you would be interested in any details.

I have lived in Australia since 1965 so cannot easily pop into the Totnes Museum which I understand has a lot of information about the Windeatt family. If I don't make it I am sure my daughters will. Thank you again for putting together such a useful and informative website.

Annette Radford (nee Hartland)
Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia.
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
08:53 GMT
Hello Ronald

Yes, it could be a variant of WINDEATT - there are about 100 spelling variations. Most of what we have discovered is on my Origins page:

Scroll right down the page to read all the information and reference sources.

By the way, are you located in the UK or USA?
Ronald Windett
05:53 GMT
I have been trying to track down the origins of my surname Windett, I have found it may have come from the surname of Windeatt. Could you shed some light on this, it has been really hard tracking this down.

Thank you
Ronald Windett
Dewey M. Wingate, jr
00:23 GMT
yes i live in rock hill s c 29730, and was wondering about any relatives i might have . Would you be able to help me Dewey M. Wingate, Jr 957 cedar street rock hill s c 29730 or or 803-328-1037 any help would be appericated.
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
12:24 GMT


I am feeling very guilty that I still haven't looked into this properly. I had another glance through this morning but remain baffled. There are some paper records (received through third parties) that I have somewhere and I will try and see if these shed any light when I can get around to it. Do you have a marriage certificate for James or William to said Louisa? And birth certificates for the children?

P.S. I suspect this family is linked to the Staverton branch so you could try emailing Peter Windeatt privately. His email address (I hope it is still current) is at the bottom of my home page:
Edited 10-02-2015 12:29
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
12:18 GMT

TURNER-WINDEATT, Horrabridge Tree

Hello Joyce and Gill

Thank you for your kind compliments about the site and, yes, I try to authenticate any information I put on the site, or clearly indicate if it is guesswork on my part, or is information received from another correspondent. And so, could I have your permission to include some of the information in your message below on the web page (attributed of course)? And refer any other enquirers to yourselves as well as Dan Gale? If you pass your email address to me privately (my email is at the bottom of the page) I will only pass it on with your permission.

Just to explain about 'Horrabridge': This was the village and is correctly given as Mary Ann's birthplace. However, records at this time only recorded baptisms which, naturally enough, took place only in church (and some time after the actual birth). Horrabridge, at this time, had no church itself, and was not even clearly located in the parish of another church but straddled the edges of three other parishes that were named after the villages where the several different parish churches were located. So the inhabitants of Horrabridge had to travel to another village for their baptisms, marriages and burials. Perhaps they just chose the church they preferred or perhaps you had to be baptised in the church which had the jurisdiction over the area where your dwelling was located. I admit I am not absolutely sure about these rules. Anyway that explains why the WINDEATT children were all baptised in the different village churches (even though they lived in Horrabridge all the time).

My list (from census returns) of the TURNER children matches yours except there is no record of either Louisa. Perhaps the earlier one died in infancy and missed the censuses? But what about the second? Did she also die young? The census would also indicate that Frederick was older than Thomas (not younger). Birth (and death) certificates from 1837 are easily obtainable (for a fee) and anyone researching the family could sort the children out fairly quickly.

Do you know what George TURNER's father did? Was he also a jeweller? And where did Henry get the name "de Courcy" - sounds a bit grand for this family. Was his father sucking up to some rich client?

Thank you so much for this information which will be very helpful to other researchers - there are so many children there must surely be a lot of descendants out there somewhere.

Kind regards, Sandra
Edited 11-02-2015 10:11
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