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Kay WilsonPerson was signed in when posted
11:04 GMT
I am researching the family of my husband whose mother was born Mollie Wingett in 1915 in Devonport and whose family traces back to the Wingett's of Dodbrooke. Reading your excellent pages I see that you question what had happened to Nicholas(1825-1888) daughter Alma Jane. In 1878 she married George Paddon Irish in Newton Abbot. George was born in 1855 in Ashburton and was the son of George Irish and Jane Paddon. Hope this helps! On the same line of research I am having trouble finding the birth of Jane March who married Alma Janes grandfather William and wonder if anyone can help - I wonder if perhaps Jane was not her first name as I have searched all the records for West Alvington and nearby parishes. Any help would be gratefully received.
16:25 GMT
Hello Susan,
Thanks you very much for this information. I am afraid the only information I have about this family comes from a relative and so I don't know why Augusta was born in the West Indies. However, I would be very grateful if you could send me scans of any photos featuring WINDEATTs should that be possible. My private email address is at the bottom of the Home page: http://www.windeatt.f2s.com/windeatt/index.htm I'm afraid you can't just click on it but have to copy it carefully (a precaution against spam).
Thanks again for sharing this.
02:37 GMT
Hello Sandra: Charlotte, Blanche, and Dorothy were the beloved cousins of my grandmother Josephine Gehrig Pace. Her mother, Anna Guetschow Gehrig was the sister of Augusta. I think I have some old photographs of the Guetschow family which include James and Augusta (picnicking in the woods, get-togethers in Oak Park) , and I might have a cabinet card or two taken by Windeatt mixed in with those of my great-grandfather, Joseph W. Gehrig.

Do you have any idea why Augusta was born in the West Indies? I believe she was the oldest of the six Guetschow children.
13:13 GMT
Thanks for this (and for replying - it's surprising how many people don't!). I have finally got the web editing software installed on my new computer so I will let you know when it is done. Thanks again.
15:32 GMT
Yes it's ok for you to put the information on the website (I forgot to mention that in my last post). Anne
15:16 GMT
Hi Sandra,
I'm happy for you to use my name.
There are several hundred references to Harry Wingett in The Era, from the 1860s to his death in 1905, and they make fascinating reading. He was a 'comic vocalist' and seems to have been quite a star in his day.
15:53 GMT
Thanks for this information, Anne. Is it Ok to add this information to the we page? I can credit you by your name or something more anonymous such as "a fellow researcher" or "a correspondent", etc., Do let me know which you prefer. Sandra
Anne McLean
10:56 GMT
Hello Sandra. I'm responding to the request on the Musical Windeatts page for information about Harry Wingett the music hall artist. Harry Wingett was the stage name of Edwin Wingett, youngest son of John Wingett and his wife Maria Wingett nee Barker (Ugborough tree). His death notice was printed in The Era on 18 March 1905.His son's stage name was Harry Barker. Best wishes, Anne
10:28 GMT
Lots of information about Thomas Alfred's father and family on these pages:



and we'd be very grateful if you could identify anyone in this photo:

Chris Shaw
05:01 GMT
Hi does anyone have any info on my Great Aunt Eva Windeatt or my Great Grandfather Thomas Alfred Windeatt 1875 to 1931
Many thanks
Contact details shawchristopher@yahoo.co.uk
Chris Shaw
07:01 GMT
Hi does anyone have any info on my Great Aunt Eva Windeatt or my Great Grandfather Thomas Alfred Windeatt 1875 to 1931
Many thanks
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
10:51 GMT
Thank you Helen. As mentioned below, I haven't been into family history for ages and also this particular line was the province of another researcher whom I haven't heard from recently. But it would be great to have any more information about WINDEATT/IETT(s) if you have any. My personal email address can be found at the bottom of the HOME page <http://www.windeatt.f2s.com/windeatt/index.htm>; - but you have to copy it rather than just select it (as a spam avoidance measure). Some time, I hope to be able to go into all this again, so very grateful for any information. Thanks again, Sandra
Elizabeth Ann Evans
16:49 GMT
Hello,Sandra,My 2xGreatGrandmother was Grace Wingett,baptised16th July1797 Ermington,Devon.Her parents were John Wingett,and Jenn(e)y
 Man(n)ing,both surnames variable,who married in Ermington 25th November 1785.
    Grace (Windeat)married my 2xGreatGrandfather,Henry Martin,on 26th April,1830,in Modbury,Devon,as his second wife,and,I am descended
     from their son John Martin,and his wife Sarah Ann Leigh,or Lee.
       For many years,I have rsearched my Devon Families in The South Hams,and can offer more information on the Windiett family at
       your request,Sincerely,EA Evans.DFHS Member 4515
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
15:37 GMT
Well done, Helen! I'll have a look at this when I can get my head around it (haven't done any family history for a few years) but I do remember this was a bit of a puzzle. Thanks again!
Helen Mitchell
04:26 GMT
Hello Sandra, just an update on the Tasmania tree for Windeatt and the surname of MEYER connection. John Windeatt 1792-1867 Tasmania Aust. His son William Windeat 1824-1896 (Tasmania Aust) married in Launceston Tas 13/7/1854 Emma Watlin (1832 Putney 1900 Hobart Tasmania) Emma Watlins sibling Marianne Watlin (1831-1907) Married PHILLIP HERMANN MEYER (1829-1870) on 9/4/1853 St George Bloomsbury. PHILLIP HERMANN MEYER it seems was well connected - (1841 A Mrs Ann Meyer, widow of wealthy Hamburg merchant, died and past the estate of Stondon Manor (Stondon Hall) in Stondon Massey to her grandson Phillip Hermann MEYER, becoming Lord of the Manor. From this and as it seemed to be the fashion of the times my grandfather PHILLIP MEYER WINDEATT had his aunts surname as his second name. And Meyer and Hermann have been used numerous times on other branches of trees connected in some way to Windeatt here. I thought you may be interested that I had solved where the name MEYER came from. Sincerely Helen Mitchell, Tasmania. helenkathryn46@gmail.com
Edited 22-01-2017 04:28
Sandra WindeattPerson was signed in when posted
17:07 GMT

Thanks Jenny. This is interesting. The fact that he knew the family in 1873 does add to the suspicion that Ernest Robert (Ellen GAIN's son born in 1869) may have been Robert Froom WINDEATT's illegitimate child and they married as soon as his legal wife died. However, it can only be a suspicion. Could I have your permission to add this information to the website - afraid I don't have a subscription to Ancestry.
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