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17:25 GMT
Hello Linda
Sorry to take so long to reply - was away on holiday. Thank you very much for all this information. Do keep in touch via email - you can find my address at the bottom of the home page: http://www.windeatt.f2s.com/windeatt/index.htm
But, in order to avoid spam, I'm afraid you can't just click on it - you need to copy it carefully into your address line. Thanks again, Sandra
21:32 GMT
Linda: am busy now but will reply soon
Steve: thanks for this. Glad it was helpful.
Steve D
14:21 GMT
A couple of Windeatt studio photos of a woman (no idea who she is) have come into my possession (found in old barn in Northern NJ). Thanks for the info you have posted about him it greatly adds to their meaning.
Linda Gregory
16:54 GMT
Hi Sandra
Findmypast has very good coverage of Devon parish records, but I use Ancestry as well, as its tree building facility is better and it syncs to Family Tree Maker, which I also use. Ancestry also has better Somerset records which I need for my father's paternal side (Devon is his maternal side). Your early records section looks excellent -I must take time to go through it properly.
I tried to follow my Windeatts further down, but most of my lot's sons seemed to die fairly young. The one line of male descent was from a John whose baptism I cannot find in Blackawton, so I cannot prove his link to my tree. The more I looked, the more widely spread they seemed to be across the South Hams area as time went on: Dartington, Buckfastleigh, Paignton and a number of other places as well as the locations you have. Sadly, as you pointed out, names like William and John seemed to prevail, making it very difficult to distinguish the lines.
To access my tree, if you search Ancestry members with the email and tree name I gave, you should find it. I am happy to maintain communication by email too.
11:53 GMT
Hi Linda
Well done for getting so far! As I mentioned, I haven't done much family history for ages. A lot of what I found out is on my website but I have more information on paper which I was going to spend time sorting and uploading after I retired but I haven't managed to do any! Also I have never subscribed to Ancestry or Find My Past and I understand things relating to records have changed a lot in the past ten years or so. When I was searching, there were a very large number of Devon church records that weren't allowed to be digitised but I believe that has now changed and most parish data is now available online. Is that true?

I have a page about early records here:
but more data may now be available.

If there is anything you can add to my pages or feel is in error do let me know. I still try to update the site if people ask.

I would like to look at your family tree when I get some time. How would I go about that?
Deleted by author 05-02-2019 08:39
08:37 GMT
Hi Sandra
I think I have been lucky that my family in Blackawton was earlier in time when there were fewer people. Their names are also less common. I haven't followed the Windeatt line down very far as I have followed the descent of my 8x great grandmothers' marriages. Findmypast has pretty good coverage of Devon records and using a wildcard search it is possible to pick up variations in the Windeatt surname. The earliest ones I have come across are in Ugborough, then just one Will for Richard in Ashburton in 1547, and records appear at about that time in Dartington too. Obviously the survival of the early records is patchy and their condition often makes them almost illegible, so we are probably only seeing a fraction of the events that occurred. Later on (1640/41) the Protestation Return transcripts on devonheritage.org are useful.
My tree on Ancestry is public (it is huge as I have all branches on one tree, but it is carefully checked and sourced). It can be found using the email address linda.gregory152@gmail.com and is LG Family Tree all branches. It would be great to link some of the families together.
Edited 05-02-2019 08:37
15:44 GMT
Hello Linda
I am a bit out of touch with family history these days but was intrigued by your message. How did you manage to get so far back? I have only managed to get back to a baptism in 1742 - before that there are just so many Johns, Williams, Elizabeths and Marys etc., that it is impossible to identify them accurately. I don't think I have come across these names before but then it is all a bit in the distant past. All I can say is that Blackawton appears to be fairly near Totnes and there were WINDEATTs in that area from way back.
So it is likely that your ancestors (if you are sure of the lineage) could be related to that Totnes tree but as they all moved around quite a bit that can't be certain. However, they will definitely be linked in some way to the Devon WINDEATTs which may or may not all be related because we have not so far managed to link the seven or eight branches up together.
Edited 04-02-2019 15:46
Linda Gregory
10:03 GMT
Hi. I have 2 8x gt grandmothers (sisters), Silphan (1631 - 1664) and Thomasine Windett (1627 -1700), from Blackawton. They are descended from William Windeat/Windett who married in 1560 and died in 1576, also Blackawton. Are these in any way linked to the various Windeatts on here? Thanks. Linda
09:58 GMT
This is very interesting. John was a younger brother of my husband's great great grandfather and appears to have led an interesting life. Congratulations on finding the Naval Record - that could well be him and explain his absence from the 1861 and the Irish marriage in 1866. He would have been very young when he volunteered but there was a family connection and perhaps he was the inspiration for his elder brother's later enlistment in the Marines in 1860. The service record might explain further.
Thank you again for this. You may have realised from the lack of activity on the pages and this message board that I have not really been doing any family history for years but I am still interested in new discoveries especially for our Horrabridge tree. Which of John's children is your wife descended from? And do let me know what more you may find out. You can contact me privately via email - see my address at the bottom of the home page - you have to copy the address because it is not a link (to avoid spam).
John Anderson
17:08 GMT
I have been researching the Windeatt family (my wife's mother's maiden name). I came across the page for John Windeatt ?1841 - 1890 - The Musician who moved to Manchester. He would be my wife's second great grandfather. I note that it has not proven possible to find a birth certificate and the evidence that it must have been after the 1841 census. Also, I cannot find him in the 1861 census. I note the likely marriage in Ireland in 1866.

I chanced upon a record of Naval volunteers in the National Archives here http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D7876286 for a John Windeatt born 12 August 1841 in Exeter. It says he volunteered on 6 March 1856. Could it be that he went to sea for a period potentially explaining both the Irish connection and the absence from the 1861 England census? Just speculating so would be most interested in what others may think to this as a possible explanation.
Kay WilsonPerson was signed in when posted
11:04 GMT
I am researching the family of my husband whose mother was born Mollie Wingett in 1915 in Devonport and whose family traces back to the Wingett's of Dodbrooke. Reading your excellent pages I see that you question what had happened to Nicholas(1825-1888) daughter Alma Jane. In 1878 she married George Paddon Irish in Newton Abbot. George was born in 1855 in Ashburton and was the son of George Irish and Jane Paddon. Hope this helps! On the same line of research I am having trouble finding the birth of Jane March who married Alma Janes grandfather William and wonder if anyone can help - I wonder if perhaps Jane was not her first name as I have searched all the records for West Alvington and nearby parishes. Any help would be gratefully received.
16:25 GMT
Hello Susan,
Thanks you very much for this information. I am afraid the only information I have about this family comes from a relative and so I don't know why Augusta was born in the West Indies. However, I would be very grateful if you could send me scans of any photos featuring WINDEATTs should that be possible. My private email address is at the bottom of the Home page: http://www.windeatt.f2s.com/windeatt/index.htm I'm afraid you can't just click on it but have to copy it carefully (a precaution against spam).
Thanks again for sharing this.
02:37 GMT
Hello Sandra: Charlotte, Blanche, and Dorothy were the beloved cousins of my grandmother Josephine Gehrig Pace. Her mother, Anna Guetschow Gehrig was the sister of Augusta. I think I have some old photographs of the Guetschow family which include James and Augusta (picnicking in the woods, get-togethers in Oak Park) , and I might have a cabinet card or two taken by Windeatt mixed in with those of my great-grandfather, Joseph W. Gehrig.

Do you have any idea why Augusta was born in the West Indies? I believe she was the oldest of the six Guetschow children.
13:13 GMT
Thanks for this (and for replying - it's surprising how many people don't!). I have finally got the web editing software installed on my new computer so I will let you know when it is done. Thanks again.
15:32 GMT
Yes it's ok for you to put the information on the website (I forgot to mention that in my last post). Anne
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