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Mar 10 - An empty bottle can also be a good thing

stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
01:24 AM ET (US)
That, sir, I will most gladly do!
Mike Golby
01:16 AM ET (US)
Hah! Have one on me, my friend. No, have one for me. In fact, have a bottle - no, get totally shifaced and roar our amazing lives to Heaven, howl the holy fucking magical mystery of it all to the friendly star-studded, winelit night for me for they were good times, great times, times to remember, times to savor, the times of my being.

Yes, for me, I have no regrets - just a few problems at the moment, as do most of us.

Thanks Chris, it was cathartic and your empathy is greatly appreciated. I had a lot of ugly stuff bubbling under the surface that I'd normally share with the wife, but she's unavailable at the moment :). So, to clear the way for my new drug of choice, i.e. blogging (I've had many alternatives over the years I've been sober), I had to rid myself of the chains of head musings and general state of mental muddlefuck. I think it worked and I've dumped the sense of self-bereavement.

Now, let me not keep you, the afternoon is wasting. Hie ye down to the nearest pub and toss a frosty for me :).
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
11:58 PM ET (US)
Original post here.

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