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Living on Disability

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William A. Ford
05:23 PM ET (US)
Wow, four subscribers now. I understand the reservations of posting personal info on a web site, but you can "fudge" your name. :-)

If anyone wanted to e-mail me directly with questions, concerns, or even subjects they'd like to see discussed, I'd be happy to accomodate any requests that I can.

You can e-mail me from my personal web site by using the webmaster addy or the research addy;

I don't collect e-mail addys to sell, I don't write newsletters, I'm just a simple guy doing some simple stuff for people. If you're worried about giving out your e-mail addy to someone you don't know use a throw-away addy through Yahoo. Easy to sign-up for and it's free. Just don't forget to opt-out of all their e-mail newsletters and service solicitations...yea, I said opt-out...default for them is to sign you up for everything.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from the readers and find out what y'all want to read about.

Until next time, Enjoy!

William A. Ford
12:07 PM ET (US)
Once more, I'm behind. ;-)

I've been dealing with a bout of depression and haven't been online much these past six months. However, I've been getting back lately and working on several of my own web sites.

Here's the one I've been wanting to post here, and it has a lot of medical information on it.

William A. FordPerson was signed in when posted
01:43 AM ET (US)
Hello Again,

Well, my Pain Management MD finally approved me for a permanent disabled parking placard. I'm not sure how to take that. Good because now I won't have to wait at the DMV for several hours twice a year for the replacement or bad because it's...well...permanent.

I've been told from the beginning that my back injury would only get worse as I got older and that there would never be a "good fix" for it, but this sort of makes that so much more realistic.

I've been dealt a few blows recently and it makes me think about how lucky I am sometimes to even be alive. I know there are those who are worse off than me and I have to try and find some positives in my life. Even though I have physical problems, I'm not dying from them. I have a wife and children that love me and support me in what I do. I realize that it's not easy for them sometimes, but they stick by me no matter what and nobody can be any luckier than that. It's not easy, but I have to try and find some positives in order to keep going.

Take care and remember that there is always someone else that is worse off than you. Sometimes that helps to just make it through one more day.

Until the next time, Enjoy!

08:40 AM ET (US)

Hi! I don't even know who frissy is. Actually I've only been upset at one person on a message board as it wasn't TMF (nor this board). I was talking about a non-electronic friend (well, we did email at times, but we live in the same town). I accidentally ran into this person yesterday...she came within one inch of my shoulder and obviously tried hard to avoid eye contact (she looked funny doing it). Then in the parking lot our cars met at an intersection and she waives. I guess she felt safe behind all that steel. made me feel better. It made it seem to me that she is nervous and afraid of running into me...probably afraid I might try to talk to her or something. I don't know. But this is not what this board is for and I'm suppose to be helping my daughter get ready for school, so I will set you free...

Have a great day!

William A. FordPerson was signed in when posted
07:48 PM ET (US)
Hello All,

OK, so if we reply by e-mail to a post, the reply goes directly to the Topic being replied to. That's kind of neat, but I can't edit the message. That's not neat.

Learning something new everyday.

William A. Ford
07:33 PM ET (US)
Hey E,

I haven't had the chance to e-mail anyone through QT yet, so I'm trying it out on you. ;-)

If it's frissy you're talking about, use the PBox. She just doesn't know when to stop. No one ever knows if they've been PBoxed as they're never notified, so don't be afraid to use it.

I think about my posts sometimes too. I post on several boards that might be considered a little risqu&#E9;, but sometimes I really don't care what people think about me.

Whoever it was, just let it go. Don't let it eat you up or it'll drive ya nuts!

And I don't think you're being selfish, it's called being careful.
I haven't been to the QT board yet today, but I'll go check it out later after I get caught up on my TMF boards. One thing I like about QT is that I have control of the boards, so if I ever have anyone being mean or starting trouble I can boot them out.

See ya around!


< replied-to message removed by QT >
03:00 PM ET (US)
I don't know what to do with this site yet as I can't seem to get anyone else to join and participate, but I don't want to lose this either as it has potential.

Hi Bill! Now that I found you I will read your messages.

I've have converted from being a poster to mostly a lurker (unless I need help as I'm sure you have figured out...I post a lot then). Yes, I realize this appears selfish, but I'm not doing it for selfish reasons.

As you may or may not know (as I don't remember if I told you) I had a "falling out" with a "real live" person and because of it I've been rethinking everything I say and write (I don't know why this happened and I swear on my father's grave I would have never hurt this person intentionally. All I know is that it was something I said, but I don't know what I said or when I said it.), which has lead to me saying a lot less than I usually do.

So that is all for now.

Edited 12-09-2002 03:00 PM
William A. Ford
01:29 AM ET (US)
William A. Ford
10:49 PM ET (US)
New topic: The Fool's Fools
William A. Ford
09:46 PM ET (US)
Howdy Y'all,

Well, another month has passed and I still haven't posted regularly, but y'all gotta remember it's hard talking to yourself all the time. I don't know how people can create and maintain a Blog.

Anyway, I am hanging in there. Keeping busy with my web site and posting on TMF regularly.

I don't know what to do with this site yet as I can't seem to get anyone else to join and participate, but I don't want to lose this either as it has potential.

So, until next time, Enjoy!

William A. Ford
05:09 AM ET (US)
Well, talk about being busy! ;-0

No, that's a good thing, but it would be better if I were making some $$ while I'm being so busy. ;-)

I have been working on my web site a lot lately! I have finally learned some of the basics of HTML and have cleaned up my site. Now it looks better.

However, since I've been working on this so much, I haven't been able to go to PT. Because I'm not going, the pain is getting worse. *sigh*

I couldn't imagine what it would be like to work a full eight hour day now. I can't sit for any length of time nor can I stand for any length of time. *sigh*

It's really depressing thinking that I might not ever support my family again financially. It's OK being a Stay-At-Home-Dad, but it would be better if I could work again. It's really difficult having always worked some sort of laborious job and now not being able to do anything physically.

Until the next post, Enjoy and Take Care!

William A. Ford
12:16 PM ET (US)
Wow! Where has the time gone?

I have been very busy lately creating and working on four web sites, one MD's office (networking project), and several other small jobs. Add to that that both of my boys are going to school for Football practice and one of them is going to Marching Band practice and I'm going to PT three times a week and I'm very busy. I guess that's good, but it does take away from other things I want to work on.

I do have some good news. I won my appeal! Thank God! The bills for my Doc were already up to $14k and I also found out that those aren't the only ones outstanding. The insurance company has denied bills going back two years and didn't inform me of this. However, the N.H. Dept. of Labor reamed them out good for this. ;-)

I notice that someone else has signed up to be notified about any new postings here. Don't worry, I don't know who you are as you're ID is confidential (meaning it won't tell me who you are even if I wanted it to).

It would be nice if you'd say "Hello" and tell me if there's something you'd like to see discussed here or if you need help finding something. I'm usually pretty good at finding things on the Internet.

I hope to be promoting this site soon so that I can attract more people and we can have some real discussions. It does get kind of boring talking to myself. ;-)

Anyway, I'm going to try to post here at least once a week, just please don't hold me to this. If there were more people posting, it'd be easier for me to want to talk here more often.

Until the next post, Take Care!

William A. FordPerson was signed in when posted
09:57 PM ET (US)
Well, Hello Again,

I've been very busy lately. I built a web site and am now builing another. This second one will be a little more techical since it will have all of my business info on it and I also need to create a logo for the business.

I've also been posting a lot of the Motley Fool boards and helping some of the readers there on and off topic.

On top of that I have several repair jobs I'm working on and lots of newsletters to catch up on.

My son Nathan won a Presidential Excellence award for PE class. My wife won the Associate of the Month award at work. And my son Andrew won a total of 8 awards Friday night. WOW! That's my boy! The two most important were the "Spirit of Brookland Citizenship Award" and the "Principals Merit Award." Go get 'em Andrew!!!

He made a complete change this year in everthing he does. I talked with Mr. Newman, the Principal, on the way out and was stopped by many of Andrew's Teachers bragging about how good he is, how he likes to help people and that they will miss him next year. He graduates to 9th grade next year. Even the Groundkeeper came over and bragged about how Andrew always had something nice to say about him and his crew and the work they were doing. He was really impressed with Andrew and wishes he was staying around for a few more years. So, now I'm strutting around like a Proud Peacock!!!

And, last, but not least, Mom, Dad, Ang & Gerry are coming down next week for Crystal's Graduation. We are getting excited and so are they. Mom has already packed her bags.

They'll only be here for a week, but we're excited that we get to see them regardless of how much time is involved. They're family and we love them!! I can't wait!!

So, you know I'm busy, but maybe after a couple of weeks I'll get myself settled back in and back on track. ;-)

Edited 08-08-2002 11:53 AM
William A. FordPerson was signed in when posted
03:15 AM ET (US)
Hello Again,

And time keeps cruising without slowing down. ;-)

I just created a new Topic for Marfan Syndrome discussions.

I am also working on another web site of mine and am spending a good amount of time doing so. However, I will try to keep posting here and keep hoping that you will join in soon. ;-)

Until the next time...Enjoy!

William A. Ford
03:03 AM ET (US)
New topic: Marfan Syndrome
William A. Ford
02:47 PM ET (US)
Wow! Time has been flying by lately! I just recently created a web site for myself and even though it was easy it still took some time. I'm not done with it yet as it will always be an ever changing, expanding site, but at least it's finally "live."

Anyway, I had my hearing with the DOL, but they didn't have all the info they were supposed to have so I had to reschedule another. Grrr...

Now that this has been pushed back again a hospital that is owed monies has sent the debt to a lawyer for collection. Little do they (hospital) know there is nothing they can do to me at this point. It is a workers comp claim and as long as I'm trying to help them get their money they can't file a suit against me. The lawyers should already know this.

What really peeves me about this is the the hospital waited over a year had passed before informing me that the insurance company refused to pay them. Oh well...

I found another doctor last year who actually listens to me and my needs/desires. He's awesome! He started me with PT, which I am still doing 3 times a week, and won't suggest any narcotics as I told him I will not take any more narcotics because of what happened with the previous doctor.

I wish I had found him sooner, but am happy that I found him, period! My life is so much better now both physically and mentally. :-)

Until the next time, Enjoy!

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