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Memoirs of a genre hero

01:18 PM ET (US)
Judy was my great aunt, and I was lucky enough to meet her just before she died. I can't wait to read the book, which hopefully will have significant distribution in the US as well as Canada, where she was so influential. (hi, Em!)
Pat YorkPerson was signed in when posted
05:37 PM ET (US)
I knew her only in old age--she was wheelchair bound, always surrounded by a group of accolytes, with a sweep of long, white hair which it was clear she wanted styled just so.

So was ill but her mind still flashed out ideas, laser sharp and clear. The field is still full of Judy Merrill stories. People shake their heads in wonder as they tell them.

 A very great soul.
05:16 PM ET (US)
Thanks for letting people know about the book, Cory. It's great to hear how Judith influenced so many talented writers to follow their inspirations. :)

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