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Minutes to Meeting for Taunton River Wild & Scenic Committee
on Wednesday, January 9th 2002 at SRPEDD office.

Add your comment on this item1 Attendees: Kitty Doherty; Tricia Cassady; Frank Bibbins, Bruce Dyer, Bridgewater; Burke Fountain, Ray Brierly, Jim Ross, Steve Cote, Raynham; Bill Taylor, Middleboro; Aria Brisette, Maryan Nowak, Jasmine Tanguay, Taunton; Bob Davis, TRWA; Scott MacFaden, Wildlands Trust; Joan Kimball, DFWELE Riverways; Pat Rogers, EOEA; Maisy McDarby, Bill Napolitano, SRPEDD; Jamie Fosburgh, National Park Service

Add your comment on this item2 Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Bill Napolitano on behalf of the committee. Subcommittee minutes from December 4, 2001 were approved unanimously. Because there were no volunteers to assume positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, a Nominating Committee was appointed (Bill Napolitano and Kitty Doherty volunteered). The Nominating Committee will be contacting Wild & Scenic Committee members during January.

Add your comment on this item3 Jamie Fosburgh, NPS, gave an update of NPS activities and an overview of some issues to be resolved by the Upper Taunton River Committee; Jamie reported to the committee members that he will be without e-mail until further notice per Dept. of Interior. As for focus issues to be resolved for the Upper Taunton Study, the following were brought up:

Add your comment on this item4 It was decided that representatives from each municipality should talk/meet over the next month to put together a list of what they believe are the outstanding resources values of the Taunton River in their respective communities.

Add your comment on this item5  Joan Kimball gave an update on the Taunton Heritage River Program; six grants totaling over $61,000 were given to organizations in Fall River, Freetown, Taunton, Raynham, Middleboro and Bridgewater for projects that highlight some cultural, historical, recreational or natural feature of the river. These projects will be highlighted in a brochure (to be designed) and marked by signs containing a Taunton Heritage River logo (to be designed).

Add your comment on this item6 Maisy McDarby gave an update on the GIS and website activities to date (handouts were given); Maisy has developed a chat room, capacity for viewing and amending minutes on-line, an interactive calendar and several other features; the site should be fully operational sometime this Spring. Jamie stated that this was the only Wild & Scenic website in Massachusetts and perhaps the only interactive site in the country (!)

Add your comment on this item7  Bill Napolitano gave the work plan updates regarding revision of existing documents; including the Natural Resources Assessment, Recreational Opportunities Assessment and Landowners Inventory; SRPEDD has also digitized the Bristol County, North Soils Maps for the Wild & Scenic corridor.

Add your comment on this item8 The Wild & Scenic Committee voted to follow the previous map boundaries provided by EOEA, with the possibility of revising to include tributaries. The Wild & Scenic Committee voted to include all of the Bridgewater Correctional property in the corridor mapping as a priority conservation site.

Add your comment on this item9 The first Wild & Scenic outreach meeting and speaker event was moved to February 13, 2002 at 7:00 p.m., Middleboro Town Hall. The featured speaker will be Bill Taylor and the topic will be Archaeology and Cultural Resources of the Upper Taunton (or, What I've Found in the Last 60 Years!).

Add your comment on this item10 Additional sub-committees were formed, as follows:

Add your comment on this item11 The Wild & Scenic committee also voted to support the Taunton Heritage River design workshop this spring with a $300 contribution to cover lunch.

Add your comment on this item12 Next Meeting: February 13, 2002, 7:00 p.m., Middleboro Town Hall; subcommittees will be contacted and information on the February 13 meeting will be sent to all Town Halls.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.