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Feb 05 - Pop!

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stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
03:07 AM ET (US)
If I can get them to sweeten the pot enough, it's still a possibility! I miss Sydney with a vengeance!
Burningbird aka Shelley
02:51 AM ET (US)
Sounds to me as if you made your decision to stay in Korea and not take the Oz gig.

Bummer. I was hoping to visit all my Oz weblogging buddies with a visit in the Fall.
Edited 02-06-2002 02:51 AM
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
02:02 AM ET (US)
Don't you ever feel claustrophobic?
I do miss having (english-fluent) people to talk to, other than the two guys I work with, but I've never been one to need a large circle of friends, and unless I've been drinking, I'm not one to babble overmuch anyway. A lot of my need for discourse is satisfied on the net for me - here, on Metafilter, via IM... I'm not sure if it's as a result of my carry-my-world-with-me-in-my-backpack mentality, or some circuit in my brain that misfires, but...no. Not really.
01:23 AM ET (US)
burningbird, I kind of know what you mean... I love the computer screen and all, but I have to have human contact. The times I've been in Korea, I've been surrounded by extended family and I couldn't block the culture out. It was like I was suffocating. My memories are quite outdated, but I remember feeling incredibly stressed out. I think Koreans are more prone to narrow-mindedness simply because of the homogeneity of their culture. If I didn't have my sister to hash things out with (in english) I think at some point I would have gone crazy.

stavros, I find it amazing that you can block all of it out. Don't you ever feel claustrophobic?
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
10:09 PM ET (US)
Well, I don't really need to, I find. I've spent my entire adult life wandering around the globe, so I've gotten a bit, I dunno, detached from things like TV series and stuff. I've always been a reader, and with the net there's no problem finding, either through legit means or otherwise, all the reading material I want, digitized. There are, of course, galleries and theatres and stuff here, but I rarely indulge anyway.

I get two English TV stations - Armed Forces Korea Network, which between exhortations like 'Don't use beer bottles as weapons 'cause that's bay-ad hyuck and you'll go to jail' (I'm serious - this is the caliber of soldiery here that they need to make TV ads to remind them of this), plays the 'best' of all the American networks in a hodgepodge of free-to-air crap, and the National Geographic channel. I rarely watch TV, but between them I get what I need. I never watch news, as it invariably infuriates me with its biased, surface, entertainment-as-propaganda (or is it propaganda-as-entertainment) format. Including mannequin-fronted C-fucking-NN.

What was I talking about?

Ah. I use the net for pretty much all my cultural needs. Massive cheap broadband makes it possible, and that's pretty much the way I like it. I can always stream BBCWorld news or whatever else if I'm desperate for video.

Music wise - mp3. That's all. Oh, and launchcast, which, even though it was gutted by yahoo when they took it over, still rocks.

So I get all the western crap I want or need, and the Korean stuff is just icing on the cake, or leather on the shoe, or something. I'm used to being surrounded by voices speaking in a language I understand little if at all, so it's no problem for me. I don't need to turn it off so much as just tune it out...

Damn. I still haven't had my first coffee...
Burningbird aka Shelley
02:50 AM ET (US)
I'm dead tired tonight and mind is weak but I wonder about something. You have a lot of free time in your current job, and an appreciation of the Korean culture. But don't you ever find yourself boxed in by the culture at times?

Especially in today's posting. You can turn off a pop song when it comes on the radio, but how do you turn off a pop culture?
Edited 02-05-2002 02:50 AM
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
09:29 PM ET (US)
Original post here.