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Hawaiian MP3 CD

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08:03 PM ET (US)
Just a note to all those interested in this -- there's a great radio show from WFMU, a public radio station in New Jersey, I think, that offers the weekly show in streaming audio .. go to http://wfmu.org/playlists/AP
Mark FrauenfelderPerson was signed in when posted
06:26 PM ET (US)
Here's the info about it:

188 HAWAIIAN 78's on one MP3 CD
"WAIKIKI IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME" is a "best of" compilation from my own collection of Hawaiian music. This CD contains almost 10 hours of Hawaiian steel guitar music from the years 1925 through 1938.

Featured throughout the CD are many of the era's most famous stars including: Sol Hoopii, Bennie Nawahi, Sam Ku West and Andy Iona. Many of the songs on the CD have never been reissued in any format, and some are the only known copies.

The original 78s were transferred direct to CD format using a TASCAM CD recorder. The equalization was set employing a Reproduction curve of 500Hz & -5dB @10kHz. I use custom styli and a mono tube amp to ensure proper reproduction of the original sound.

The CD's were converted to MP3 format using MusicMatch software. Each MP3 file was recorded at 160 kbs (CD quality). The result is a file size about 15% of the original CD copy with no discernible loss in audio quality. This CD is playable on any computer or CD player that can play MP3 files.

I've found the MP3 format an acceptable medium for the reproduction of 78-RPM records. The limitation to MP3 recordings seems to be an inability to handle loud distorted passages, such as in hard rock, or rap recordings. MP3's made from 78-RPM recordings, perhaps because the recording technology was so simple, tend to sound exactly like the CD masters they came from.

Very little noise reduction was employed in the making of the "WAIKIKI IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME" MP3 CD. The purpose of the CD was to have the sound exactly match that of the original 78 recording. This can sometime be a bit trying for the novice listener. It's suggested you adjust the equalization settings on your player to your liking.

NOTE: The records used in the making of this CD were generally in excellent condition. There are exceptions, especially with some of the rarer records. Please note that even excellent condition 78-RPM records can still have slight surface noise, and some tics and pops.

On 12/5/2001 a San Francisco paper, The SF Weekly, ran an article featuring the "Waikiki Is Good Enough For Me" CD. Titled "Slack keys and MP3s" it details the re-issue projects of fellow collector Al Dodge and myself. Click here to view a copy of the article.

The "WAIKIKI IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME" MP3 CD sells for $19.99 including shipping. Orders from outside the continental United States, add $3.00. 

Send your check or money order to:

Dave Stewart
1321 Lincoln St
Fairfield Ca 94533

 "WAIKIKI IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME" can now be ordered on-line through the Down Home Music web site. To see their review or to order a copy click here.

Questions? E-mail me at Stew@Castles.com.
06:22 PM ET (US)
Dave Stewart from Eurythmics?

Wow, did we just see the Boing-Boing effect, or was this linked somewhere else?
06:10 PM ET (US)
You boing-boinged them.