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10:54 PM ET (US)
Hello....I came across a message in your website about a child of 7 years mentioning about Lemuria and Planet Mars.
Iam basically from India, and have done some research on this topic for years now, and is confirmed that Planet Mars and Lemuria continent had several ties. Lemuria continent was located South of India, and in Tamil language it is called as KUMARI KANDAM. This continent was taken over by sea, and various knowledge is lost in that. The latest message is that this is going to be revived. The knowledge of Lemuria will be talked more often, and life in planet Mars will be more of reality in comings years.
Sandy StevensonPerson was signed in when posted
02:05 PM ET (US)
Welcome everyone to an amazing 2018. Remember we are creators - so create the life you prefer.
Sandy StevensonPerson was signed in when posted
08:17 PM ET (US)
Hello everyone. Board is closing or a few weeks as I am going overseas. Back after Christmas.

 Christmas offers us
 peace beyond the visible
 silence and highest light -
 love blessings grace serenity
 an intangible memory
 reaching us like a fragrance -
 the intrinsic truth of
 who we are -
 Eternal Creators

Love forever
01:03 AM ET (US)
Hi Brandy, Relax. You are just as light as your boyfriend.
The therapist was only picking up some negative energy (we don't usually call it 'dark' unless it is and yours isn't) and everyone has some negative energy'. We all have incidents from the past that contain some dense energy. It needs releasing when you have time. See my article 'let go off reactions' on my Articles page on my site.
I cant imagine anyone wanting dark energy as a snack, but each to their own!!
brandy moore
08:35 AM ET (US)
So a friend of mine is a massage therapist and she's really been getting into energy work (within that field). So she was working on my boyfriend and sensed "light energy" (whatever that means) and "dark energy" in me. She's not really practicing any specific type of work. It's just her own intuition.

So I'm trying to see what it all means. So I looked up some energy stuff and found your website and it said something about people who work with light energy are trying to work with the source or God and people who work with dark energy use fear and some other stuff. So if my friend is sensing dark energy within me (with swirls of white) what does that mean for me?

 To be honest my whole life I've been looking for God and the source so I'm sort of suprised. At the same time though I've battled with suicidal thoughts my entire life as well. Is this just the way I am? Am I a dark person disguised as a light person because people always tell me how sweet and kind and compassionate I am, though I never feel that way about myself. Which is why I go even more so out of my way because I guess I'm trying to convince myself I'm a good person.

Also my friend said she likes dark energy because it's a "snack" to her. Like she feeds off of it. I told her she can take all my dark energy because I don't want it lol.
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02:41 AM ET (US)
Hi Kevin. You are very welcome. I don't really register the dates, more the titles. But whatever it was I am glad you enjoyed it. Many have already returned home. All going according to plan.
01:49 AM ET (US)
Picked your site out of Goggle search for starseed & old soul....read aug '14 article and Jan '16. thank-you thank-you thank-you .... much work to do time is short I feel
03:03 PM ET (US)
Hello Sue
Sorry, my workshops programmes are now completed. There was a finite time for the workshop programme which ran from Alpha to Omega. The UK light force is amazing. Everything is now out there and available to all, allowing each to take the steps necessary to be themselves and truly resume their own mastery.
Sue hallam
02:38 PM ET (US)
Anymore workshops planned in the UK at all?
08:40 PM ET (US)
Look out world - here I come!

The universe hears you.....Yeah!!
04:00 PM ET (US)
I'm 30 and live in DC. Everything makes entirely too much sense to not be absolutely true. I'm coming into myself and finding my higher self each and every passing day. It can be a struggle sometimes... But I'm strong and believe. I'm here and ready.
03:44 AM ET (US)
As we know if we are following our intuition, then the people we are meant to connect with will be in our space. It is all so perfect.
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08:06 AM ET (US)
Hello, I am sorry that I write all the time but I want to share one small thing I noticed during my trip and even when I returned back home. I noticed, that many times, actually every day, when I went to the shops or cafes, they were quite empty, I was the only custom there. But then, suddenly, when I was there, people started to come and suddenly the shop/cafe was full of people. The same happened when I returned home. It was (is) like I was some kind of magnet for people. So, it seems to me, that the first part of my trip, when we were in very empty places, really did not match with me and I was pushed to go to the place that was lively. And if I was sitting or shopping alone somewhere, soon I was surrounded by many people. It happened so regularly, that I doubt it is an accident.
03:48 AM ET (US)
Thank you Sandy! Well, I did not expected an answer, I just wanted to share my experiences. I am back home in Berlin now from Sardinia. To tell the truth, I do not know any more why I went there. Everything happened according to retrograding planets! People, with whom I went there, turned out to be total scammers. After spending 2 days with them, I took my car and continued my trip alone. Sudden change of plans, so to speak! But it was amazing! There are so many details what happened, about the symbolism they represent in my life - for example my car and who drives it, me or someone else. Anyway, it seemed to me that when I took the reins in my own hands, my trip turned to be full of light, sun and friendly people. Yes, this two days with the "group" were spent in the empty areas with no people, no connections to anywhere, isolated areas, empty spaces, like ghost-towns. Really towns, where were no people around, only few! I did not know anything about Sardinia, because I had booked the trip so fast that I did not had time to read abut it. I felt myself blind there, unsure where I am in the map and I had to find it all out there! When I was planning my escape from the group, the receptionist of the hotel gave me the buss timetables from Olistaro to the city Sassari. I decided to go there even I took my rented car, not the buss. It was amazing: when I went there, near to my new hotel was a museum that name is Sanna (Museo Nazionale Sanna). My first name is Sanna. I asked the receptionist of my new hotel about the name and he told, that Sanna is a common name in Sardinia. I had thought that is is an old Finnish name! I've never in my life seen anywhere else the name Sanna, with 2 "n"s. I went to the old city that was full of life, total opposite of the beginning of my journey. I liked the sounds in old market places and squares and narrow alleys where I walked. People were friendly and kind and soon after the first day, when I was walking there, there were people who said "Hello!" to me when I accidentally met them agin in the street or alley or some square. I felt like home there. I just a somehow "terrified" feeling, that I will stay there longer. I do not speak any Italian but those people stopped by me and talked to me, explained everything to me and somehow it seemed, that we could "talk" without understanding a word, or word or two. Then I find out, that Sardinia is suspected to be a part of Atlantis. I can believe it: the landscape in Sardinia is exactly as in pictures, that are described in all paintings and pictures I've seen of Atlantis. Besides that, those people are not only kind, they are hearty. I've heard also, that in Atlantis, people were extremely kind and hearty and also that they were aware of their thinking, because they could communicate without words. And I was communicating there almost without words, or with words I could not understand not they could understand mine. The homely feeling I had there, made me to doubt that I have lived there before and especially when Mars is retrograding, and especially when it is retrograding in my 4th house (that represent roots and home) the feeling was more or less "coming back home". And I was thinking, that without the death episode of the first part of my trip, I would have not known anything abut this small town. I actually feel, that my vibrations really did not match with the group and those environments they visited and this place, where I went, was truly calling me. The Law of Attraction was evident. After all, all went well, but I still not know why I made the trip. Before I left there, I had an unpleasant feeling of the travel arrangements of those two people, who were arranging the trip and I was about to cancel it - but on the other hand I had the feeling that I want to go to Sardinia. Well, my uncomfortable feeling of those people turned to be very right, because they truly were scammers, they were even scary in the end. Dangerously manipulative people! I was a little afraid when I noticed it and noticed, how they took us other 2 in the very empty places and charge of every minute we spent time with them - on the there hand they did not give any possibility to go away. Suddenly the prize they had told before the trip changed etc. My escape was truly an escape, because they did everything to stop me, they even tried to take my carkeys from me - but I do not want to go to details in this. I was just thinking, after my trip, that it is really better always to believe in my instincts. Actually what saved my trip was, that I finally listened to how I felt truly and took the reins in my own hands. After that everything was clear and fine again. This trip was somehow a miniature of an ascension: from darkness into the light. But still I can not understand, why I had to experience the first part. I was a little disappointed to myself, when I had created that part in my life, because I thought, that I am already over those kind of things. But this was very bad, the worst I've experienced in my life I think. I do not understand, what in me made it happen. Anyway, I got out of it and into the light and I take it also as a symbol of my life. And the light comes, when I take the reins in my own hand. It is also part of my favourite theme: freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to make mistakes and freedom to make correction.
06:06 PM ET (US)
Hello Johanna
Thank you so much for your story. It sounds like you have a wonderful grasp of life. I am sorry I don't have time to reply to the many lovely points you have made, but know in my heart I appreciate your message. I know Berlin and I lived there briefly when the wall was up. I am so glad some articles have assisted you. When we go with our intuition and take every opportunity to remain in unconditional love and notice our reactions and release them, we are surely on a steadily moving forward path of excitement and joy. How lucky we are to know these things and have the tools at hand to progress our evolution. Much love. Sandy
05:35 AM ET (US)
Hello, nice to meet everyone here! I have a need to write of some exciting happenings in my life somewhere. Egoistic or not... And warning: this comment might be long. First of all, about the previous comment: "If we don't look after ourselves, we can't hope to help others." This theme has been very relevant to me in my few past years. It has taken decades for me to understand, what means "to love myself" and "to take care of myself" and I just stated few years ago to do it. Everyone talks about it, but no-one has never quite clearly said, what that means, HOW to do it. To feel good has been somehow an irrelevant matter in my life, or feelings in general. Now, in past years, I've started to have a glue what this all means! And suddenly I am in the situation, where I hear, that all that matters are my feelings, when all my life I have learned, that they are the last thing I must take care of! That my feelings are something that I definitely must ignore. And now I have turned my heart to take my feelings into consideration. So much has happened since I started to take care of myself, even I did not know, then, that it is exactly what it was question about: I started yoga, mindfulness, I joined the meditation group, I started to do things I loved since childhood but I had pushed away for decades, like drawing, painting, knitting etc. Now, later I see that I started to do these things more and more, little by little and as a result, I suddenly got a possibility to quit my job that was not resonating with me any more at all, I sold my flat to get money and moved to Berlin, out of my home country. It was interesting: I had hoped to have a possibility to live abroad. I love big cities and I enjoy to be in foreign lands. I am somehow adventurous and this beed I had repressed for so many years! Now I just did it! I visited 4 days in Berlin during my summer holidays in 2014, and then I got such a strong feeling ( I even saw dreams about packing my things and moving) that, ok, I must move here - after 9 months of that "knowledge" I was living in Berlin! My daughter already lives in England, not my home country so I did have nothing why I should be stuck somewhere. I have been in contact loosely to some of my old friends, but I have a feeling, that they are little by little disappearing from my life. One friend of mine has had very difficult experiences: her husband died for cancer and she took care of him. Before that her husband got sick she got known that he had been felt in love with another women. Then after his husband's death came out, that her daughter has anorexia, and my friend "had to" take care of her, she is totally tight to food now. What to eat and when and things like this. Of course she is tired! And me, who has left these kind of things behind, wrote to her in one of my mail: "Take care of yourself so that when your daughter gets well, she does not have to take care of you, then!" I think that my friend got angry to me, because I have not heard from her ever since and I somehow regretted that I had opened my mouth and said something like that. And suddenly I understood some patterns in basic family-lives so well: "Because I take care of you so that I get ill, you must take care of me when I am ill!" When I said something that is totally opposite of this pattern, there was this reaction!

In my life I've noticed, that the best I can do for my daughter, is to take care of myself. She does not want that I take care of her - she wants to feel that she is capable to do it herself! Only thing she wants is, that I take care of myself, live my own life and am well, so that she can have her freedom to have her life. I think that it is not uncommon wish of children in general.

But I am here in the Message Board because yesterday morning I happened to read your article "Is Ascension really happening" from the sites of www.luxonia.com, in Finnish, where it is translated, and then I wanted to see the original article and then I read some more of your articles. They resonate with me very well. "Is Ascension really happening" was a very good information for me again to read, and there are so many things that fits my life. For example, I have never felt - or maybe never, but I do not remember any more - so clearly, that I am now exactly where I have to be. I do not know this language yet very well and so, but everything, everything I have done here, or met people, seem to click in their place effortlessly. It is just as if I go out and pick up apples from the trees when I want. If I need something, I do not have to search: I just take a walk and that thing comes to me! Just few days ago I thought, that I stop looking after things I need or want. I just think, that I need or want something, and wait when it comes. Sometimes it comes right away, sometimes after few days.

Yesterday, after reading some of your articles, I wanted to take a walk outside. It was a mother's day and I have had long time an idea to go to see one park that is near, me, what kind it is. Somehow I seldom go to that direction from my home, but now I decided to go there. I started to be hungry already and I had only 5 euros and some coins in my wallet, but I did not want to go to the cash machine. I was thinking, that I just take a look in the park, come back and eat then. So I went to the park. It is behind the Nordbahnhof, and it is a little bit high so that you must step some stairs to get there. What I found there? There was a big area full of white sand. There was a city beach! There were climbing possibilities for children, many many volleyball-fields where people were playing volleyball there in they bikinis, the "beach" restaurant and lots of happy people spending the free time! Because I was hungry, I went to the bar/restaurant to see, if I could get something - and yes I got. This is how everything happens here: I need something and it comes to be even I did not even passed by the cash machine or looked for the restaurant! Those euros I had with me were enough so I got food, a place to sit and there I was wondering, what I had created to my life this time. Why I created this? Nothing to complain, though. I was thinking, that in the morning, I had thought about freedom and expansion. I suddenly understood in the morning, how free I am - and it is because I had let it happen to me. I took care of myself so much that I had allowed myself to be free, as free as anyone can be in this world. I have payed my loans, I own nothing to anyone. I am out of "normal" work, creating my own work to myself, work I want to do and to be my own boss. It was long time ago when I decided, that where ever I work, I am the boss of my life, no-one else. It is even surprising to realize that Hey: I AM IN THAT SITUATION NOW, I AM DOING WHAT I WANTED! Of course I saw families with children around me and then, just opposite of me, sat a young father with a small baby, I think the baby was only 3 months old. No mother anywhere, the father was alone. I was sitting there and looking, how nicely the father nursed the small baby and I remember, that just before I left for a walk, I wrote to my diary: "Today is the mother's day. But I am a mother because of my daughter, as fathers are fathers because of their children. So we should celebrate children! And even those, who does not have their own children, can practice their mother-features, caring etc. " So I saw this father, who was fulfilling his mother-character and nurtured his baby. I think that they have left the mother home sleeping... I bet that the baby was so small, that the mother was simply tired and wanted to sleep during mother's day. I still wondered, why I was there. I was thinking freedom and its' expansion in my life. I thought that the freedom can expand: I thought that I was free when I got out from my former job. But my freedom has actually expanded, when I some days ago have really really really understood, that I am FREE TO THINK! No-one else than me can choose my thoughts, whatever the situation is! Even if someone is put in the jail, no-one can stop her/his thinking! Even if they kill him/her, they can not stop her/his thinking! Thinking is the real freedom. And what other people think about me or about my life or anything, does not effect my life at all until I let it affect my life. Even that is my freedom to choose!I Nelson Mandela chose his thought in the time he was in jail. I am not so strong yet, that they would not affect me in some amounts, but to have that possibility to be so free, is fascinating! And then I understood, that I am there in the park because those people spent they free time there. They walked with bare foots (and I remember that I just read your story and you told that Aussies like to walk with bare foots - but not only Aussies, other people too!:)) The most interesting thing is, that this area, this park (that included also the greenery, where I went for a walk when I had eaten) is the former space of the Berlin Wall, the meaning of it was to limit people's freedom in upon a time. This was so symbolic for this theme "freedom". I live very near to former Berlin Wall, in "East", I have only 5 minutes walk to the "Gedänkstätte Berliner Mauer", so when I went to the park, and last summer when I went to the party of my friend, I just walked "through the wall" FREELY, without being shot. I think that this city and people have done right when they have created FREE space in the place of the former wall. They have crated space where people go for a pick nick, lovers walking and kissing there, children are playing, and they are having fun there. They are having free fun! To go to the park does not cost anything. After the walk in the park I visited the Wall Museum and it's bookshop. There I saw many books and among them was the book, comics, that told about people who had dog the tunnel under the wall and escaped, in 1960's. I was thinking, that even this is so symbolic: freedom is so important, that people were ready to jeopardize their life because of it - and they did hard work to dog that tunnel. So many people are still digging their own tunnel to have a freedom, even there is no visible wall. The wall is the system and their own thinking.

Then I walked back home and again looked the city around me, how it is growing. Expansion everywhere! They are building nice, beautiful new buildings around, they fix old houses and all this kind of things. I have met here people, who lived in East Berlin before and after the wall was broken and I have met people who have came here just after the wall was demolished. I came here in the situation, when this city is crowing, crowing and feeling better and better - as I feel. Some people do not think this way, but I see this city development as a very positive thing.

Tomorrow I am going to Sardinia for 10 days with a small group of people, about whom I know only 2 persons that I met 9 days ago. It was a fast decision again from me to go to this trip. The trip is about healing, mediation and so on. Yesterday I met the leaders of this trip, these 2 people I "know", the women and her husband, and we had such a nice conversation yesterday! The women asked me, what I expect from the trip. I said, that I haven't had time to think my expectations, I just had a feeling that I want to go. I am leaving tomorrow so today I must pack, so I still do not have time to think any of my expectations. I just go and see what happens! Yes, there were moments when I wondered, that why I am going. First of all, I felt that the trip they arranged, the arrangements were not very well organized - in my 3D opinion. So many things were unclear even they have been advertising the trip. I thought that they had everything ready all ready, but no! For example I did not get the exact schedule of meditations and cures in the trip etc. It was not still clear, who are joining and who are not and how many people are coming. Among these things, when I've studied astrology, and know that there are many planets retrograding now, including Mercury and Mars and many astrologers would recommend not to travel this time, or book a trip, with people you do not know. But I am doing this all without too much hesitation and I am sure that it will be a wonderful and successful trip. I also realized, that these people I have met and those whom I am going to meet, are living in a totally different level than those people I have left behind. The women said to me, that she does not have the exact schedule of the trip, because all will happen according to how each member of the group is feeling each day. She told some general themes of the days we are going to have there, but not specific. Yes, this is totally different than I am used to, but maybe this is exactly also my way! I have felt, before, that I have not been able to fulfill my adventurous nature in my past life enough - and now, here I am: taking things adventurously every day. I can not go back, because this is too fun! This is how I want to live! Why I have not been in contact very much with people from my past life (I am in contact only my daughter actually)is because I do not know any more, what to talk with them. I have nothing to say to them. That is why I haven't been in contact with them at all. They just disappeared or are disappearing from my life. Maybe this all is called "ascension". I started my journey without knowing this word "ascension" and it happened after I had moved to Berlin, I started to get more and more information of ascension and Law of Attraction and all those kind of things. Suddenly my world really, truly opened in huge ways! I have done things all the time, with my limitations, according to these Universal Laws etc. but when I now know more, this has opened me the New World indeed.

Thank you for your articles that made me understand more about everything. As well as freedom, I think my understanding is also expanding and it never stops.
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