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Sandy StevensonPerson was signed in when posted
02:55 AM ET (US)
Hello from Sandy.
I am away until Christmas.The message board is now closed and will be re-opened at Christmas. I am sorry for any inconvenience but please email any urgent situation you wish to bring to my attention. I will reply as soon as possible.
Much love, Sandy
05:34 PM ET (US)
Wow indeed Sandy, I remember that room at the seekers trust so full of power all day. When Lord Ashtar walked forward I was mesmerised what a presence! The music was perfect. What an amazing sight that must have been in Greenland, I would have loved to see the look on the hotel staff's faces. Tank you for all you have done, and still do. You can be sure I will find you to say hello. Much love 💕
04:04 PM ET (US)

Andre Rieu’s spectacular performance of Conquest of Paradise
03:44 PM ET (US)
Hello Jane, I am glad I could help you remember your own mastery of creation. We are clever at making sure it all happens for us.

I recall the series of workshops over that year that included Ashtar speaking to us. It was a very powerful one with so many wonderful positive messages from so many of our Asc Master friends up there. wow, eh! I remember the incredibly powerful entry he made! And how much he helped those in the room who were his own Ashtar Command ground crew. There were tears all over the place, of happiness and remembering. He sure made an impact and he really helped, I felt. And the music I had intuitively chosen for his 'speech' (via him) in those workshops was a perfect match for it, wasn't it. I have a parallel universe strong connection to Ashtar also. Special guy. Have a lot of respect for him and all he does all over the universe. On a special trip to Greenland, 70 of us were lucky enough to have 56 ships present and visible with us for 24 hours, awaiting codes we were gathering from the Northern sector. What a sight. The hotel staff were stunned. Mind you, we were pretty impressed ourselves.

Yes, see you at the banquet. Find me and say hello. Many are already there. Great loving flowing as we all reunite... at last.
I am so glad you enjoyed the workshops. I was so happy to give them and to be the catalyst for such levels of light and assistance from above.
Love and blessings,
01:28 PM ET (US)
Oh my goodness Sandy, thank you so much. Even as I began to read the article, which I remembered as I read it, such a deep all consuming sadness began to well up inside that I had no idea was there. I understand, and am grateful current events have triggered it, but also realise it comes from somewhere so much deeper. I began flooding with light and it was like waves of sadness coming up to be transmuted. It took quite a while and I got glimpses of other emotions that need addressing. But more profoundly I was taken back to the last UK workshop when Lord Ashtar made his address. All I can remember is him saying is "it was necessary for you to believe we had left you, but in truth we never have" and the Conquest of paradise by Vangelis playing. I am so grateful for this reminder, It has made me I realise I've lost a bit of momentum and got lazy with my emotional clearing. I really am so grateful to you. I will keep at it and see you at the banquet. So much love to you Sandy 🦄🦄🦄
12:17 PM ET (US)
Hello Jane,

I know these type of things seem tough and are not easy to cope with. But almost 90% of everything happening in our lives now is to help us spot areas where we can be thrown off balance - thrown off our centre - and are having some reaction - be it emotional or thought pattern. We are all in preparation for returning home and can only achieve that if we are vibrating at the right frequency. So any dense energy has to be released. Everything you heard in the workshops, still applies. We still need to let go. It will never change. For some reason, we often don't think of the emotions we are experiencing as being reactions. They are. We will create whatever we need to do, to get ourselves home at the end of this run. The other good friends and soul mates around us will help us achieve this by vanishing out of our lives if this will help us see emotions we are not recognising as needing to be released. Have a read of this article.


Love Sandy
07:34 AM ET (US)
Hi Sandy, I am hoping for a bit of insite. I attended many of your workshops in the UK over the years and benefited greatly. During that time of growth and exploration I met some beautiful souls and we journeyed together for a while. I know that now every thing we need is available, but....and for me at this time it is a big but. I am feeling a bit adrift. The people I met have all scattered, no falling out just our paths separated. One particular soul mate, really the last connection to the years of growth is also spinning out of my orbit and choosing a different path which I find very difficult to deal with. For several years we were in a relationship but even when that ended we have remained close and shared so much together, So the loss is particularly difficult. Don't get me wrong I have so many blessings in my life and am grateful for each and every one. I just don't know how to deal with this solo spiritual path I find myself on and have lost a bit of the joy. Is this something that happens? I would love to find some likeminded souls for the next stage of my path but I'm really not drawn to any course or workshops being offered. I feel that stage has passed. Much love to you and your family x
04:47 AM ET (US)
I'm quite sure we all err occasionally as none of us are perfect. However, I don't believe there is anything in The Awakener that is incorrect. Could you please you give me the page number where you say I said 'we will all be awakened by 2012' as I don't recall ever saying that, either in that book or elsewhere.

I would like to suggest you could tune in a deep intuitive level to see the planetary evolution higher picture in relation to the importance of Donald Trump.
04:37 AM ET (US)
Gosh, I am surprised you are still going. I am reading your book "THE AWAKENER" and in it you state that we will all be awakened by 2012. This has clearly not happened, which must have been quite damaging to your credibility. I would be interested to hear how you explain your errors, and how, with Donald Trump as president of the USA in 2018, you can maintain any optimism.
Sandy Stevenson
12:20 AM ET (US)
Raghunandanan That is interesting.Thank you for your message.
10:54 PM ET (US)
Hello....I came across a message in your website about a child of 7 years mentioning about Lemuria and Planet Mars.
Iam basically from India, and have done some research on this topic for years now, and is confirmed that Planet Mars and Lemuria continent had several ties. Lemuria continent was located South of India, and in Tamil language it is called as KUMARI KANDAM. This continent was taken over by sea, and various knowledge is lost in that. The latest message is that this is going to be revived. The knowledge of Lemuria will be talked more often, and life in planet Mars will be more of reality in comings years.
Sandy StevensonPerson was signed in when posted
02:05 PM ET (US)
Welcome everyone to an amazing 2018. Remember we are creators - so create the life you prefer.
Sandy StevensonPerson was signed in when posted
08:17 PM ET (US)
Hello everyone. Board is closing or a few weeks as I am going overseas. Back after Christmas.

 Christmas offers us
 peace beyond the visible
 silence and highest light -
 love blessings grace serenity
 an intangible memory
 reaching us like a fragrance -
 the intrinsic truth of
 who we are -
 Eternal Creators

Love forever
01:03 AM ET (US)
Hi Brandy, Relax. You are just as light as your boyfriend.
The therapist was only picking up some negative energy (we don't usually call it 'dark' unless it is and yours isn't) and everyone has some negative energy'. We all have incidents from the past that contain some dense energy. It needs releasing when you have time. See my article 'let go off reactions' on my Articles page on my site.
I cant imagine anyone wanting dark energy as a snack, but each to their own!!
brandy moore
08:35 AM ET (US)
So a friend of mine is a massage therapist and she's really been getting into energy work (within that field). So she was working on my boyfriend and sensed "light energy" (whatever that means) and "dark energy" in me. She's not really practicing any specific type of work. It's just her own intuition.

So I'm trying to see what it all means. So I looked up some energy stuff and found your website and it said something about people who work with light energy are trying to work with the source or God and people who work with dark energy use fear and some other stuff. So if my friend is sensing dark energy within me (with swirls of white) what does that mean for me?

 To be honest my whole life I've been looking for God and the source so I'm sort of suprised. At the same time though I've battled with suicidal thoughts my entire life as well. Is this just the way I am? Am I a dark person disguised as a light person because people always tell me how sweet and kind and compassionate I am, though I never feel that way about myself. Which is why I go even more so out of my way because I guess I'm trying to convince myself I'm a good person.

Also my friend said she likes dark energy because it's a "snack" to her. Like she feeds off of it. I told her she can take all my dark energy because I don't want it lol.
Edited 04-09-2017 08:37 AM
02:41 AM ET (US)
Hi Kevin. You are very welcome. I don't really register the dates, more the titles. But whatever it was I am glad you enjoyed it. Many have already returned home. All going according to plan.
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