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Jan 23 - A racism double standard?

11:58 PM ET (US)
Hey ...just a question.
how come koreans are so racist.
I went into a korean grocery store and my friend told me they were worried about me stealing something.I mean what the hell..i was wearing a suit and tie and damn $300 shoes..and last i checked i was not a terrorist,
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
05:21 AM ET (US)
Just quoting the original article...I haven't attempted to buy a car in Korea, or a house. I actually do know that the Kim Dae Jung government has reduced many of the restrictions on ownership of property and businesses in Korea in the last few years.

Your point is valid, but I am a firm believer in the power of hyperbole, as anyone who regularly reads my rantings will know.

I probably should check the veracity of my sources, but I just can't really be bothered sometimes, you know? This is just a weblog, and my only claim is to accurately represent my own opinions. And in this case, I was quoting someone else (who may have been mistaken) to make a point.

But you're right. Mea culpa.
04:43 AM ET (US)
Only Koreans can buy/own cars? Not true. I don't know if it was ever true, but it hasn't been since at least 1992 and I have the registration documents to prove it. Same goes for auto and other types of insurance. Not to say that there's no discrimination here, but false hyperbole ends up making it sound like the "boy who cried wolf".
04:04 AM ET (US)
<thirteen>Racism makes my punching hand all itchy.</thirteen>
01:02 AM ET (US)
I've thought about racism and bigotry a lot throughout my life. I've grown up as an Asian in predominantly Caucasian areas of the US and I've also spent several years in South Africa. Although it was rarely in my face, I came across my fair share of piercing stares and "ching chong changs" hollered my way. However. I have never seen bigotry like Korean bigotry. My own relatives scare me when I see how virulent their fear of other races is. When my grandfather found out I was dating (I talk to him once every 5 years maybe, so he would have never known, but as I was saying my obligatory hellos, he tried to make me meet some guy he thought would make me a fine husband so I told him I was dating someone) the first thing he asked was "Is he black?" And being incredibly cheeky, I asked him why it mattered. But then I relented and told him not to worry, that my boyfriend was white. Then came the kicker: "How white?" Whaaat?? I hung up on him.
Edited 01-23-2002 01:03 AM
stavrosthewonderchickenPerson was signed in when posted
10:05 PM ET (US)
Original post here.

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