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U. S. Postal Service Postmasters or Managers

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Randy1Person was signed in when posted
10:36 PM ET (US)
/m4629... I'm interested in the PM's reason listed on every PS3971 for disapproval. Union should be too and it may need to be escalated.

513.342 Approval or Disapproval
The supervisor is responsible for approving or disapproving requests for sick leave by signing PS Form 3971, a copy of which is given to the employee. If a supervisor does not approve a request for leave as submitted, the Disapproved block on the PS Form 3971 is checked and the reason(s) given, in writing, in the space provided. When a request is disapproved, the granting of any alternate type of leave, if any, must be noted along with the reason for the disapproval. AWOL determinations must be similarly noted.
01:32 PM ET (US)
Danville, ky victim. It's all about her bonus. Less sick leave used, more bonus for her.
Friendly PersonPerson was signed in when posted
01:42 PM ET (US)
Accessing Narrowcast via web browser? I received the emails but it's saved on a machine that is not easily accessible this weekend. How would I find the latest revenue and operating expense numbers via web browser? Thank you.

Found the answer: EDW
Edited 11-17-2019 06:41 PM
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
02:24 PM ET (US)
Then talk to your NBA.
Danville, ky victim
02:09 PM ET (US)
Is there anyone who can Stop Postmaster in Danville, Ky to stop changing employees sick leave to annual leave? Shes been doing this for years and continues to do this up to this week. She does this in retaliation to almost all employees. Union is no help.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
03:17 PM ET (US)
I think they meant /m4624, to refer to your original message.
Long Timer
02:50 PM ET (US)
m/4624 ? Not sure what that is. Thanks.
08:55 AM ET (US)
m/4624 Everyday it's a whole new low! It will get worse! I'm leaving with over 33 years, can't wait!
82% RetiredPerson was signed in when posted
06:20 PM ET (US)
There are many things to consider about retirement. First of course is money. Can you afford it? Only you know the answer to that. Second, what are your going to do to fill in the time you would be working or traveling to and from work. You may want to consider taking one of those retirement seminar classes for which ever retirement system you are in. Google retirement for CSRS or FERS. They cost some money but they may be worth it. It was for me. It would be best to take the courses well before retirement so you can take advantage of what you learned before it is too late. Whatever you choose enjoy your retirement. You earned it. I am in my 10th year of retirement. I never looked back. It was a great career. Pay and benefits are nearly unbeatable.
Long Timer
05:42 PM ET (US)
How much worse is it going to get going forward. I can retire now with 34 + years. Any advise.
06:23 PM ET (US)
Question about spot awards. Who gets them and how much. In OHV. Pennies and no recognition. I had to seriously sign my own award today.
postman99Person was signed in when posted
08:53 PM ET (US)
/m4619 They definitely need to be dragged before congress to testify. Hopefully many of us here will be brave enough to step up when Congress asks for testimonies.
brenda corePerson was signed in when posted
07:04 PM ET (US)
i am almost 62 to retire and is unable to because the usdol has not paid me my compensation after they lost the file. Blaming me for not having medical for 21 years. owcp is service time when they pay you. They are destroying our postal workers by allowing usdol to have control of the compensation fund when they are doing claims wrong. The post service needs to petition for the funds to be done by them and that we have a higher courts because they are making many errors that they are not accountable.
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
01:59 PM ET (US)
The problem with postal managers and those charged with monitoring them, including inspectors and oig, is that there so many of them living in glass houses. In my district they finally fired a postmaster who was known by 2 "superiors" to be stealing money from the USPS. Well, a supervisor finally ratted them out and too many people knew and they could not cover it up any longer. And that supervisor was rewarded with the money thieving PM's job. Best part? The supervisor was a clerk and pleaded no contest to stealing mail. So they put him directly into a MGMT training program and sent him back to the office from which he stole mail. But now he was supervising his former co-workers who knew they whole story. So, you see, there is no shame among postal managers. And no crime that cannot and has not been tolerated. Personally, as a customer I would have wanted the money thief as postmaster instead of the mail thief. But the honest public doesn't get to choose what type of crook handles their mail. Other immoral, dishonest, and possibly criminal postal managers make those choices.
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
01:22 PM ET (US)
What's your wife's name?
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
01:08 PM ET (US)
The reason you are not allowed to post names is that someone might, and I mean I will, look that name up on the website that lists all postal employees, their position (job title, I mean), and pay.
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
01:05 PM ET (US)
Well, I finally got to read a post before it got deleted. I'll give it an hour. But I will say if your wife is doing a POOM she isn't very discriminating. They tend to be real lowlifes. Ours has been in the criminal newspaper they sell at the convenience stores. There used to be standards for ALL postal employees. Now there are none for any. Like the ones who would be in jail if they were school teachers. It seems moral and financial misdeeds get you promoted since you have proven you have what it takes.
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