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U. S. Postal Service Employees - Clerk Craft

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Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
08:22 AM ET (US)
Nobody here cares what a scab like you thinks. Go cry in your pillow somewhere else.
Simon Templar
08:04 AM ET (US)
The Postal Service processing and distribution plant located at Summit Blvd ( across Trump Golf Course ) in West Palm Beach, FL. is one of the most corrupt and inefficient places to work. Most of the employees there are abusing the system to the max and spreading false rumors about anyone that they wish to get rid of, specially if someone is a high productive employee. They go as far as to spread false rumors on their co-worker's medical conditions and private personal lives in full violation of 'Postal Service Standards of Conduct', and 'Medical Privacy Laws'.

 Many of them have the lowest moral and ethical standards and contribute to the low moral prevalent on the work place. There are many employees in this mail processing plant that don't even speak fluent English and have passed the entrance employment exam only because they obviously did sexual favors to their managers, in one well talked among employees case is was done at the office and the witness never report it. Another reason to abolish the USPS and defund all other government forced monopolies. These goons wouldn't be employed for more than a few minutes at a normal private or public company. Their IQ levels equate to those sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms or stocking shelves

There is only one predominant ethnic race with little diversity on this processing plant so that if you don't happen to be their same majority race you are seen and treated like the enemy among them. Managers are also of the same majority race and this contributes to the perpetual corruption, low morals, sexual favors, sexual harassment and overlooking of violations like taking excessive breaks and low performance on the job and low morale among the other minority race postal employees. A place of work where one race is the majority, they tend to impose their low moral and ethical standards and creates outright reverse discrimination. They keep hiring more of the same race so that nothing changes and the inefficiencies, corruption and low moral continues.

The managers keep giving them over time duties even when most of the workers there under perform, are very incompetent and have very low production standards and unsafe working habits, this is a huge waste of money. This is a unique insight into the reasons why it has been losing millions for more than 20 years, the general public is unaware of this facts. The Union members are as corrupt and incompetent as the people they represent.

First-Class Inefficiency created by hiring the most unproductive workers in society
and Why is the US Post Office so ridiculously inefficient? :

The U.S. postal service is a quasi-monopoly, which does not allow for competitive market forces to eliminate inefficiencies and determine better ways of operating. Many of its employees ( on this Summit plant ) come from the military where there is NO production standards whatsoever, and no sense of urgency ,where 3 people do the job of one, and where excessively talking, chatting, bragging and wasting time on the job is the norm so that one task that's supposed to be done and completed in one hour , in the military it takes twice as long, while superiors look the other way and Congress and the Pentagon keeps paying extravagant higher prices for everything down to a small gadget or tool. So the lazy immature veteran after leaving the service gets preferential treatment on the postal exam, and continues with the same old inefficient habits learned in the military of low production standard, no sense of urgency on the job, NO production pressure, total incompetence on the job while the middle managers in the Postal Service look the other way.

Many of these veterans have mental issues, that is a proven undeniable well known and documented fact that is why they have a high suicide rate, many have PTSD symptoms and explains most of the latest mass shootings. The military doesn't screen them well enough for mental illness and in fact their recruiting standards for mental issues have become more and more careless, lax and less efficient. No disrespect intended but the veteran's working habits are not productive enough for the high efficiency required in the postal service high stress working environment. Using a weapon and standing on guard duty is not the same as maintaining a repetitive high level efficient production for eight hours.

 The postal service is a textbook example of a quasi-government monopoly that, because of a lack of competitive pressures, faces little incentive to minimize costs and thus continues to operate at huge inefficient levels. Remember, the USPS is a government agency that's funded by its own sales, and tax dollars, and it's supposed to run at cost. Instead, it's losing billions annually, and it can't be fixed solely by cutting jobs, locations and changing its pricing model.

The U.S. Postal Service ranked as the lowest-performing postal agency globally when compare to 24 government-operated postal organizations and two private companies that together deliver 75 percent of the world’s mail. USPS also lags behind its counterparts in adapting to its customers’ needs.
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
07:56 AM ET (US)
You seem to be missing an important fact here. It wouldn’t have mattered if you worked 78 hours that pay period if the 2 hours of LWOP put you over another 80 block of LWOP.

LWOP is a running total for the whole year and you will lose leave every time that total hits another 80 hours. Go to Lite Blue and look at your YTD LWOP total then subtract 80 until the total left is less than 80. That left over number is how close you are to losing another PP worth of leave. I can’t explain it any simpler than I have.
Mrs sea
07:30 AM ET (US)
/m12230 I was for fmla but even if it was for sick leave I can request lwop.
/m12231 Thank you.. My grip was that they took my AL and earned sick leave for the pay period and as I stated I worked that week with the exception of one day so I would think I would still earn my sick leave for that pay period even though that 8 hours of lwop put me at 80 hours.
As I stated previously they already didn't give me my sick leave for the range of lwop I had earlier in the year. It appears to me that they are double dipping and stealing my sick leave for the 72 hours I worked and should have earned sick leave. IDK :(
/m12232 Thank you for the link you provided for me. I will ask the question there also.
Again, Thank you all for your input on this matter
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
07:16 AM ET (US)
This might help -

Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
06:58 AM ET (US)
That isn’t true. It’s the individuals choice on which type of leave they’re requesting when calling in in due to illness. What if she doesn’t have any sick leave?

As for why they took her sick leave, it’s because 8 hours of LWOP caused her to use another 80 block of LWOP. For every 80 hours of LWOP used you lose a pay periods worth of A/L and S/L. Whether LWOP is input as LWOP-IOD-OWCP affects this deduction of leave from one or both leave categories I do not know. It is why I suggested she ask these questions in a OWCP postal forum.
Edited 11-21-2017 07:08 AM
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
06:19 AM ET (US)
Reading your original post, you said you called off and requested lwop. Was it for the work injury? If not was it fmla? If both answes are no you cannot use lwop. You would have to use sl.
Mrs sea
10:14 AM ET (US)
/m12227 sick leave is earned as you work so if I was off work for a few months for fractured foot and I didn't earn sick leave then why would they take my sick leave when I worked 72 hours in a pay period? That would seem that they were double dipping on the sick leave. Am I correct? This just confuses me. Sorry, I really do appreciate all the information that everyone is giving me. Thank you
RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
08:04 PM ET (US)
Stoopid Goober is correct. Even on LWOP/IOD/OWCP for every 80 hours LWOP you lose 1 day for whatever leave earning category you are in. 4, 6, or 8 hours per pay period. Your AL is given to you at the beginning of the year not earned as you go and you do not earn your 4 hours of sl.

The ELM is no longer being printed. You can only get it online.
Mrs sea
05:31 PM ET (US)
/m12222, m12223, /m12224, /m12225 You guys ROCK! Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your day to answer me. I will have to pull my paychecks up from liteblue and see how they entered my time off.
I am a full time regular at a distribution plant. I don't think I earned AL after my COP (45 days).
I will check on that too. It doesn't sound like they entered it correctly.
Again, thank you all so much
BTW- the week that I worked 72 hours and took one day of LWOP they not only took my earned annual leave but they also took my sick leave for that pay period (4 hrs). Is that also correct??
PMR2PSE2PTFPerson was signed in when posted
04:53 PM ET (US)
/m12219 Depends on what you are. I recently returned to work after a foot fracture, and I am a PTF so I never had formal LWOP charged to me, just non-scheduled time. I didn't *earn* any A/L when not working but none was deducted, either. Of course, a regular earns A/L differently, so for them, yes, if you have a certain amount of LWOP, you lose some A/L.

But if you injured it at work, it's a potential OWCP situation, and you need to talk to someone who knows OWCP issues well. You might even look for an attorney who knows OWCP issues well.
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
01:19 PM ET (US)
/m12222 I think you meant to say she shouldn't have any leave deducted.

If what you say is true then she should be able to look at her pay stubs or go to Lite Blue and look it up to see how she was paid and she should speak with her local APWU rep who is familiar OWCP. If the local is clueless she can always call her NBA.
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
01:05 PM ET (US)
LWOP totals are on a calendar year basis. For each 80 hour block of LWOP used you will lose whatever A/L you normally earn per pay period. For example, if you used 152 hours of LWOP back in April they only took back whatever A/L you earned for one pay period. If you use another 8 hours of LWOP in October that means you've used another 80 block of LWOP and you'll lose another pay periods worth of A/L.

Any supervisor with access to TACS can tell you what your total year to date LWOP balance is currently at. If that 8 hours of LWOP you used put you over another 80 block you know you can safely use another 64 hours of LWOP without fear of it costing you another pay periods worth of A/L.
goin postal
12:30 PM ET (US)
Mrs sea--COP (continuation of pay) is for the first 45 days after your injury. After that time, since you were injured at work and should have been on workman's compensation, your pay status should have been LWOP-IOD/OWCP. You were being paid by workman's comp, right? If your supervisor entered the correct code for you, you should have any leave deducted. It sounds as if your (non)attendance during your injury was entered incorrectly in TACS.
Mrs sea
07:48 AM ET (US)
M/12220 the owcp lasts 45 days and my sick and annual days still accumulated but since it was over 45 days then they put me in as LWOP for the rest of the time. I did not earn sick or annual days while on LWOP, which I understand since I was in an unpaid status. But, that was the first 3 months of 2017. The problem is a month ago I called in one day of LWOP but I worked 72 hours that pay period but they said since my accumulated LWOP reached 80 on that pay period they were going to take not only my sick leave but they are not going to give me my annual for that pay period. That's my issue, if you earn your annual and I worked the two weeks minus the one day LWOP why would they not give me my earned annual? They already didn't give it to me on my extended LWOP the first 3 months I was in an inpaid status, which I understand that part.
*** I am not very computer savvy and tried to find the verbiage but was unsuccessful. That is why I came to this forum hoping someone might be able to help me with this. I am very appreciative for any help or thoughts on this. Thank you in advance
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
08:42 PM ET (US)
Just Google USPS ELM and you can read all about it. It's definitely true when using LWOP you aren't earning A/L. I'm not sure about the S/L but it's likely true since you aren't technically in a pay status when you use LWOP. Since this was an on the job injury I'll assume you were being paid by OWCP. You'll be better off going to an OWCP Postal forum and asking your questions there.
Edited 11-18-2017 08:49 PM
Mrs sea
07:49 PM ET (US)
Desperately need answers.. last year I fractured my foot at work and was off about 3 months. I was told that for every 80 hours of LWOP they take your sick leave and annual for that pay period. They said it was in the ELM. When I asked for a copy of it for my records I was told to look it up myself by two different union stewards. I have asked management for a copy of it more times than I can count and still haven't received it. I just want to be able to read it for myself. Thank you for assistance in this matter
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
07:14 PM ET (US)
/m12215 Boo Hoo! Judging from your posts you haven't earned any respect at all. Now, walk over to Gun Club Road and turn yourself in for being a whiny little bitch boy. I'm sure the other prisoners will welcome you with open arms.
Edited 11-18-2017 07:14 PM
Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
07:03 PM ET (US)
Yes, they can change your start time one hour forward or one hour backwards of the positions original starting time.
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