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Minutes to Meeting for Taunton River.org Web Committee
and GIS Committee on Tuesday, December 4th, 2001.

Web Site Committee

Attendees: Ray Brierly, Frank Bibbins, Maisy McDarby-Stanovich (SRPEDD)

Topics: Review of website and website hierarchyReview of material required for website needed by committee members

Add your comment on this item1 This list is just a start, please email me (Maisy at mmcdarby@srpedd.org) with any information you may have as a committee member on any of the topics above. I will accept any email, hard copy, etc. The thing to remember that brief is better. Copy written in short paragraphs. I am collecting for now and also building a library of information for the future as information will change and be updated. If you see your name and do not want to send in information please let me know, I will take your name off that section.

The key to getting this website up and running is to get information from the committee and the community.

Section: National Park Wild & Scenic Program:

Add your comment on this item2 
To be written with available information from National Parks Service by Maisy McDarby and Bill Napolitano (SRPEDD)

Add your comment on this item3  Section: About the Taunton River

General Information: Maisy McDarby & Bill Napolitano (SRPEDD)

Historic/Archaeologic: Bill Taylor, Maryan Novak, Tom Malstead Ray Brierly, Frank Bibbins, Dr. Hanna

Ecology: Frank Bibbins (photos), Wildlands Trust

Recreation: Ray Brierly, Trisia CassidyExisting Land Use Aria Brissette, Kitty Doherty, Wildlands Trust,
Trisia Cassidy

Areas at Risk for Development: Bob Davis, Kitty Doherty, Watershed Alliance,

Add your comment on this item4  Section: Public Outreach & Education

Why a Community Effort?: Maisy & Bill

Info for Landowners: Kitty Doherty, Wildlands Trust, Bill Napolitano,

Publications& Studies: COMMITTEE AT LARGE to collect newspaper articles, publications, etc on the taunton river

Minutes to Meetings: Committee Secretary

Public Chatroom: Web Administrator (Maisy McDarby)

Survey & Comments: Survey and Comments to be designed as needed. (i.e. Kitty Doherty to design a survey to existing landowners on the Taunton River for input, etc.)

Message Board
: Web Administrator (Maisy McDarby)- COMMITTEE AT LARGE to determine what
Topics, etc to put on the message board

Current News:

Other Taunton River Projects: Taunton Heritage River Program, (Marijoan Bull (SRPEDD). Taunton River Watershed Alliance (Ray Brierly)


Add your comment on this item5 Section: Just for Fun

Ride the River Slide Show: to be put together by the Web Committee as advised by Mike Tougias,Ray Brierly and Bob Davis

Tribal Indian: Ray Brierly, and information from the late Russ Gardner as well as members of Tribal Indian communities.

Safety on the River: Ray Brierly and ?Recreation Outfitters Ray Brierly and ? The following recreational activities will be covered: camping, canoeing/kayaking, fishing/fly fishing, hiking/backpacking, photography, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, hunting (committee to discuss), bird watching

K-12: Trishia Cassidy, Tom Quigley, Joanne Laughlin, Dr. Hanna, Bill Napolitano

College/University: Frank Bibbins and ?

Calendar/Upcoming Events: COMMITTEE AT LARGE

Add your comment on this item6 Other Info on the Web Site

The site will use sound and river quotes to get a certain look/feel for the emotion of the Upper Taunton River.

Add your comment on this item7 GIS Committee

Attendees: Aria Brissette, Maisy McDarby-Stanovich (SRPEDD),Karen Porter (SRPEDD), Frank Bibbins, Ray Brierly

Topics: General Topics on types of maps to produce as well as challenges with data collection as well as any potential technical problems. Types of Maps to be Produced.
Maps currently available that have been produced by Mass GIS/ Dominike Pahlvan along with Pat Rodgers/Taunton Watershed Team Leader will not be recreated but used in the project. These maps include:

Base Layer Map of Landowners/Assessors plots of the five towns (data from Each of the five towns of Bridgewater, Halifax, Taunton, Middleboro, Raynham).Data will be in various formats.

Biological Resources Map
(data from Mass GIS/ Manomet Observatory,
Wildlands Trust.)

Natural Resources Inventory Map (data from Mass GIS/ NHESP/Save the Bay)

General Soils Map (data from Mass GIS/ USDA/NRCS)

Historic Point Data Map (data from Mass GIS/ and info collected for Historicportion of the web site produced by Commttee members).

Archaelogy Map (the data for the map may or may not produce a map based on the proprietary nature of the information. To be discussed

Current Recreation Map (data produced by Committee, MassGIS, and existing studies on existing trails, canoe access points, etc)

Future Recreation Map (data produced by the Committee and existing studies)

Existing Land Use Map (data produced by Mass GIS/ Committee)

Areas at Risk Land Use Map (data produced from existing data (i.e. buildout info) and the Committee).


Add your comment on this item8 Other Discusssions

Certain technical data questions arose in the meeting regarding types of data that will be supplied for the base layer landowner map. A mix of Cad, GIS and image formats were discussed as well as how to tackle the attribute information table. It was decided also that a CD rom will be produced which will have this base layer on it with all of the assessors data connected to each of the towns maps.Further discussions will be required.