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Greenbrier - Five Star Fallout Shelter

09:02 AM ET (US)
 hi very helpfull ask for peter poland
04:39 AM ET (US)
To the writers of the article describing the Greenbrier bunker,
      I found the article to be informative, in the main. However, your partizan leanings are duly noted -- and not appreciated. It was a cheap shot -as can only be expected. One might reasonably suppose that the government would justify holding the existence of such a facility secret to guard the Congress in it's need to seek that shelter in a time of war; but it is obvious that it was the extravagance of the value of the furniture and equipment that was the real secret to be hidden from the taxpayers. To add Newt Gingrich's name into the discussion as if he were somehow involved in the building of the shelter and the effort to keep it's existence secret from the general public was a low attempt to smear the Speaker. The idea, the planning, and the construction began nearly forty years before he was the Speaker of the House. These remarks calls your scholarship and assertions into question. How do I know that there are not other statements, posing as real factoids to beheld in high regard, that are only the cynical attempts to smear any other politicians that dare to represent a significant public sentiment with which you disagree?
09:51 AM ET (US)
I was looking for info on the tunnel at Gallagher and ran across this info on the Greenbrier. I lived in North Central WV and knew about the bunker at the hotel for years. I thought most people in WV knew about it. During the 60's and 70's I traveled a lot and from time to time would get into conversations about WV. When I mentioned "the bunker" under the Greenbrier I always got the funny looks from the others in the conversation (mostly non-WV folks). We thought it was for the President and his family and aides, but knew it existed. I wonder where the new one is located? Anyone have an idea about that?
03:06 PM ET (US)
After traveling 4 hours to do the tour of the Greenbrier bunker I have to admit that we were somewhat disappointed. The tour that we got for our $30 was not what we had researched on the internet before deciding to trek down state to view it. Had we known that we could no longer view all of the rooms any longer, I don't think I would have made the trip. The vault door is no longer closed (we were anticipating the big "bang"!), and we only got a brief "kiosk" set up view of the sleeping quarters, & hospital area. We left somewhat disappointed now that some of it is being used for data storage area. The tour director really was knowledgeable, but the tour itself really lacked what it did a few years ago. Was it worth the ride down?.............don't think so.
11:08 PM ET (US)
It is a real shame that the washington post cost the american tax payers MILLIONS of dollars by exposing this safe place for our government officals. Keeping in mind they had to have another place and Im sure it cost a lot more in current dollars to build.
dave deibelPerson was signed in when posted
08:15 PM ET (US)
I just purchased a belt buckle that has a green banner on it that says 'Greenbrier' and has an eagle holding arrows and a symbol. It looks to be brass or bronze. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about this? I'd appreciate any information immensely.
Robert Morgan
04:46 PM ET (US)
I was a Greenbrier Employee in the 70's. We knew the staff would be volunteered to stay behind to staff the secret. It was rumored that to insure our volunteerism, our families on the outside "would be taken care"
sam richmond
09:15 AM ET (US)
...i just cant believe the reported "secret" bunker was such a secret... i live approx. 30 miles away and have known about the bunker for years...not suspected, known!
... we believed it was meant for the president and his family, but we knew of the facility! ...we knew of 600 to 900 pair telephone cables going straight down...we knew of ventilation stacks coming from the ground...we are not as simple as the rest of the country seems to think.
07:31 PM ET (US)
Sorry it me Eric i forgot to give my e-mail name and would like to know if i can get a fallout sign plz write back
07:27 PM ET (US)
Hello there i want to know if theres a way i can get a fallout sign. i would like to have one
09:25 AM ET (US)
My son is doing a report pertaining to fallout shelters for school. Would you have any information about the fallout shelter at the Greenbrier..If so, could you email me at the above...Thank you.
Bill Geerhart
11:39 PM ET (US)
Hello Out There,

Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or questions regarding conelrad.com's Five Star Fallout Shelter and we'll be sure to try and answer or comment on any issues you might raise.

Thank you for your interest!

Bill Geerhart, editor

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