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The DVD crack

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Actually I aggree with Prodeep( or whatever the name :), sorry ). But to another point, though...

On the point, it's all about profit 'n stuff... And jsut because some "patents" seem obvious doesn't mean they're obvious, at all. Being a compsci guy, well, maybe 1/2 cracker ( for some fun ), I'm still bother with that. Though it involves techno issues, the eco stuff are pretty obvious ( did somebody scream "patents" ?)

As stated by many writer on the net ( as far as I've seen, over 100, but that's just me ), the points are:
- Cost and benefit ( those include cost'n benefit of both the industry and authors', as well as consumers' )
- Conspiracy revolving C 'n B.
- 'til when they start another standard.(???)

It's a shame we're discussing something that does not help the issues at all, no matter how devoted we are. So why we keep discussing...

I, for one, desperately want to make a great voice out of the community, but couldn't. So are the majority of us. The hope can only come in the form of a certified individual/organisation that take the responsibility to speak our common voice. Anybody?? Well, not until a big-mouthed, famed jounalist joins us...
-(sorry, this will amuse most of the people here, so I beg to be anonymous)
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