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Distributed File Systems as Complex Adaptive Systems

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08:23 PM ET (US)
Cool blog
Thanks, webmaster.
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Heinz Schuster
04:23 PM ET (US)
Dear Madam, Dear Sir

this is to bring to your attention my new book

              "Complex Adaptive Systems"
                   An Introduction

which has just appeared in print.

Heinz Georg Schuster, University of Kiel, Germany
(Author of "Deterministic Chaos" )

For further information (Frontpage, Contents, How to buy this book)
see my homepage at


or click to


Please note that the book can only and exclusively be ordered from
Scator Verlag whose address is presented on the webpages above.The book
is not available in bookshops or from amazon.
Ted Anderson
08:03 AM ET (US)
My vision is to create a system for distributing file data that uses market forces to create competition between, and evolution of, many small agents that perform the functions needed to get the data from where it is created to were it is needed. The first step is creation of a suitably modular, decentralized and distributed file system architecture, with components which are sufficiently autonomous to allow their independent development, optimization and eventually evolution. Besides providing increased performance and efficiency such a system can greatly enhance the data security available to users.

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