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The TBTF Log experiment (from TBTF for 1999-11-21)

Nicky P
09:39 AM ET (US)
Looks like the log may have been guilty of spamming by signing people up to the new service without asking them to opt in... oops.
The lesson of New Coke was that it was a huge marketing SUCCESS. If you want people to connect emotionally with a product, offer them a new one that isn't as good. Then discontinue the offer. Then get them to talk about the whole process a lot... you've just completed the perfect stealth marketing trick. Well done. Sign me up, Scotty.
Ted Anderson
08:22 AM ET (US)
Kieth [Dawson], I appreciate the return of "Classic TBTF". I can imagine your sorrow at scaring off 100 subscribers by the experiment. Your tone in announcing the demise of "New TBT" suggests that you may be too shy about future innovations. Experiments like this are crucial to finding our way in this fast changing net-world. Please, don't be too hesitant to try new things on us, even if they don't all work.

Keith Cowan
07:02 PM ET (US)
I can appreciate why Keith wanted to change. The problem with adding a new mailing is the extra work. The old and soon to be restored format is one of the best around. Hence the desire to keep it.

I know there is some breakage because the news is not always still new BUT the content is generally very good and lacking annoying junk. I would suggest the web site be used for the raw material (as the heat-seekers will tolerate that), and the newsletter can be polished.
Richard Dale
09:52 AM ET (US)
I liked the 'blog. My suggestion is to offer it as a completely separate mailing list. All you would need would be a sentence or two at the bottom of each TBTF describing the option and how to subscribe!
Greg Weiss
05:46 PM ET (US)
I realized I wasn't directly addressing the questions you raised. So here's my more direct response:
 - I have no preference of TBTF Log vs. TBoDay. 80% of the value for me comes from TBTF "Classic".
 - I get timely stuff elsewhere; if you do a better job, I'll use you, but frankly, I think you add more value via good collating from a broad range of sources and adding your own perspective (and occasional readers')
 - I don't use TBTF channel; haven't looked at it frankly, nor do I use your email channels; I just go to the TBTF home page and current issue pages
 - I'd agree with a previous poster that you probably should have set up a separate list for the Log and notified people appropriately
 - I wouldn't sign up for TBTF Log weekly, if there is a version with more perspective like TBTF Classic that comes out every 2-3 weeks too. It'd have to be daily-ish to add enough value over TBTF Classic.
Greg Weiss
05:32 PM ET (US)
A good newslog is nice, but I value Classic TBTF for its high signal-to-noise ratio, intelligent perspective, and links to a couple sources I may not have found when scanning my "what's news today" sources.

For example; I heard about the DVD crack relatively quickly via other sources, but until TBTF came out, hadn't read either one of those excellent summary articles by Dana J. Parker and Felix von Leitner.
08:07 PM ET (US)
I like Classic TBTF - and think it's the best e-mail list I'm on. TBTF RAWKS!!

(PS When I get some money I'm ordering TBTF stuff)
W Tenino
05:55 PM ET (US)
(I am not a member of the TBTF mailing list.)

All that annoys me about the new log is that the integration of the log and the TBTF "issue" is not well implemented. There's no indication on the log page as to whether there is a new TBTF, so now I have to check both pages (especially annoying when there's a large hiatus between issues). Perhaps a note could be added at the top of the log page with a dated link to the current issue?
Scott A. Brown
11:43 AM ET (US)
I like change and innovation. For me, the attraction of TBTF can be broken down into content, comment, and The Experiment.

Keep varying the parameters, and don't worry about the subscribers who drop out. People who are that rigid and "trigger happy" don't have the correct mindset to deal with an experimental medium such as this. My concern is their close-mindedness will deter some worthwhile innovation(s).
10:19 AM ET (US)
I think the fundamental problem was that you subscribed all members of an existing list (TBTF) to a new list (TBTF log). I suspect if you asked people to sign up separately, most TBTF members would have signed up, and there would have been a lot less confusion.

I, for example, would be happy to get both TBTF log and regular TBTF.

Just a thought.
George T. Talbot
10:15 AM ET (US)
There are many places giving the "latest and greatest" uncooked news. /. is a good example. They're good at what they do.

However, the reason I subscribed to TBTF is because of the context, interpretation and viewpoint it provides. I'll stick with it for that reason. Please don't turn it into an e-mail /.

I like /. a lot, and look at it every day, but TBTF has higher value because of the "cooking".
Michael Moncur <nospam@starlingtech.com>
04:14 AM ET (US)
I'd subscribe if there were a separate "uncooked" mailing list, although I like reading the "cooked" version even after reading the raw one.

I would use the TBTF channel to keep up if I believed in channels.

I suppose what everyone would ultimately prefer would be fully-cooked items posted daily, but I know how hard that is to keep up with...
Keith Dawson
01:02 PM ET (US)
Please share your views on the TBTF Log [1], which has replaced the Tasty Bit of the Day feature. Did you prefer the TBoDay? Do you value extremely timely news more than "cooking" (thoughtful digestion and reflection on technology developments)? Do you use the TBTF channel [2] to stay on top of TBTF Log postings? Do you agree that I made a mistake posting an Ascii version of the TBTF Log to the mailing list? If not, would you sign up for a separate list to receive the TBTF Log weekly?

[1] http://tbtf.com/blog/
[2] http://tbtf.com/tbtf.rdf

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