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Take It Offline discussion (from TBTF for 1999-10-05)

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Book of Guide
07:44 AM ET (US)
The online book guiding
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Dan Kalikow
05:10 PM ET (US)
Dan Kalikow
05:09 PM ET (US)
Well, since the stats on this Topic are that there's 6 subscribers ("instant updates") and 6 more daily-digesters, that means that there's 10 others who will ultimately be roped into reading this.<G> I'm betting that this number includes **Steve** and **Keith** as well. **Keith** because he spawned it from TBTF, of course.

So why don't we "adjourn" to a new Topic, and invite all the present subscribers to join us there? Please subscribe when you get there, folks!
John DeBruyn
04:15 PM ET (US)
Hi Dan and Steve (maybe Steve is still on this QT too)

What does Quick Topic do for you...besides taking a discussion from an email or Web-based message group to a place of its have you used or seen Quick Topic used. Something like that sentence should go on the Buzz page--to collect some more contributions to "what" rather than "how" angle on using Quick Topic. Actually since it is so simple "how" wouldn't make for a very long discussion. I guess we could start the page--I have a few ideas to add and am interested in others.

Dan Kalikow
03:55 PM ET (US)
Hi John --

Interestingly, I'd once subscribed to this Topic, had hidden it awhile back (for lack of any recent activity, not lack of interest on my part) but didn't unsubscribe; so I just got the email update on your interesting posting.

You can find several possible QT uses on the "Buzz Page". I think it'd be an interesting possible new Topic, though... because there's gotta be just a ton more of 'em. I bet **Steve** has seen several innovative, unexpected uses, given the help requests he must be getting from our fellow users. Wanna start a new Topic, and maybe branch it from here?
John DeBruyn
03:37 PM ET (US)
Hi Steve:

Is there a Quick Topic out there on the different uses to which Quick Topic can be put.

John DeBruyn
09:21 PM ET (US)
A ton of hits came down when I went for takeitoffline instead. Thanks all that you are doing here. AltaVista used to give the number of hits so ton will have to do.
Edited 09-04-2000 09:24 PM
Steve Yost
07:55 PM ET (US)
Thanks for the wiki annotations.

A clarification: QT topic creators can delete, but not yet edit messages.

Not sure about the reason for the lack of links in altavista -- it's always seemed to come up short compared to google. The relatively recent name change from takeitoffline is another factor.
Keith Dawson
03:59 PM ET (US)
**John** re: your #54:

>The edit/delete and my topic feature are neat. Looking
>forward to the adm edit/delete feature.

These already exist. You have to be the topic creator to use them. To try them out, branch off a topic from here. When done you can delete the whole topic if you want.

>I expanded the the page about TakeItOffline [wiki]

Thanks for getting me back to Wiki; a visit there always cleanses the spirit. I added a few more pages in the tangle around TIO / QT.
Edited 09-04-2000 04:01 PM
John DeBruyn
01:22 PM ET (US)
PostScript: I came upon the Quick Topic discussion of Wiki in a AltaVista search on link:quicktopic and was anticipating a ton of hits but only came up with 9 including the Wiki discussion listed above. When a few days later, yesterday, I found the TakeItOffline page at Ward's Wiki it came to me that AltaVista was indexing Ward's pages and picked up the link to the Wiki discussion at QuickTopic. This started me wondering, because many other QuickTopic discussions must be linked, why they did not show up in the search. May be it was tacking .html on the end of the URL.
Edited 09-04-2000 01:24 PM
John DeBruyn
12:50 PM ET (US)
The edit/delete and my topic feature are neat. Looking
forward to the adm edit/delete feature. I backed into
this discussion from Ted Anderson's discussion of
Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb at:

You should take a look at Ted's comments. I concur.
And if you have not taken a look at Ward's WikiWikiWeb
that would be mind expanding:

I expanded the the page about TakeItOffline at: and added Steve's
invention into the catalog of WikiLikeThings:
Edited 09-04-2000 01:20 PM
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