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alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
01:27 AM ET (US)
lowly te - Residual vacancies are supposed to be placed on ereassign on the 1st of month for 21 days. Come off on 22nd. That being said if your steward does not stay on top of it they will try and stall as much as possible.
lowly te
11:34 PM ET (US)
Does anybody know. Do stations post any residual vacancies on ereassign monthly or can they keep vacancies held until they feel like posting them?
12:47 AM ET (US)
alaska mailman/m1619 Thanks for the info.
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:19 AM ET (US)
CCa12- Management can have CCAs take overtime away from any carrier. From a business perspective it makes sense to pay you because of lower wage. No one's rights are being violated. No one is entitled to overtime but many feel they are.
10:44 PM ET (US)
I am a CCa carrier, for the last (3) Days the supervisor has been having me come in early and case on a work assignment carriers route, the office is a fss office and the regular carrier is getting 8hrs per day is there any type of violation with this, the union steward is on vacation, am i taking any rights away from the work assignment carrier in doing this ?
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
04:27 PM ET (US)
CDC- Are you going to be bitter about the $6 your whole career? Let it go or it will eat you alive and ruin any hope of enjoying the job. Yes it did not happen to me. Have you ever been walked out the door based on a lie by management, I have, I faced losing everything not just $6 an hour. So you don't go there and tell me I do not know what I am talking about.
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:38 PM ET (US)
RIKSNY- Some people do not like hearing the truth so they have to get their rocks off somehow.
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:36 PM ET (US)
CDC- I understand being pissed about losing $6 an hour but the claim that CCAs work twice as hard is bullshit. Yes ,some regulars , just like some CCAs are lazy. I work just as many hours as any CCA in my office , and I have the 1st or 2nd longest route in the office. So such a broad statement that your doing twice the work is bullshit unless every Carrier in your station has 2 broken legs.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
08:40 AM ET (US)
You can tell the fakes because they don't have the blue star after their name.
C DCPerson was signed in when posted
08:18 AM ET (US)
 Alaska mailman your preference is your preference,until you've had six dollars taken away from you and you're doing twice the work just leave it alone. I'm speaking for the personnel who are experiencing the same thing as Myself.
Edited 04-22-2014 08:23 AM
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
01:14 AM ET (US)
1611- Another imposter who also seems to be a sleaze bag.
alasks mailman
01:05 AM ET (US)
CDC-Life is not fair for homosexuals like me who in alaska arent allowed to marry their significant other. I am top level and dont care about cca's. But cock is what really what I luv. Im a big time flamer.
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
11:18 PM ET (US)
CDC- No one has ever claimed working for the post office is or ever has been fair to any employee.
NECarrierPerson was signed in when posted
07:10 PM ET (US)
/m1607 It depends on your postmaster, he is the one who sets the uniform rules (within regulation guidelines).
T shirt
05:37 PM ET (US)
/m1607 I wear a maintenance T-shirt everyday for the past 4 years as a FTR. They never bother me.
steve the pirate
05:04 PM ET (US)
a carrier told me they wear t shirts with the official usps logo on them during the hot summer months? Just wondering if this is allowed?(very cruel if not allowed in my opinion)
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