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alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
10:43 AM ET (US)
lowly CCA- The vacant routes should be posted on Erassign , then if no one wants the routes the senior CCA should be assigned and become regular. Your steward should be making sure routes are being put on Ereasign. Posting cycle starts on 1st of month and lasts for 21 days.
NECarrierPerson was signed in when posted
08:28 AM ET (US)
/m1581 The route being vacant for a period of time related to PTFs, I do not know if that rule applies to CCAs, I'm guessing not, but that's just my opinion, I haven't researched it.
If you want more details about CCAs rights, go to NALC.org and look at the latest Q & A MOUs (memoranda of understanding). There is a booklet called "CCA Rights and Benefits" that tells a lot, plus those new MOUs contain detailed answers about specific situations.
If you request to be assigned to a higher level assignment (a T-6 string is higher level and is NOT an opt, tho in real life the situation is pretty similar) then in order for you to be paid correctly (at the CCA higher level pay) managment must have a new Form 50 (personnel action) cut for you. It is our experience here in the Northeast, that this will not happen. You can ask and get assigned to the higher level job, but they won't do the work to get you the higher level pay.
Another point: higher level jobs are voluntary, not like a holddown on a route. In a holddown, you are on it until the regular returns, whether its one week or one decade. On a higher level assignment, you can leave it at any time.
Go to NALC.org and do some reading.
02:46 AM ET (US)
I'll definitely check that website out. I've opted on routes before I know we can hold down routes and that we can't bid. So what does it take for the most senior cca to become regular? I remember something about a route being vacant for about 90-120 days for a cca to even have slight chance of making regular. Also we have a cca who has been assigned to a t6 string and there is still another t6 string available. If I opt on it will I get some type of pay increase or pay increases only come with the contract that's in place. I would ask our stewards but they don't know squat it's ridiculous.
NECarrierPerson was signed in when posted
08:04 AM ET (US)
/m1579 CCAs are not allowed to bid on routes. Bidding on a route means you would be permanenetly awarded the route if you are the most senior bidder, that is a right of career employees only. What you can do, as a CCA, is to request a holddown (opt) on a vacant route. The senior requesting CCA should be awarded the opt, which means you start at the regular time, you do all the work on the route (with some small exceptions) and you get the schedule of the route. Go to NALC.org and read the rights and benefits of CCAs booklet and also talk to your steward to get the local process for submitting holddowns.
lowly CCA
01:19 AM ET (US)
so in my office there have been about 6 routes up for bidding since iv'e been hired as a CCA (3/11/13). I asked my supervisor if it was possible for me to bid since these last 2 routes haven't been bid on for quite awhile. she told me that no because there are unassigned regulars that the postmaster will eventually assign them to it. the oldest route on bidding is vacant since 01/04/14. another question is say a route is vacant for 6 months can I bid on it if no other cca with a higher seniority bids on it? there are 3 former te's now cca's in our office
Edited 04-15-2014 01:20 AM
lowly te
11:46 PM ET (US)
Hadenough- wouldn't you have had to of taken your 5 day break prior to now since our breaks kept the same date as when we were tes. Or maybe congratulations are in order because they are terminating you in order to promote you to career. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
10:04 PM ET (US)
been checking my personnel profile on lite blue hoping to see an action, as I am way past due on being converted, and am feeling lied to at this point. Finally seen an updated action...Terminated on april 17th. Any other former TE's that are still cca's seeing this on e-OPF, because I believe it has now been one full year since we were demoted to the cca position, so I believe we would all have the same break in service. Whatever the case, very uncomfortable to see I'm being "terminated, yet I'm still scheduled all this week and next. If this is my break, why wouldn't my PM know this?
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
10:45 AM ET (US)
New cca- Yes drop out of the union, make it weaker, see where that gets us in the future. Try to do something about losing your benefits not just talk about it.
New ccaPerson was signed in when posted
10:37 AM ET (US)
You just changed my view the the union and the arbitration. Thank you, Brutal. Might leave the union now.
06:39 AM ET (US)
I just don't think NALC has the "clout" anymore with Postal Management in negotiations of any type. I hear old time carriers talk about the days when "NALC was strong." So my point is I don't think it is so much that they just concede everything( a few years ago I did feel this way), I just think that both Postal Management and the arbitrators who ultimately come down with these decisions pretty much do whatever they want. Bottom line USPS wanted a cheaper work force and they got it. They are going to do what they want and no one can stop them.
02:13 AM ET (US)

Im am not naive, I am a realist. That Top tier is a carrot for current CCA's a chance at a better future which will probably be taken from them in the next contract if they do not make FTR by the next arbitration. Sorry pal you were carrying mail for 7 years but you didn't make it by the magic date so instead of 56k top pay you are gonna make 42. Que responses of "IF YOU DONT LIKE IT QUIT, ITS YOUR CHOICE ETC".

"The Centerpiece of the contributions NALC is willing to make in recognition of the current situation is our acceptance of a new non-career workforce that will replace the existing Transitional Employee (TE) Classification... CCA's will have a fair level of pay, but one that NALC acknowledges will be lower than the pay of career letter carriers." (paraphrased)

Next paragraph he admits he is only agreeing because of the postal crisis, the NALC did concede. Heck even offered up a solution to the problem by reducing wages. Set career path yada yada. We all know how to read the agreement. A union will always go into a arbitration if they know they cannot get anything good. To save face and keep their cushy union job. It is the ultimate cop out "It was the arbitration not us".
alaska mailmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 AM ET (US)
brutal- If something goes to binding arbitration the union is not conceding anything, that's why it goes to arbitration. I think you believe the union can get of do anything they want in contract negotiations and we know that is not the case. Losing any benefits is a concern of everyone. In the last arbitration we did not get everything we wanted and neither did the post office. Arbitrators usually screw both sides.
09:53 PM ET (US)

I agree the post office will try to screw over anyone they can. However CCA's also have to worry about the NALC conceding top tier wages for new FTR after 2016/17 contract to protect current FTR. Also a possible binding arbitration taking away vacation time/benefits/top tier pay from a new FTR.

It is a honest worry for many a CCA that may not be converted by the next contract.

As I said, we just have to wait and see.
Edited 04-13-2014 10:03 PM
alaska mailman
08:02 PM ET (US)
brutal- The only thing we know about the new contract talks in 2016 is the post office will continue to try and screw over everyone and the union is the only one attempting to stop the bleeding as much as possible.
07:54 PM ET (US)
As of "NOW". Lets wait till 2016/17 arbitration and see how that top step goes.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
07:44 PM ET (US)
and in the APWU crafts a new hire will never get to top step.

in NALC you will at least get to the top step.
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